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Get Familiar: thePeople

In the rapidly evolving world of electronic music, it's all but impossible to keep track of every new artist, label, party, and genre. At the same time, certain names will inevitably pop up again and again at the XLR8R office, some of which we've only given passing mention to on the site. In an effort to get our readers up to speed with some of the things—both new and old—that we've been digging lately, we recently launched a new feature series called 'Get Familiar,' which aims to shine a spotlight on subjects we think are worthy of a little more attention.

For all intents and purposes, thePeople is a house music party—one that focuses on tracks rooted in African and Latin rhythms as well as the more soulful and jazz-informed ends of the genre. Helmed by a DJ collective of sorts, thePeople is centered around a monthly event that began in Oakland, California in the fall of 2007, and in its current form, takes place on the fourth Saturday of the month at The New Parish. "When we started, you could not build big parties in Oakland off house music," resident selector and thePeople co-founder Cecil Carthen (who DJs and produces simply under the name Cecil) says of the party's beginnings. "Now, a lot of those people who were so-so on the music when we first started are like, 'lt's all about the music,'" he adds. "They're diehards." Read more » 

Hi-Five: Juju & Jordash Select Their Favorite Jazz Tracks

This week, Amsterdam-based duo Juju & Jordash (a.k.a. Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski) is releasing Clean-Cut, its fourth full-length and the follow-up to 2012's stellar Techno Primitivism. Touted as a "tighter, more honest" affair, the new album once again finds the Israeli-born pair utilizing its impressive hardware arsenal and crafting tracks with a uniquely improvisational approach. Of course, Aner's and Czamanski's ability to work on the fly didn't come from nowhere; the two have been making music together for years, and both have extensive jazz backgrounds. And while this biographical factoid has often been mentioned in articles and conversations relating to Juju & Jordash, the duo has rarely been asked to elaborate on its love of the genre. As such, we took the opportunity to ask Aner and Czamanski to put together a list of some of their favorite jazz tunes for the latest edition of our Hi-Five series. Read more » 

The Story of Barnt: The Cologne Producer Dishes on His Debut LP, His Oddball Reputation, and His Former Life as a DMC Contender

With very little fanfare, Daniel Ansorge (a.k.a. Barnt) has become something of a standout producer over the past few years. It's because his metallic techno, whether weird or abstract, escapist or psychedelic, always feels somewhat at odds with the norm. It's been that way since he debuted in 2010, and is still very much the case throughout his debut album, which drops next week. (For those who can't wait, it's worth noting that the LP is currently streaming in full exclusively here on XLR8R.) Read more » 

Bubblin' Up: Brogan Bentley

Residing near the beach in San Francisco's Sunset district, 25-year-old producer Brogan Bentley has chosen to stay put in a city that many musicians have deserted. "People are leaving, there's an exodus," he says from his home. "Everyone's gone to New York or LA. I'm from LA, and I've been up here for close to a decade now, so I'm just riding it out. I don't even know where the next step is, but I'm here and I sense that I'm supposed to be here." Read more » 

20 Questions: Machinedrum Talks New York vs. Berlin, Steve Reich, and Staying Motivated

On just about any given day since, say, 2009, chances are XLR8R has published the name Machinedrum somewhere. And that's not just because we're constantly keeping tabs on what the American DJ/producer born Travis Stewart is up to, it's because he's always doing something. The man is unquestionably one of the hardest-working artists in electronic music right now; if he's not on tour or gearing up for the next Machinedrum release, he's working on one of his many side projects, collaborating with Jimmy Edgar on the Ultramajic label, or, more likely than not, writing the bass- and beat-loaded tracks that will eventually make his next album. Oh yeah, he's also regularly doing interviews like this one, in which he answers our 20 questions about his favorite cities, how he stays motivated and inspired, what happened when he first met Jimmy Edgar, the most important record in his collection, how he organized his year-long run of Vapor City releases (including the brand-new Vapor City Archives record, which drops next week via Ninja Tune), and many other topics. Read more » 

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