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Midaircondo: Folky Threads

In 2002, Swedish musicians and longtime friends Malin Dahlström, Lisen Rylander and Lisa Nordström began formulating the idea for Midaircondo, a potent blend of electronic and acoustic improvisation. The scene could have been straight from a holiday greeting card.


El Michels Affair: Heaps of Blue-Eye

At the popular NYC nightspot S.O.B.'s, a classic hip-hop moment is underway. Wu-Tang disciple Raekwon is spitting his greatest hits and misses over live, funk-laden interpretations of RZA's soundscapes by funk/soul band El Michels Affair. With the sinewy funk stew cooking on stage, you'd swear they were sho' nuff old school vets. But unless you're hip to the scene, the group's racial composition might jar you. "When Raekwon walked in [rehearsal], he was a little shocked," recalls Truth & Soul Records co-founder/ engineer Jeff Silverman. Read more » 

Jo Jackson: Positively Negative Art

Jo Jackson paints icons. Giant hollow-eyed skulls. Silhouettes of couples fucking. Massive outlines of the United States and China. What do these things all have in common? Read more » 

Giant Panda: Purists Aiming High

LA-based trio Giant Panda's name alone is peculiar enough to turn heads. Yet as random as it sounds, there is a meaning behind one of the oddest monikers in hip-hop. "It fits us literally, being black and white and from Asia," explains MC/co-producer Newman. "And I feel like we''re bringing something that''s rare or endangered to the table."


Birdy Nam Nam In The Studio

Turntablism has shared a close relationship with avant-garde jazz, classical and experimental music, as deejays have tweaked decks to create expansive compositions that are far from the instrument's hip-hop battle roots. Artists continue to expand the repertoire, from DJ Quest's Live Human band to DJ Radar transcribing scratch notation for orchestras, to turntable experimentalists like Janek Schaefer and Christian Marclay. Read more » 

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