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Eye Spy: Indie Music Videos

Chances are, you will not be getting $7,000,000 to direct a widescreen space-age pop odyssey, as Mark Romanek did for Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream." But it is eminently possible that you could direct a music video for your favorite indie artist. If that's your dream, then Visual Rocks (IdN/Gingko Press; softcover/DVD, $29.95) might be your inspirational tool. The title highlights 19 music videos from the likes of Beck, Audio Bullys, and Pete Miser. Read more » 

Mice Parade In The Studio

For the record, Adam Pierce's Mice Parade isn't really a post-rock band. The music does share some of the genre's trademarks–namely dense, intricate drumming, non-standard instruments, and wild dynamics–but it also defies stereotypes by delving deeper into actual songs. Mice Parade isn't a post-post rock band either... it's just that you don't need a bong and 10 minutes of careful listening to get into songs like "Tales of Las Negras," from his latest, self-titled endeavor.


Arnaud Rebotini: Heart of Darkness

A guy that guzzles the blood of virgins at the dinner table–that's what I expected when meeting Arnaud Rebotini for a few mid-afternoon drinks.


DJ Kentaro's Artist Tips

The name Kentaro Okamotoz has been on the lips of DJ enthusiasts for years, likely well before he took the 2002 DMC World Championship title with the competition's first perfect score ever. But with his entrée into production, the aptly titled Enter (Ninja Tune), Okamoto is poised to gain a new level of notoriety (and an enlarged fan base). Enter features not only his scratch talents (and styles from drum & bass to hip-hop), but also those of MCs Spank Rock, Hifana, Fat Jon, and The Pharcyde. Read more » 

Derrick Hodgson's Favorite Things

Derrick Hodgson (also known as Mad Real) creates crazy, chaotic worlds populated by floaters, poppers, peepers, and sprouts–doodled characters that are mixed-up and pastel-colored, but with personalities not unlike those found on Earth. The bearded Hodgson grew up on a farm north of Toronto, and even though he now calls the big city home, he keeps in touch with nature, surrounding himself with light, plants, and animals, and subsists mainly on ale and wild blueberry pie. Read more » 

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