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Written, Word: Hip-Hop's Salad Days

Boogie Down Reflections

Tiombe Lockhart and Waajeed

"If you wanna know what Tiombe's album is going to be like, this should give you a good idea," says Waajeed. In the background, Tiombe Lockhart wantonly shakes her copper coiffure to the sounds of seminal no-wave duo Suicide careening from an old school Select-o-matic turntable.


Z-Trip: Gridiron Beatdown

With massive club tours, headlining spots at Coachella, and an opening gig for the Rolling Stones, DJ Z-Trip has had one hell of a ride since hitting it big with the now infamous mash-up classic Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 in 2001.


Turf Talk: The Bay Game

Twenty-eight-year-old Demar Bernstein (a.k.a. Turf Talk) is the most distinctive and original-sounding new lyricist to come out of the upstart, thizz-faced hip-hop subgenre known as hyphy. His is a powerful moniker–one that transcends the notion of a rapper speaking in the idiom of the streets, suggesting the entire lexicon of inner-city language itself.


Dandyism: Oscar Wilde's Revenge

Luxury streetwear is evolving like hip-hop in the '90s, and we're about to hit the coffee-table illbient part. Not that DJ Spooky is rolling out a line of well-researched tall tees, but there's a revived term floating around that I'm sure he'd love to give a lecture on: dandyism. Or rather new dandyism, as Chris Torres, Reebok sneaker designer and creator of the blog NewDandyism, puts it. Read more » 

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