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Download: Slava "Florida"

For this hot-footed track, multifaceted Brooklyn producer Slava chops up bits of Marshall Jefferson's slow-burning "Mushrooms" tune, and crafts something a lot less deep house-y and a whole lot more juke-y out of the sounds. Apparently, more trippy sounds (not to mention psychedelic GIFs ) will soon be available from the artist's gifpumper website, which is currently a work in progress. Here's to online multimedia projects! (via Altered Zones

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Download: Paul Weller "Starlite (Deadboy Remix)"

Label: Island

It's an odd pairing to say the least: mysterious 2-step kid Deadboy (pictured above) remixing iconic British pop star Paul Weller. And yet the odd couple seems to blend together ideally, which likely speaks mostly to the deft skills of the producer behind this shimmering version of "Starlite." Amongst clattering dance rhythms and dark, bouncing basslines, Weller's smoky croon is jacked up into chipmunk territory, and laid amongst dubby piano hooks. Deadboy's remix is practically void of any discernible link to its original source, which could very well be the case for the rest of the tweaked versions of "Starlite" that will drop on August 7 via Island. 

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DJ Koze, Tensnake, Isolee, and More Show Up on New Hamburg House Compilation

The Hamburg-based Hafendisko imprint has just announced that it will be treating listeners to a digital-only comp of artists from the label's fair German city this fall. On September 9, they'll release Hamburg Elektronisch Vol. 1 - Von House Zu House, a 20-tracker featuring the likes of DJ Koze (pictured above), Stimming, Lawrence, H.O.S.H., Tensnake, and a few more that's sure to keep those chilly months warm. Check out the artwork and tracklist after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2011

Mala and Kuedo to Appear on Forthcoming King Midas Sound Remix 12"

While we wait in anticipation for the follow-up LP to King Midas Sound's Waiting for You record, Hyperdub will drop a 12" of remixes for two tracks from that soon-to-be-released album. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2011

Listen to The Count & Sinden's Remix LP Featuring Lone, xxxy, Hot City, Canblaster, and More

It's been a little while since the two fellows of The Count & Sinden dropped their collaborative debut LP, Mega Mega Mega, via Domino, but we suppose it's never really too late to release a remix album, especially when you've got top-shelf producers on the job. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2011

Junior Boys Announce Tour, Share New Remix

Canadian dance-pop duo Junior Boys recently released their fourth LP, It's All True, and are set to follow with an extensive tour this fall and winter. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2011

Podcast 208: MK & Scottie Deep

When it comes to early-'90s house music, there are few artists who rival the influence of MK (a.k.a. Marc Kinchen, pictured above). Seminal singles such as "Burning," "Always," and "Love Changes" helped shape the sound of the era, and his remix work was even more important, as Kinchen reworked tracks from an incredibly diverse array of artists, including the Nightcrawlers, Moby, Jodeci, The B-52's, Tom Tom Club, Masters at Work, Bobby Brown, Bizarre Inc., Jodie Watley, Brandy, Pet Shop Boys, Blondie, and countless others. Read more » 

Download: Solvent "Curtains"

First Listen
Label: Suction

Now, here's something particularly interesting that just dropped into our inbox: Canadian hardware obsessive and synth-pop veteran Solvent has a brand-new EP ready to drop on September 6 via his recently resurrected Suction label, which he made using one very special piece of gear. Producer Jason Amm took it upon himself to craft the aptly titled RDJCS5 EP solely from the sounds of a Yamaha CS5 monosynth that was once owned by Richard D. James and actually has the liner notes from the monumental Selected Ambient Works Vol. II album etched into its bottom. "Curtains" is one of those four tracks (five if you buy the vinyl edition), and is possibly the most lighthearted of the bunch; it's immediately obvious that Solvent feels right at home writing music with even just a single piece of vintage analog hardware. If you want to learn more about the process that went into making the RDJCS5 EP, check out this in depth piece on Modyfier, here

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Review: Dark Sky Radius EP

Label: 50Weapons

It didn't take long at all for South London trio Dark Sky to rise to a place of notoriety in the bass community. It was less than a year ago that producers Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer, and Carlo Anderson caught XLR8R's attention, and only months before then that the outfit's brand of brooding club music was first released via Black Acre and Pictures Music. This quick ascent could be attributed to any number of things: the fact that Edwards and Benyayer had worked together for years before as part of Boogaloo Crew, the fact that Dark Sky arrived seemingly knowing exactly what it wanted to sound like, the fact that the trio has released a non-stop slew of remixes and originals (not to mention DJ mixes) since its debut, the fact that the UK club scene in general is constantly on the lookout for 'the next big thing,' or the fact that Dark Sky is just damn good. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2011

Download: Ayshay "WARN-U (Nguzunguzu Remix)"

Label: Tri Angle

Yesterday, Brooklyn's Tri Angle label announced it will release the debut EP by New York-via-Kuwait resident Fatima Al Qadiri, who produces music under the name Ayshay (meaning "whatever" in Arabic). WARN-U will drop on September 26 with three tracks of the artist's strange, vocal-driven music in addition to a "Megamix" by LA global bass duo Nguzunguzu. According to the press release, this remix is a part of the larger "Megamix," which finishes out Ayshay's record. The tune tweaks with the main vocal melody from "WARN-U" and overlays some clattering beat work that could rightly be an homage to Richard D. James' AFX or The Tuss projects. In fact, the whole thing doesn't sound terribly unlike fellow acid/jungle experimentalist Venetian Snares, which is an interesting addition to Nguzunguzu's already expansive sound palette. 

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