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Video: AraabMuzik "Streetz Tonight"

A track from AraabMuzik's excellent Electronic Dream LP finally sees a proper video treatment as part of Pitchfork's somewhat strange Surveillance series, which captures security-style footage of indie artists performing tunes while in ultra-modern hotel rooms. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2011

Scuba to Mix Next DJ-Kicks

Hotflush label boss and many-monikered DJ/producer Paul Rose is next in line to contribute a mix to !K7's longstanding DJ-Kicks series. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2011

Download: Magic Panda "Days Are Numbered"

Label: Tigerbeat6

Now, here's something that's, oh, maybe 100% different from anything we've ever heard released by the bass-hungry rave-fiends at Kid606's Tigerbeat6 label: a plinky, melodic electro-pop number from UK solo artist Magic Panda. The title track from his Days Are Numbered EP (which drops on September 12, and is pictured above) is both shimmering and dark, austere and emotive, organic and digitalized, and it's those kinds of sonic contradictions that make it so enjoyable to listen to. There's also a colorful little video for "Days Are Numbered," which you can check out after the jump.  Read more » 

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Bubblin' Up: Lapalux

Lapalux, the solo endeavor of Essex-based producer Stuart Howard, may only be a few years old now, but the 22-year-old artist has long been hard at work carving his own niche into the somewhat oversaturated world of beat-centric electronic music. As Howard puts it, "I used various aliases and genres, but none of it really stuck. Read more » 

Download: Nocow "You Got Me"

Label: G5

St. Petersburg-based producer Nocow has just announced the imminent release of Ruins Tape, his upcoming beat tape on Russia's G5 Music. This comes following a short (but impressive) string of releases that developed a sound reminiscent of the bass-leaning communities of London and Los Angeles. In advance of Ruins Tape, he's slipped us the intensely atmospheric "You Got Me" as a teaser. Continuing in the vein of "Moonlight Flit" (which we posted a few months back), "You Got Me" combines a complex and broken rhythm with deep washes of synthesized color and a wistful but unintelligible vocal hook. Ruins Tape comes out September 12 in two distinct versions: free on bandcamp and on cassette with a limited run of 100. In the meantime, grab "You Got Me" below and check out the song's dreamy video after the jump.  Read more » 

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Midnight Magic to Release New Single with Remixes by Holy Ghost!, Steffi, Mano Le Tough, and Juan Maclean

Midnight Magic has just announced "Drop Me a Line," the follow-up single to last year's anthemic "Beam Me Up." Admittedly, this is a tall order, as "Beam Me Up" was one of the biggest tracks of the summer of 2010 and featured some incredibly strong remixes. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2011

Tortoise to Soundtrack Film by 'Blair Witch' Director

As is with most post-rock bands, the music of Chicago veterans Tortoise could quite often be described as cinematic, so it's more than fitting that the quintet will be providing the soundtrack for a brand-new film by the director of The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sánchez. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2011

Download: Das Glow & Para One "Pulsar"

Label: Marble

Still bummed that Institubes is no more? Not to worry, off-shoot label Marble has you covered with Pulsar, a brand-new, collaborative EP from long-time Institubes mainstays Das Glow and Para One (who just so happens to be one-third of the Marble braintrust). To introduce the new EP, the duo has sent over the gritty a-side, "Pulsar." Featuring a noisy rhythm section, percussively descending chords, and surprisingly smooth vocal harmonies, "Pulsar" is an infectiously danceable slice of pop-techno. Pulsar is out now, and interested parties can stream the whole EP from Marble's website

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Review: Stingray313 Electronic Countermeasures EP


When it comes to legit Detroit techno credibility, it's hard to top Stingray313 (a.k.a. DJ Stingray a.k.a. Sherard Ingram). The man is affiliated with Urban Tribe and Underground Resistance, pals around with Moodymann and used to serve as Drexciya's tour DJ. He also heads up his own imprint, Micron Audio Detroit, on which he's releasing this new EP, Electronic Countermeasures. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2011

Download: Alejandro Paz vs. Roman "La Hora de Bailar (Versión Alejandro Paz)"

Last week, we tipped you to Chilean-born, Spanish-residing DJ Alejandro Paz and his kwaito-tinged remix of Auntie Flo's "Oh My Days." Now, he's back with a free, brand-new single from his collaborative project with fellow Chilean producer Roman. Freshly released on Discos Pegaos, "La Hora de Bailar" sees the two producers putting their own unique spin on the material from a live jam session. Alejandro sent us his version as a way of introducing the project, and "La Hora de Bailar (Versión Alejandro Paz)" rides a bongo-led rhythm through a wild party of Arthur Russell-style vocals and detuned orchestral stabs. The full single is available for download from the Discos Pegaos website

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