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North America's Finest Reggae Shops

You can satisfy all your vinyl needs over the internet nowadays but there's still no substitute for the experience of the record store. This holds particularly true in the world of reggae, where shoppers often have the opportunity to be advised on their purchases by the real experts. Until shortly before his death two years ago, reggae godfather Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd could be found manning the counter at Coxsone's Music City, down under the J-Z tracks in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Read more » 

Tujiko Noriko & Aoki Takamasa's Tips

They say that if you're going to take nude photos of yourself, make sure to do it before you're 30. Though the latest team effort from Japanese artists Tujiko Noriko and Aoki Takamasa isn't quite as revealing as snaps of a drugged-out night in Terry Richardson's apartment, 28 (Fat Cat) is no less a personal document. Three years in the making, 28 was recorded between Takamasa's home in Osaka and Noriko's Parisian outpost, and blends Noriko's softly hewn Japanese vocals with rhythmic layers of found sounds and lush, sometimes-erratic beats. Read more » 

Dave Ghetto: Never Silenced

While talkative MC Dave Ghetto claims to also be an able beatmaker, he bluntly states that he has a reason to rap. "I have to be heard verbally," says Ghetto, "'cause I got a lot of shit to say."


Tortoise: Deep Covers

The premise behind The Brave and the Bold­–putting post-rock innovators Tortoise in a studio with country-tinged singer Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Palace Music)–sounds like an episode of an indie rock reality show. But after the assembled musicians finished the two-week-long recording sessions that produced the album, the combination turned out to be a genre-splicing success. "It was really natural," said Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker of the collaboration. "Will is something else. His stamina is crazy. That dude would sing all day."


Kill Rock Stars: Riot Act

Kurt Cobain was late. It was Valentine's Day 1991, and he walked into Olympia, WA's North Shore Surf Club just as Bratmobile was exiting the stage. "I ran up to him and said, 'You missed us!'" recalls Bratmobile vocalist Allison Wolfe of the band's first ever performance. "[Kurt] was like, 'Sorry!' He seemed flustered."


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