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XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of August

With the exception of artists such as Jon Convex (pictured above), Submerse, My Panda Shall Fly, and Daisuke Tanabe, the past month saw a slew of budding beatmakers (most new to our pages) making a noticeable impact on XLR8R's Downloads section. Now, with August coming to a close, we've compiled the top 20 MP3s on offer from the past month, covering everything from textured beats to soul-burnt house and brooding techno. The full list can be found below, where we've also conveniently included a streamable player for August's top selections. Of course, all the tracks are still available to grab for free by simply following the links provided.

1. Mr. Flash "Midnight Blue (Jon Convex Remix)"
2. Daisuke Tanabe "Origami"
3. My Panda Shall Fly & Maulin "Gingerbread House (MPSF's 5 a.m. Minimal Dub)"
4. Premiesku "Noococ"
5. Djedjotronic "Rotten"
6. Faze Miyake "Dun Kno"
7. Rival Consoles "Helios"
8. J. Tijn "Chubcard"
9. Ponty Mython "Movin' On"
10. Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom "Moon to Mars (Submerse Remix)"
11. Elder Island "The Big Unknown (Ben La Desh Remix)"
12. Aerial "Strut"
13. Reighnbeau "Highways"
14. Koloto "Mechanica (Dot Remix)"
15. Troy Gunner "Swoon"
16. Arka "You Got Me"
17. The Shoes "B-More Blind"
18. Keepsakes "Galso in Camo"
19. Ténèbre "Psalm Pattern"
20. Son of Sun "Feel Like I Feel (John Daly Remix)"

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