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Monika Enterprise: Offbeat Electronics

Germany’s Monika Enterprise arose from living rooms full of refugees. Label founder Gudrun Gut remembers “the Wohnzimmer [living room] scene” of 1997, when homespun venues were some of the only places for underground electronic artists to play in Berlin (as DJs were only welcome in so many techno clubs).


Jenny Toomey: Defending Artists' Rights

Jenny Toomey can’t seem to sit still. I can hear all manner of clanking and shuffling in the background as she answers my questions over the phone. But that’s the kind of activist she is: never resting, never quitting. It’s how she was raised: “My parents were very political,” she confides. Read more » 

Technarchy: Exploiting Technology

William Gibson, an original cyberpunk, once stated that “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” But if it’s already dropped, who exactly is making it? Gibson would probably say it’s bubbling up from “the street,” like this issue’s reggaeton and baile funk. But some of the most radical and significant works of today are hurtling in from other trajectories besides the music world, including places such as galleries, laboratories, and the net.


Jared Buckhiester's Eerie World

It’s a special moment when a person’s art makes you step back and say, “Whoa, what the fuck happened to this dude when he was a kid?” Jared Buckhiester’s illustrations and photographs tell the story of that kid. But the tale he weaves isn’t one of pain and suffering, and he doesn’t wallow in clichés, despite growing up gay in a suffocating Southern Baptist community near the North Georgia Mountains. Read more » 

Beatfanatic: Salsa, Drums, and Hip-Hop

How do you start out playing guitar inspired by The Clash and end up releasing cut ‘n’ sample masterpieces that win fans as varied as Bobbito Garcia and Thievery Corporation? Read more » 

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