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Review: VCMG Spock

Label: Mute

In case you haven't heard, Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, who last worked together 30 years ago during the early days of Depeche Mode, have unexpectedly reunited to create minimal techno under the name VCMG. We're just as surprised as you are, although the shock stems more from questions of "why now?" than any sort of bewilderment about the pair's stylistic shift. In reality, it's not that huge of a leap from the pair's various synth-heavy endeavors to the world of techno. Nevertheless, that's also no guarantee that the music cooked up by VCMG will actually be any good. Read more » 

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  • 12/21/2011

Video: Aleph "Omerta"

In advance of Siberian producer Aleph's new EP coming out in January on the King Deluxe imprint, here we have a video for the first track on the record, "Omerta." The video takes scenes from the 1985 French film Gwen, or the Book of Sand, by Jean-François Laguionie, in which a young girl journeys through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to relocate an abducted companion. Read more » 

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  • 12/21/2011

Download: Derek Piotr "Overtaker (Twenty Knives Remix)"

Label: Bitsquare

AGORA, the debut full-length from New England-based producer Derek Piotr (pictured above), slipped beneath our radar when it was released by Bitsquare earlier this year, but the reworked version of the album, which features remixes from Steinbrüchel, Scanner, Blevin Blectum, and others, caught our attention with its experimentation and otherworldly vocal manipulation. The Twenty Knives remix of "Overtaker" is rather unusual, its heavily effected vocals providing stimulating (and mostly unintelligible) melodies while the drums, which for much of the song resemble a typical rock pattern, eventually deviate dramatically from typical percussive arrangements. The remixed album, AGORA Regathered, can be streamed in full—and purchased—on the artist's Bandcamp.  

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Hypercolour Team Launches New Label, Preps First Release

As if the guys that run UK label Hypercolour weren't busy enough already with all of its releases and sublabels, we've just found out that two-thirds of that prolific team have started yet another endeavor, an imprint called Initials. Read more » 

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  • 12/20/2011

Download: Bobby Browser "Smooth Cruise"

First Listen
Label: 100% Silk

Bay Area producer Bobby Browser is preparing to release a new four-track EP in the coming weeks on the ace 100% Silk imprint, and has offered up "Smooth Cruise" as a first taste. Lead by an understated acid line, Browser pilots a hypnotic, synth-driven escapade here, dolloping layers of new-new age pads and celestial melodies on top of a solidly marching disco beat. The almost six-minute endeavor flows with a carefree ease, rendering it both a good theme for forgetting your worries and something that might inspire you to sweat it all out on the floor. "Smooth Cruise," along with three similarly cosmic counterparts, can be found in 12" and digital formats beginning December 30. And for those XLR8R readers lucky enough to call themselves Bay Area residents, you can help celebrate said release that evening at the five-year anniversary of San Francisco's Donuts party, where Browser will join the likes of DFA stalwart Gavin Russom, LA Vampires (100% Silk boss Amanda Brown's band), and fellow 100% Silk act Magic Touch for what should no doubt prove to be an incredibly fun evening (full details here). 

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Roska Kicks & Snares to Release New DJ Naughty EP

The label fronted by UK funky poster boy Roska, appropriately called Roska Kicks & Snares, just announced its first release for 2012, a three-track record by DJ Naughty. Read more » 

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  • 12/20/2011

XLR8R's Best of 2011: New Artists

Make no mistake—here at XLR8R, we revere the work of veteran producers and definitely have a soft spot for classic tunes. That said, we'd be lying if we didn't admit that our love of new music is the driving force behind this publication. Our official tagline is "Accelerating music and culture" after all, and if that doesn't clearly convey our passion for the new, allow us to reassert it here. By design, new music and, specifically, new artists are the lifeblood of XLR8R, which is probably why aspiring producers, DJs, and musicians from around the globe submit their music to us on a daily basis. Granted, only a select few are up to snuff, but when quality material does come down the pipeline, we're more than happy to get behind it. 2011 was no different, and the following 10 artists not only made a big impressions on us—along with the electronic-music world at large—but are also the fresh faces we'll most likely continue to champion in the years ahead. Read more » 

Download: Visionist "Energy"

Somehow, the folks at the up-and-coming 92 Points label have managed to take over the XLR8R website site today. Earlier this morning, we posted a remix of Magnum, the young beatmaker at the helm of the young imprint's soon-to-be-released second EP, and now, we have this track from label co-head Visionist. Last week, the Brixton producer announced that he would be getting into the holiday spirit and giving away a series of three tunes for free—grab the first offering, "Firstsight," here—and he's just made the second installment available. Entitled "Energy," the lilting, drum-heavy number bangs along for less than two minutes, employing an enticing whirl of wispy synths and warped vocal bits along the way. The elements are familiar, but Visionist's dizzying approach to construction is oddly hypnotic, and leaves us wishing the sonic vertigo lasted just a tad longer. Look for the third and final giveaway, "Outside Inside," to drop on Christmas. 

Average: 7.3 (38 votes)

Review: Throwing Snow Too Polite

Rising UK producer Throwing Snow has had an impressive 2011, over time demonstrating that he can put together quality tracks and, furthermore, that his talents are not specific to one corner of the bass-music world. With the Too Polite EP, he shows that there is yet another face to his production style, delivering two cuts of emotionally-tinged, futuristic music and one questionably raucous slice of ADD bass on his first EP for the respected Local Action imprint. Read more » 

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  • 12/20/2011

Joy Orbison Launches New Label, Shares New Mix

Announced just today, Hinge Finger is the new label fronted by DJ/producer Joy Orbison and Trilogy Tapes boss Will Blankhead. Read more » 

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  • 12/20/2011

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