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Download: Eddie C "Dub Me Gwen"

The Endless Flight imprint (one of three labels that make up the Mule Musiq family) is set to release Unknown Parts, the debut LP from burgeoning nu-disco producer Eddie C, and has passed along this cosmic disco number to introduce us to the stylings of the Canadian producer. "Dub Me Gwen" is a deep disco edit, one with a somewhat sluggish step that twists and turns as the track goes through its various movements. Eddie C kindly invites you to drift away as shuffling percussions and space-age synths are joined by chopped and dubbed disco vocals and lush horn samples, all the while keeping the consistent, thumping bass as an anchor to your galactic voyage. A trip to the stars and back indeed, and one we're hoping to do more of when Unknown Parts drops on March 28. 

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Casual Fridays: Clog Boots, and Outfitting Your MacBook in Pendleton.

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

Download: Mi Ami "Hard Up"

So, San Francisco's post-noise-punk outfit Mi Ami is a duo now, and Daniel Martin-McCormick and Damon Palermo have also shed their guitars and drum kits, wielding synths, sequencers, and drum machines in their stead. The band's first release with its new format is the forthcoming Dolphins EP, which will drop on March 15 via Thrill Jockey. The first sounds offered from that new record come in the form of "Hard Up." On that opening cut, Mi Ami's TR-909 and Juno-106 work out a psychedelic underground dance anthem with sporadic, Devo-esque vocal bits resonating over the top of it. And on the music video (check it out after the jump), directors Amanda Brown and Ben Shearn splice together fuzzy VHS footage of a lovely '80s babe traipsing around what looks like Miami Beach and scenes of Martin-McCormick and Palermo rocking a house party with their pulsing jam. We don't know about you, but we're kind of falling in love with Mi Ami all over again.  Read more » 

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Sinden and SBTRKT to Release Single on Grizzly

Early last year, the collaborative effort of Londoners Sinden (pictured above) and SBTRKT kicked off Sinden's own Grizzly imprint with the "Midnight Marauder" b/w "Kind of Familiar" single, and now the two are set to release another joint 12", the "Seekwal" b/w "Grazed" single. Read more » 

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  • 02/11/2011

Ninja Tune to Release New Records From Daedelus and Dorian Concept

Ninja Tune is busy as ever with a slew of new releases planned for the coming months, including an LP from LA's eccentric beatmaker, Daedelus (pictured above) and an EP from rising Viennese producer Dorian Concept. Read more » 

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  • 02/11/2011

Download: Ulysses "Acid Reflux (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)"

Eliot Taub (a.k.a. Ulysses, pictured above) has a long history as part of the NYC nightlife, becoming a prominent promoter in the late-'90s electro scene and more recently making music as one half of the NYC duo The Nuerotic Drum Band. His time spent in New York's electro-days-of-yore seem to not have left him unaffected, as the title track from his latest solo EP, Acid Reflux, is completely drenched in acid-house throwback elements (tweaked 303 lines and the customary creepy voice saying something or other about acid), which Prins Thomas keeps relatively intact for this remix. The Norwegian producer manages to masterfully expand on Ulysses' acid-synth ideas, turning the song into an almost ten-minute affair full of percussive layers, endless arpeggios, and some funky bass. After an almost four-minute intro, Thomas finally hits us with the beat, and an explosion of irresistibly tweaked and filtered 303 lines take over, riding the constantly-changing rhythmic elements below until they're stripped back one by one as the song finally comes to a halt. The Acid Reflux EP, which features this remix, its original counterpart, and two more original tracks, is out now. 

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Butterz to Host Fabric's Room Three, Releases Mini-Mixes From Terror Danjah and Elijah & Skilliam

Next Friday, London's burgeoning grime label Butterz is set to host Fabric's Room 3 with sets from Terror Danjah, Swindle, Champion, Logan Sama, and label heads Elijah & Skilliam (pictured above). To help spread the word, both Elijah & Skilliam and Terror Danjah have made mini-mixes available over at Fabric's site. Read more » 

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  • 02/11/2011

Download: Fixers "Iron Deer Dream (Chad Valley Remix)"

Oxford band Fixers recently hooked up with its neighbourhood tunesmith Chad Valley (pictured above), resulting in this starry-eyed remix of the indie-pop outfit's "Iron Deer Dream" song. As he often does, producer Hugo Manuel cuts the vocal samples into candy-coated hooks that should keep listeners humming along while his thumping dance beats move your feet from side to side. The rest of "Iron Deer Dream (Chad Valley Remix)" is all glowing synthscapes, spacey percussion loops, bouncing basslines, and a couple of classic piano breakdowns that add a new level of sophistication to the artist's repertoire. You can check out what the original version of Fixers' number sounds like here, and pre-order a copy of that 7" here

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Hessle Audio Co-Founder Pangaea to Release New Single

Hessle Audio co-founder (along with Ben UFO and Pearson Sound/Ramadanman) Kevin McAuley (a.k.a. Pangaea) has a new 12" single slated for release later this month on his own label. The "Inna Daze" b/w "Won't Hurt" single is said to find the veteran producer exploring "his own take on UK bass music." Considering Hessle Audio has been on the cusp of forward-thinking house, dubstep, and UK bass music since its inception, we can only imagine that this single will further the imprint's well-deserved reputation. Read more » 

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  • 02/10/2011

Download: Chairman Kato "No Coincidence"

Chairman Kato is a new producer on the London bass music scene who recently joined the ranks of the Pictures Music crew—a roster that also includes the likes of Dark Sky and Seams—for his debut EP, Wildfire (pictured above). You can preview some portions of that forthcoming release here, but first we've got a full download of the second tune on Kato's debut, "No Coincidence." Of his music, the producer has said, "I knew I wanted to make something that was cohesive and not necessarily something that was going to move dancefloors," a sentiment which rings particularly true on this cut. Kato's song certainly has beats, but these are broken rhythms more closely associated with the Flying Lotus continuum than that of the UK club scene. And over those herky-jerky drum patterns, sheets of sizzling white noise compete with ghostly moans and rickety synth loops. It's certainly no coincidence this production made it onto an EP called Wildfire; Chairman Kato makes it sound like you're in the middle of one. 

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