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Chatterbox: Gold Panda

Essex's Gold Panda has kept fairly quiet since the release of his 2010 debut LP, Lucky Shiner. He compiled a hypnotizing DJ-Kicks mix in 2011, but few of his own creations have made it out of his hard drive during the past few years, aside from a few EPs and remixes here and there. Gold Panda tends to be as coy as he is self-effacing, but his high personal standards ultimately pay off when he finally does unleash new tunes. His latest record, the Trust EP, is no exception; its four meticulously crafted tracks are pleasantly dozy, yet vibrantly alive with gorgeous, delicate bits of sonic minutiae that shimmer, shift, and clink. Better yet, the EP is a harbinger of another full-length album that's slated to appear later this year from the elusive beatmaker and NOTOWN label boss. We took to Skype to coax some information out of Gold Panda about how his approach to production has evolved since moving to Berlin, and discussed what he and Jay-Z might have in common.

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