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Grime Time & Sick Girls

Christian "Fussi" Fussenegger, a video journalist and one of the six heads behind Berlin's Grimetime, has no problem rattling off ridiculous stories about the UK grime MCs and DJs that have played their event. "DJ Twister of Fire Camp only ate his dessert after Lethal B had tested and approved of it," writes Fussenegger. Read more » 

Berlin Reggae: Break It Down

Reggae permeates Berlin street culture down to the subways. Platform newsstands stock Riddim, a German-founded, German-language reggae magazine, and the trains' embedded TV screens advertise local heroes Seeed (who regularly pack stadiums all over the country). African Rastamen and white women in headwraps lounge in the doorways of Rasta centers in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, while the latest 7"s from Jamaica are organized by release date (down to the week), label, and riddim at Deeroy's Dub Store. Read more » 

Luciano: Running the Techno Mafia

Perhaps no one better typifies the Bohemian artist myth of Berlin than Lucien Nicolet. Better known as Luciano, Nicolet is the Swiss-Chilean artist behind a slew of fêted records for Playhouse, Peacefrog, and Perlon; in a few short years, Cadenza, the label he co-curates with Geneva's Serafin, has become the toast of techno. And his long-ass DJ sets, often alongside Berlin minimal kingpins like Richie Hawtin and fellow Euro-Chilean Ricardo Villalobos, are the stuff of legend.


Patric Catani & Gina D'orio

Ec8or's song title "Discriminate Against the Next Fashionsucker You Meet (It's a Raver)" caught my eye when I first read about them a decade ago. Ec8or, comprised of Patric Catani and Gina D'Orio, were soldiers in digital hardcore's shock battalion, Germans bombarding the mid-'90s post-techno underground with subsonic breakbeats, the shrapnel of heavy metal guitars, and ear-piercing, riot-inciting vocals. Read more » 

Apparat In The Studio

"I can't switch off in Berlin. I always feel like there's work to be done," admits Sascha Ring (a.k.a. Apparat) after a four-day production binge. "I completely forget what to do outside of the studio." Not unlike the city in which he works, Ring's own success has grown exponentially since his full-length Duplex appeared on Shitkatapult in 2003. Read more » 

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