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Politikin': The Beat Goes On

Having transplanted himself from New Zealand to the U.K. Read more » 

Daft Punk's Robot Rock

After a cool reception following its limited North American release this summer, Electroma (Vice Records, $19.99), the feature-length movie written and directed by Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, will be released straight-to-DVD this month.


Mashed Up: Thrash Crew

After three years of dedication from co-directors and videographers Mike Martin and Gabe Morford, San Francisco's fixed-gear mafia MASH SF will finally release their MASH DVD this month. As Martin's and Morford's guerrilla-style camera work (two cameras on scooters, skateboards, cars, and bikes) and the riders' talent rapidly improved throughout filming, the two cut out early footage in favor of superior newer scenes–as a result, the project took longer than anyone expected. Read more » 

Oliver Mak's Favorite Things

Steps from Newbury Street and the Christian Science Plaza in downtown Boston is an unassuming bodega, with toilet paper stacked in the windows and coolers full of water and pop. But inside, a metal door slides open to reveal a hidden streetwear emporium, stocked with North Face's Purple label, Acronym, Ms. Claw, and Schwipe, as well as the usual crop of special releases from Nike, Puma, and Adidas. Read more » 

Alice Russell: Next Generation Soul

The voice is unmistakable as it answers the phone: slightly nasal but with depth to it, a touch raspy, and colored with an ever-so-British accent. It belongs to Brighton-based soul chanteuse Alice Russell, who's home for a while, and enjoying a well-deserved respite from a touring schedule that has taken her from Australia to Holland to the U.S. Unfortunately, she explains, her rest is a short one. "On Friday we're going to Paris again. I've just been looking and the flights are all ridiculously expensive, so it's gonna be a crazy one. Read more » 

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