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Pete Leonard's Favorite Things

NYC's King Stampede brand is such a big name in streetwear, you might think they rock hip-hop all day every day. Wrong! Read more » 

Simon Reynolds: 20 Years of Noise

Though he's lived in Manhattan nearly 15 years, British music writer Simon Reynolds has championed UK underground sounds like grime and jungle long before we Yanks caught wind of them. Following his groundbreaking tomes on rave culture (Generation Ecstasy) and post-punk (Rip It Up and Start Again), Reynolds' latest book, Bring the Noise (Faber), collects 20 years' worth of his journalism and criticism, focusing on the relationship between white alternative rock and black street music.


Icepick: Too Cold

In Icepick (Gingko Press; hardcover, $29.95), Icelandic graphic designer Thordis Claessen surveys her homeland's vibrant street art and finds it invigorating and inspiring. Read more » 

DJ C: Original Artcore

DJ C is a man on the move. For the past 10 years, Jake Trussell has been a pivotal figure in Boston's electronic music scene, organizing parties, hosting club nights, and spinning a riotous mix of jungle, ragga, hip-hop, dancehall, dubstep, bhangra, and '80s pop. This June saw the release of DJ C's long-awaited first full-length, the formidably enjoyable Sonic Weapons. This summer also saw the Boston native move to Chicago on a mission to introduce third-coasters to the hyper-hyphenated style he's dubbed "Boston bounce."


It's Miller Time: Adult. Meets Mute

Since the late '70s, London's Mute Records has been a bastion of independent music and culture. The label, an early home to industrial/new wave torchbearers like Fad Gadget and Depeche Mode, remains a guiding light, challenging the ethos and aesthetic of the major labels, despite its purchase by EMI. Read more » 

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