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XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of October

  • Photo: Terasawa Miyu

Among the 80 or so tracks we post for free download each month, some get a bit of extra attention, which is why we like to regularly highlight the top 20 most popular of the bunch. And while there could be any number of reasons for producers like Moby, Om Unit, xxxy, Gold Panda (pictured above), and DJ Q appearing next to fresher faces like Bodhi, Urulu, Jean Nipon, and Lucrecia Dalt, what it all boils down to is that this is a list of exciting artists who make quality music. The cream of October's crop of free downloads can be perused after the jump.

1. Moby "The Perfect Life (TRUST Remix)"
2. Gold Panda "Brazil (Slow Magic Remix)"
3. Om Unit "Shine Your Light"
4. XXANAXX "Broken Hope (xxxy Remix)"
5. Bodhi "Imperfection (James Welsh Remix)"
6. Yolanda Be Cool "To Be Alone (Urulu's Don't Let Me Down Remix)"
7. Palace "About You"
8. Lucrecia Dalt "Mirage"
9. Jean Nipon "Coroner Girl"
10. Rain City Riot "Your Clothes"
11. DJ Q "Heaven"
12. Conducta "Belong"
13. Friend Within "The Birth"
14. Gladkill "What Goes On"
15. Rae & Christian "1975 (Bearcubs Dub)"
16. Nitemoves "Veaquis"
17. Mad Villains & Chris Parkin "Tell Me Again (The Golden Boy Remix)"
18. KILN "Boro"
19. Howson's Groove "I Wonder..."
20. Alba "Knokke"

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