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Download: Galun "Rainbow"

Label: Fuselab

Moscow's Galun builds his productions using only his mouth (well, and a computer). But this fact is much more than just a gimmick, as the singular choice of sound sources makes for some intriguing sonic layers as displayed on "Rainbow," a cut from Galun's recently released EP, appropriately enough titled Meltwith Myvoice (artwork above). Beginning with what almost sounds like an electric razor, "Rainbow" jumps all over the place, reaching almost operatic heights and then plunging to rumbling lows. Over the course of its four-minute runtime, it becomes apparent that even though the the Russian producer is only using his own voice, he's nonetheless able to digitally manipulate quite the sonic arsenal. 

Average: 8.3 (105 votes)

Body High Gives Away "Freepack" of Unreleased Music

The Body High imprint, helmed by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome Potter of LOL Boys, has decided to give away a "Freepack" of new tunes to celebrate the holidays. Read more » 

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  • 12/15/2011

XLR8R's Best of 2011: Tracks, Part One

XLR8R is inundated with new music every single day. CDs and 12"s come in the mail; upstart producers email links to the latest thing they've posted on their Soundcloud pages; established labels and overzealous PR companies send along elaborate press kits and password-protected downloads. We could go on. And even though you're all probably cueing up the world's tiniest violin right now, to be quite frank, the onslaught of new tunes we receive can be a bit overwhelming. As such, the task of making a list of our 50 favorite tracks from 2011 was incredibly difficult. Read more » 

Download: Doctor Jeep "Broken Heart"

First Listen

Doctor Jeep passed along this edit of T2's "Heartbroken" in hopes of sharing it for free with the XLR8R faithful—not because he doesn't think it's a valuable piece of work, but because any attempt to sell it would undoubtedly generate some major flack, thanks to his generous sampling of the aforementioned bassline hit. We were happy to oblige. To his credit, the Boston resident does an admirable job of flipping the super-charged jam into a slow, seductive slice of futuristic R&B, but his beat doesn't fully take hold until we move past the pitched-down verse and lock into a shuffling groove about halfway through. On top of this, Doctor Jeep gradually unfurls a number of gorgeous melodies and tantalizingly tuned toms, keeping the whole affair swirling in plenty of what could be best described as, according to the producer himself, "lovey-dovey vibes."  

Average: 7.6 (112 votes)

Review: Maceo Plex "Under the Sheets"

Label: No.19

All of the sudden, Maceo Plex is one of the biggest producers on the planet. Although American-born producer Eric Estornel, who now resides in Spain, has been turning out music for a decade, mostly under his Maetrik moniker, the rise of Maceo Plex in 2011 has been downright meteoric, largely thanks to his Life Index album and a series of well-received singles and EPs on the Crosstown Rebels label. He's also started up his own Ellum Audio imprint, and, as if that wasn't enough, he's capping off the year with a one-sided single for Toronto-based No. 19 Music. Read more » 

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  • 12/15/2011

Crosstown Rebels Announces Forthcoming Art Department Single

The Crosstown Rebels imprint has dipped into its deep, international artist roster and announced that the label's first release of 2012 will come in the form of a new single from Art Department, the collaboration between Canadians Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White. Read more » 

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  • 12/15/2011

Download: Rewolmer "One"

The forward-looking net label and Danish DJ crew known as Sound Escape has tapped one of its own countrymen, Rewolmer, for a free, three-track EP entitled Error Perfect (artwork above). The simply titled opener, "One," kicks off the release on a bit of a somber note with emotive chords, tastefully placed vocal chops, and the most post of post-dubstep rhythms. As the tune lazily rolls along, it picks up a luscious bassline along the way, infusing the track with a reflective sense of soulfulness before a precise melody defines the track's latter half. After downloading "One" below, you can head to Sound Escape's Bandcamp to cop the rest of the EP for the agreeable price of "free." 

Average: 8 (77 votes)

Download: Aeroc "For Sake"

First Listen
Label: Ghostly

It was back in 2004 that Geoff White (a.k.a. Aeroc) issued his debut full-length, Viscous Solid, through Ann Arbor's Ghostly imprint. Now, seven years later, the once-Ohio-based producer (last we checked, he had hopped across the pond and landed in Barcelona) has quietly returned to the home of his well-received debut with a new, 11-track LP entitled R+B=?. If "For Sake" is any indication, this new outing finds White picking up about where Viscous Solid left off, folding open sonic spaces and rich electronics into his melodic, at times jazzy, acoustic guitar-led productions. 

Average: 7.3 (70 votes)

Check Out Sam Tiba & Brick Bandits' New Jersey Club Mixtape

Just a month after he dropped his first Jersey Club Music mixtape, Parisian DJ/producer and Marble Music/Club Cheval affiliate Sam Tiba shares his second installment, which also doubles as the third volume of Mad Decent's Brick Bandits-helmed Import/Expert mix series. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2011

Watch an Interview with Bok Bok

During his last US tour, London-based DJ/producer Bok Bok (a.k.a. Alex Sushon) sat down for a chat with the folks from Scion A/V. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2011

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