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Download: Larry Gus "The Written Word"

Label: Waaga

The Sacramento-based Waaga label is starting the year off right by delivering 24 Beats, a free record from Greek producer Larry Gus (a.k.a. Panagiotis Melidis). As all of Melidis' biographical information appears to be in Greek, and XLR8R's in-house Greek-to-English translator is still out for the holiday vacation, we know very little about the artist other than that he is currently based in Milan, Italy, and that he appears as a remixer on Yacht's recent DFA single, "I Walked Alone." "The Written Word" is a short and pretty piece of instrumental hip-hop punctuated by some oddly sweet pitched vocal snippets. The song is taken from the expansive 24 Beats, which can be downloaded in its entirety on Waaga's Facebook page for the price of a simple "like."  

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Studio Disbands, Dissolves Record Label

Swedish Balearic psych-pop duo Studio, together since 2001, has disbanded and also put an end to its record label, Information, according to group member Dan Lissvik's website. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Check Out Helix's New Mix for LuckyMe

With a single already prepped to drop via Night Slugs, fresh-faced DJ/producer Helix seems poised to stake his claim on 2012's dancefloors, and this new mix he just turned in to LuckyMe only further solidifies the notion. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Video: CHLLNGR "Change"

Copenhagen-based tunesmith CHLLNGR will soon release a new EP via recently minted Los Angeles imprint Time No Place, which will feature the tune from this video, "Change," among other spacey jams. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Ifan Dafydd to Release First Official Single

Though you may have already heard the music of Welsh artist Ifan Dafydd (possibly here or here), those tracks were bootleg remixes of sorts, borrowing heavily from the music of Usher and Amy Winehouse. The tunes—which some people mistakenly thought were the work of James Blake operating under an alias—were certainly an exciting introduction to the up-and-coming producer, but it won't be until the end of this month that Dafydd drops his first real single. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Podcast 228: Throwing Snow

The new year is a time when people are naturally inclined to look toward the future, so it's fitting that our first podcast of 2012 comes from an artist we're expecting to hear a lot from in the months ahead. In all honesty, Throwing Snow is a name that already popped up on XLR8R quite a bit in 2011, particularly following the release of his stellar "Shadower" b/w "Sanctum" single. Read more » 

Download: Sines "Money Girl"

Label: Freshmore

"Money Girl," the title track from the forthcoming EP by Freshmore label boss Sines, boasts the two sounds his label is best known for: Southern rap and bass-driven club music. A two-chord melody drives most of the short production, which is paired with a slapping 808 rhythm, preset horn sounds, and plenty of warped vocal samples courtesy of Lil Wayne. The rest of Sines' four-track record will be available on January 30, but you can preview each of its tunes before then, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Blawan Peaches


It's a shame that Peaches was released so late in 2011. Although it's pretty undeniable that Blawan had himself a stellar year, this four-track EP offers some of the young UK producer's best work yet, and probably deserved a spot on some of those "Best of 2011" lists we've all been reading. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

MJ Cole Drops New EP

UK veteran DJ/producer MJ Cole is dropping tunes right out of the gate this year, starting with his three-song Red and Black EP for his own Prolific label. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Download: Time Wharp "yrLyf"

Taken from his forthcoming BLK EP, Time Wharp's "yrLyf" borrows a bit of R&B king R. Kelly's talk-sing-croon from "Real Talk"—chopping the vocals into pieces before sprinkling them into a cosmic sound world full of sitar solos, twinkling melodies, and bouncing bass drums. Grab this one now for free, and look for the rest of the up-and-coming producer's new record when it drops on January 23 via Brooklyn-based label/blog/party Astro Nautico. 

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