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Phuturistix: Future with a PH

It's no secret that English garage producer Zed Bias has a skilled touch in the studio. The Streets, Whitney Houston and even Destiny's Child have tapped him to remix their music. But these days, even if a diva like Beyoncé stopped by the studio, Zed might not have the time to lay down her vocals. That's because the production whiz isn't merely making his tracks. Along with production partner Injekta, the other half of Phuturistix, he's trying to sculpt the new sound of their burgeoning Phuture Lounge label.


Coldcut In The Studio

Ever since their infamous remix of Eric B. and Rakim's classic "Paid in Full" mashed no-nonsense street rap, Ofra Haza's Israeli chants and instructional Decca records like A Journey Into Stereo Sound into a future blueprint for electronic music, the DJ duo of Matt Black on Jon Moore–otherwise known as Coldcut–has only become more notorious and productive. Read more » 

Ricochet Klashnekoff: Raw Rap

Ricochet Klashnekoff is a renegade London rapper 'mans' would follow into battle. His spirited street odes, loved by the capitol's pirate radio stations, ring out from the car stereos of rude boys and backpack hip-hoppers alike. And now–after a year of enduring false promises from every major label going–Klash is releasing his benchmark debut album, Lion Hearts, independently.


Hot Chip: Fun House

The five-man party that is London's Hot Chip must confound those poor CD-sticker-blurb writers. On their debut album Coming on Strong, the band mixes absurdity and realism, detail and grandeur, boom-bap and hush hush in equal measures, with lyrics that range from literary to Ghostface-ian and beats that recall grime, Scritti Politti, Timbaland and the Postal Service, sometimes all at the same time. Read more » 

Debaser: Ragga Jungle Lives

As jungle grew darker and more streamlined, it left behind '93 and '94's cut-up amens, bubblin' basslines and shouts of "Bloodclaat!" from MCs like Top Cat. But a group of dedicated junglists held fast to the old-school formula; by 2003, a whole crop of new, non-UK-based producers had surfaced to update the ragga sound. Read more » 

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