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My Paris By Fafi

France's graffiti queen, Fafi on eating well and shopping right in the City of Lights.

1. Le Tambour
41 rue Montmartre, 2nd
m° Sentier

If you want an after-party steak or mussels, or if you want to join all the night birds of the neighborhood in sharing one more cognac, this is the place–it never closes.

2. Hoa Hung
14 bis rue Louis Bonnet, 19th
m° Belleville


The History of French House Sound

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter wasn’t wearing a mask when he played a rave in rural Wisconsin, bundled in a varsity jacket, back in 1996. He was just a French guy with puffy hair jacking Chicago tracks… in the middle of nowhere. The event was a techno camp-out called Even Further. It was a big deal that Daft Punk was there, because Bangalter had come all the way from France, but it didn’t seem like a revelation. It was just Chicago through a different lens.


Paris' Youths Rock the Mic

The first time the dilapidated French suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois made worldwide news in 2005, it was for a cultural moment more offbeat and innocuous than anything else. That July, the city became home to the first Beurger King restaurant, a fast-food chain that serves meat according to Islamic halal tradition (the name references Beur, a slang term for second-generation North Africans living in France). The waitresses even wore traditional headscarves. Read more » 

Institubes: Backpack Hip-Hop Heads

Institubes, the label best known for uniting hip-hop and techno on the dancefloor, was an idea incubated in the brains of Teki Latex (from avant-rap group TTC) and his friend, Martinique native Jean-René Etienne. The two met through the indie hip-hop scene in Paris, both writing hip-hop reviews for Radikal magazine and sharing a common fixation with Company Flow, Anticon, and Rawkus. “Teki and I tend to develop the same obsessions without really talking about it,” says Etienne. Read more » 

Papier Mash-Up: Paris Guides

While the web continues to show its strength with club listings and gossip blogs, Paris has got plenty of well-established, paper-and-ink publications that will set you on the path to ultra-coolness with their music, fashion, and culture coverage. Here are five of our favorites.

Les Inrockuptibles (€ 5.90)

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