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DK7: Dark Days

Disarmed is Jesper Dahlbäck at his most baroque. Synths drift towards heaven like demons toward the soot-darkened spire of an ancient church. Electronically warped and delayed guitars ebb and surge in and out of rich atmospheres that are orchestral in scope but digital in feeling. Cold, sparse and crisp Kraftwerkian techno--a Dahlbäck signature–appears in spades, but it rubs against layered shoegaze textures and the smoldering ashes of minor key melodies to keep warm.


Konrad Black: Minimal Maniac

Can minimal techno ever be too dark?

Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes

What's love got to do with music? In the case of Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes, the primal urgency of love is articulated via their mystical and sometimes absurd performances. A cut above the plethora of mediocre indie-glam bands, Lipgloss takes the heat of early '80s and '90s goth and projects it into their own unique homage to kindred spirits like Lydia Lunch, Siouxsie And The Banshees and The Slits.


The DJ Project: Beats and Business

Six-foot-seven Jeff Feinman looks he should be on the basketball court teaching kids to drive the lane and dunk instead of programming beats. But since 2000, geared up in b-boy baggy jeans and tilted Kangol hat, Feinman has been sequestered in the basement of Horizons Unlimited (located at 440 Potrero Street in San Francisco's Mission district), guiding youth to fulfill their music dreams.


Midaircondo: Folky Threads

In 2002, Swedish musicians and longtime friends Malin Dahlström, Lisen Rylander and Lisa Nordström began formulating the idea for Midaircondo, a potent blend of electronic and acoustic improvisation. The scene could have been straight from a holiday greeting card.


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