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Download: Om Unit "Swimming Dragon"

Label: Civil

The considerably prolific London producer known as Om Unit is prepared to drop his latest EP, Transport, on November 28 via the Civil imprint, and has passed along its opening tune, "Swimming Dragon," to serve as the first taste of the forthcoming release. In the past year or two, Om Unit has established himself as a producer who is not afraid to move between genres while still seeming to keep at least one foot firmly placed in UK bass, and this production is no different. Almost unclassifiable except for an all encompassing 'future-music' tag, "Swimming Dragon" folds pieces of electro-house drums, dubstep-appropriate low-end, and the kind of hazy, arp-filled synth clouds that one might expect to find from a West Coast beat head. There are even some Asiatic flute samples buried in there, too. 

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Download: Mark E "Oranges (Jacques Renault Edit)"

Label: Ghostly

Mark E (pictured above), label head of Merc Music, released his most recent album, Stone Breaker, via Ghostly back in May. With the DJ/producer gearing up for a short US tour in December, Ghostly has shared this edit of "Oranges," which is taken from the aforementioned LP, by Brooklyn house/disco fanatic Jacques Renault. Stripping away most of the tribal percussion found on the original, Renault's re-imagining converts the tune into an ephemeral slice of house music, with a series of muted chord stabs holding everything together. Hit the jump for Mark E's upcoming US tour dates.  Read more » 

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Deeplay Preps Re-Issue of Giorgio Moroder's "E=MC2"

Italo pioneer Giorgio Moroder's 1979 classic "E=MC²" single is set to be re-released on December 2 via Scandinavia's Deeplay imprint. Labeled as the Italian Connection Remix Package, the re-release will include remixes of Moroder's tune from fellow Italians, including the likes of Alexander Robotnick and Daniele Baldelli. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Ital Tek Readies New EP for Planet Mu

Ital Tek is set to return to the Planet Mu imprint for a new four-track EP, called Gonga. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Download: Steve Hauschildt "Already Replaced"

Label: Kranky

Steve Hauschildt may be best known for his role in the Emeralds trio of ambient explorers, but with the release of his new solo endeavor, Tragedy & Geometry (artwork above, read our glowing review here), earlier this week, he has begun to establish himself as a fine producer of celestial sonics in his own right. Here we have album standout "Already Replaced," a twisting excursion that revolves around a twinkling arpeggio and lush, almost horn-like, pads. Layers of glistening delay and reverb coat the nostalgic piece in a vast New Age sheen, through which only the occasional melodic flairs peak through. (via Altered Zones

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Download a Track from Sepalcure's Forthcoming Album

With Sepalcure's self-titled debut LP set to drop via the Hotfush imprint next Monday, November 21, the duo has one final piece of pre-promtion to share in the form of album cut "See Me Feel Me." Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Every Rinse FM DJ to Perform at FWD>> Boxing Day Party

The bass-obsessed masterminds at Rinse FM will once again team up with the people behind London club night FWD>> for another Boxing Day celebration, which will host all of the station's current DJs under one roof. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Review: Steve Hauschildt Tragedy & Geometry

Label: Kranky

One inherent element of most ambient music—of the electronic variety, specifically—is the lack of distinct rhythms. At the most, artists will infuse their compositions with extremely loose rhythms, which can prove to be an ideal approach for creating surreal and immersive sound worlds. Synth noodler Oneohtrix Point Never is certainly no stranger to ambling melodies (both LPs Rifts and Returnal are comprised almost entirely of drifting washes of Juno 60 tones), nor is Blanck Mass, the solo moniker of Benjamin Power from Fuck Buttons. Steve Hauschildt, who also devotes his time to Cleveland trio Emeralds, is another like-minded auteur of analog electronics and cosmic soundscapes. He's also an avid lover of transportive, kosmiche-style rhythms, and deftly infuses much of his latest synth-driven solo album, Tragedy & Geometry, with the hypnotic churn of those sounds. Suffice it to say, the combination's results are nothing short of excellent. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Loopmasters Gives Away New DJ MIx Tools

Well known crafter of wide-ranging sample libraries, Loopmasters has decided to make a portion of its new DJ Mix Tools collection available as a free download for a limited time. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2011

Download: Charli XCX "Nuclear Seasons (Hackman Remix)"

First Listen

Following his latest 12" and before the release of his debut LP, As Above, So Below, Hackman turned in this excellent remix of UK synth-pop songstress Charli XCX (pictured above). As would be expected, the Leeds-based DJ/producer smooths things out a bit here, reigning in the buzzing electro-house vibes of the original in exchange for a blissfull, garage-indebted sound. Charli XCX's vocals lend themselves perfectly to the sultry, stepping beat, which chugs along underneath her plaintive croon—resulting in a version of the "Nuclear Seasons" that could very well be the high point of the tune's forthcoming single, which drops next Monday, November 21. 

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