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Discobelle to Release First Guy Andrews EP; Hear it Now

If you're still not familiar with Brighton bassman Guy Andrews, please take the time to introduce yourself to his kind of minimalistic, percussion-heavy club productions via our Bubblin' Up feature and this premiere of "Klikkr". Now that you're all caught up, prepare yourself for the newcomer's first-ever EP, which is on its way soon from Discobelle. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2011

Gear: Neon Indian Introduces the PAL198X

We always had a sneaking suspicion that Alan Palomo (a.k.a. Neon Indian) had a decent sense of humor (you'd kind of have to with song titles like "Terminally Chill"), but who knew that he could be downright funny? And informative, too! Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2011

Download: Willy Joy "Gimme Dat"

First Listen

Chicago-based artist Willy Joy sent this fresh cut over to us with the note, "It's a little different for me," which we assumed to mean that "Gimme Dat" would be something he wouldn't normally produce. And sure, "Gimme Dat" is a bit more experimental and less melodic than what we're used to hearing from the DJ/producer, but the high-quality sound design, booming dancefloor riddims, and high-energy vocal samples are still there, making the song less of a revolution and more an evolution of the club-ready style that he's so well-versed in. 

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Hum & Buzz to Release Two-Song Dro Carey 12"

For the third release on Ikonika's and Optimum's growing Hum & Buzz imprint, young Sydney-based producer Dro Carey will drop a two-track 12" on September 5. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2011

Podcast 213: Gui Boratto

Brazil's Gui Boratto is many things. He is not, however, a DJ. That said, his 2007 debut, Chromophobia, was one of those rare techno albums that transcended the genre, largely thanks to Boratto's use of vibrant, colorful synths and unique ability to embed sticky pop hooks within a larger, dancefloor-oriented template. That effort continued on his 2009 follow-up, Take My Breath Away, and now he's getting ready to drop his third full-length on September 12, the appropriately titled III, once again via Read more » 

Download: Jimmy Edgar & Luke Vibert "Disco"

First Listen
Label: Circuitree

No need to do a double-take. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Jimmy Edgar and Luke Vibert have indeed collaborated, and this is one of the fruits of their labors. The funky, sample-heavy "Disco" is a bonus cut from the forthcoming Universus Vol. II compilation (pictured above), which features exclusive tunes from a handful of artists in the Circuitree roster. Look for that record when it drops on September 24. 

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Review: Myrryrs Feel U EP

Label: Discobelle

Discobelle records are a mixed bag, in more ways than one. Truly, there's no 'Discobelle sound.' Nearly every record the blog-cum-label drops jumps from one entry-level producer to another and one forward-thinking, club-friendly subgenre to the next, but you can safely assume none of them will be out-and-out stinkers. That's not to say they're all stellar, though. Brenmar's At It Again EP might very well top Discobelle's discography, but releases like the hyperactive Turned On Vol. 1 compilation offer far more duds than not. Qualitatively, the label's latest record, a six-track EP called Feel U by anonymous tunesmith Myrryrs, exists just about equidistant from either of those poles. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2011

Listen to George FitzGerald's RA Podcast

Hotflush acolyte and Man Make Music label head George FitzGerald contributed a mix for the latest installment of Resident Advisor's podcast series. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2011

Download: Enjoyed "Paws"

Label: Shoes Off

Part Balearic, part house, part synth-pop, all vibes: That's just about the best way to describe "Paws" by UK newcomer Peter Evans-Pritchard (a.k.a. Enjoyed). The sun-soaked tune is lifted from the producer's forthcoming debut EP, Oscar, which is being released on a limited-edition cassette and is currently available to pre-order from the Shoes Off imprint, here. You might want to grab this one to help remind you of warmer days once the inevitable chill sets in. 

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Maya Jane Coles to Drop Remix 12" Featuring T. Williams and Youandewan

UK-based house phenom Maya Jane Coles has announced that two of her excellent productions from late 2010, "Hummingbird" and "Nobody Else," will be re-released via Hypercolour's latest "pro-vinyl" imprint, Hype_Ltd., along with remixes from Youandewan and T. Williams. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2011

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