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Download: Star Eyes "Ride or Die"

Brooklyn's Star Eyes unveiled a new EP entitled White Gloves (artwork above) earlier this month on the Trouble & Bass imprint, of which she is a founding member. Building upon the haunted-house vibe of her last EP, Disappear, this cut from Star Eyes' newest release is straight-up sinister. With catastrophically giant snares leading the charge, the evil bass line is not far behind, accompanied by distant vocal glitches and Star Eyes' own vocal refrain, "You make me loose my mind." Existing somewhere between the worlds of grimey house and utterly demonic bass music, "Ride or Die" is more of a stomper than a stepper, and definitely something that leans more towards the late-night tip, as only the baddest of badmen could even imagine playing a tune this heavy early in the evening. 

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Listen to SBTRKT's Debut LP Now

If you'll remember with us back to the beginning of May (it's difficult, we know), we were head over heels for the first single to leak from UK DJ/producer SBTRKT's forthcoming self-titled album for Young Turks, and not much has changed since then. Now, you can hear why, because the blog-aggregating music hub Hype Machine has the whole thing streaming online. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Download: John Tejada "Subdivided"

Label: Kompakt

This slice of incredibly sophisticated techno comes to us from veteran producer John Tejada's new full-length, Parabolas (artwork above), which sees its release today via the renowned Kompakt imprint. Although he's done his share of experimentation and folded any number of new characteristics into his productions over the years, "Subdivided" still sounds quintessentially Tejada. The intricately composed melodies, the meticulous building of elements, and the crisp, futuristic sheen—it all sounds so wonderfully familiar and still like something that only he would be able to conjure up. Said to have approached the album with a want "to experiment with some longer phrases again and to step away from the analog sequencers more and get back to using my hands to create the melodies," Tejada's latest LP can officially be branded as "hand-crafted" techno, and "Subdivided" is just one fine example of the intriguing balance he's found between artistic expression and time-honed craftsmanship. You can hear the whole thing for yourself, as well as read some comments from Tejada about his new record, here

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Vibezin Drops Exclusive Free Mix For XLR8R

Today sees the digital release of Vibezin's newest EP, From the Crates, for Martin "Blackdown" Clark's Keysound imprint, and the London-based producer has sent over an exclusive mix of original tunes to mark the occasion. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Video: Grouper "I Saw a Ray"

As if a double-album release from Portland ambient/noise artist Grouper wasn't enough heady material for us to feast on this year, Liz Harris has just unveiled what is apparently the first part of an "album-length series of videos adapted from/inspired by A I A." Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Lee Foss Launches New Podcast Series, Plays Fabric Next Month

The prolific, multifaceted house producer/DJ Lee Foss has yet another endeavor to add to the extensive list with his newly launched podcast series Modern Amusement. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Bubblin' Up: Jam City

Night Slugs' newest cook boils up a sweet mix of grime and house elements.


Download: Dreadsquad & Lady Chann "Island Lovin' (Kush Arora Remix)"

Poland-based duo Marek Bogdanski (who heads the Superfly Studio imprint) and Lukasz Rodziewicz (a.k.a Dreadsquad) have teamed up with Lady Chann, a name synonymous with dancehall party vibes, for the recently released "Island Lovin'" single. Along with the original tune, the record comes with a host of remixes—including this one from San Francisco's Kush Arora, who transforms the tropical feel-good vibe of "Island Lovin'" into a dark, pumping excursion through the disparate territories of dirty dancehall and skittering house. Where as Dreadsquad's initial production is the kind of soca party jam you'd expect to hear during the more sunlit hours of the day, Kush Arora's take is most surely a late-night, twirling-lights, got-a-few-drinks-in-you kind of endeavor, one which comes complete with ominous bass, minor-chord piano stabs, and a fair share of relentless percussion. 

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Review: Blanck Mass Blanck Mass

Benjamin John Power, whose primary outlet is psych-house duo Fuck Buttons, has struck out on his own as Blanck Mass, a moniker the artist seems to take deeply to heart on his first-ever solo release, a 10-track, self-titled LP. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Download: Holy Other "Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)"

A slew of remixes for Holy Other's (pictured above) downtrodden R&B cut "Touch" hit the internet at the end of last week in conjunction with the physical release of that mysterious producer's With U EP for Tri Angle. So, we guess that would make those downloadable freebies just about middle-aged in internet years, which is actually fitting; the reworked productions need just a bit more time to grow on you than the darkly infectious original tune. Belgian tunesmith Cupp Cave's interpretation is a fine example. The woozy lurch of "Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)" is just about as engagingly mesmerizing as it gets, but it's the subtleties that simmer below the analog hiss and slowly bubble up from underneath the surface that require a handful of spins to fully appreciate. You can grab more remixes from the likes of Matthewdavid and Blood Diamonds over on Pitchfork

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