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Diskotopia Announces New Compilation

Diskotopia will be starting off its second year as a record label by releasing a compilation, the plainly titled Diskotopia Various Artists Volume 1, that will contain a wide swath of dance music by artists associated with the imprint, including Visionist, Optimum, Greeen Linez, LDFD, and a few other names that might be familiar to the XLR8R faithful. Read more » 

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  • 12/08/2011

Download: Mathias Zimmermann "Luther"

Over at Sound Pellegrino HQ, they seem pretty excited about Mathias Zimmermann. Not only is he the first-ever German artist on the label, but his recently released Isla Dub EP (artwork above) contains four tracks that are completely unchanged from when the Sound Pellegrino bossmen first gave his unsolicited demo a spin. While the release explores a variety of styles, many of them more melodic than the song being offered here, "Luther" just might be the best of the bunch. Oddly cinematic in a chase-scene-from-a-'70s-cop-flick way, the song is a tense showcase of stop-and-start percussion, cascading synths, and nature sounds. All the twists might leave your head spinning, but it's a pleasantly weird and undeniably unique creation. Preview the rest of the Isla Dub EP after the jump, along with a mix Zimmermann recently assembled for the Sound Pellegrino podcast series.  Read more » 

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Douster Launches Record Label, Offers a New Mix

French producer and occasional ZZK affiliate Douster is launching a new record label called BeBup with long-time friend Benjamin "Blanco" Collet (pictured above with Douster). With an ear toward musical diversity, the pair plans to focus on giving opportunities to unknown producers and allowing more-experienced artists the chance to experiment freely. The label's first release, No Future, is by young French producer Roma and comes out in January. To give listeners an idea of what sort of music may appear on future offerings, Douster and Blanco created a mix of some of their favorite jams—they're calling it a "non-exhaustive introduction to [their] musical universe"—that you can stream after the jump or download here. Read more » 

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  • 12/08/2011

B2B: Kevin Saunderson and MK, Part 1

It's fun to imagine that electronic-music legends all know each other, as if there's some kind of social club for all those producers and DJs who helped shape house, techno, and all the other strains of dance music. Obviously, that notion doesn't quite jive with reality, but in some cases, veteran producers actually do have relationships that stretch back decades. For instance, take Kevin Saunderson and MK (a.k.a. Marc Kinchen). The former is one of the progenitors of Detroit techno, one-third of the venerable Belleville Three, and the producer behind Inner City, Reese Project, and a litany of other endeavors. The latter is one of the key figures in the '90s NY garage sound, and a producer who truly pioneered the art of the remix. Yet the pair first met more than 20 years ago in Detroit, when Saunderson was first exploding with Inner City and Kinchen was just another local kid looking to get involved. Read more » 

Download: Milyoo "Tough Enough"

Label: Opit

Earlier this week, Kentucky-based producer Milyoo (a.k.a. Tommy Wilson) released his first long player on Subeena's Opit imprint. The 10-song album, Archeology (artwork above), which includes previously released singles "Colours" and "Dasein," as well as this track, gives Wilson plenty of room to explore different sonic influences, including hip-hop, house, and bass music. "Tough Enough" starts off dark and quiet, but eventually drops into a driving house banger with a forceful, rumbling bassline. 

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Review: Darkside Darkside EP

Quick Spin

Darkside is NY native and musical wunderkind Nicolas Jaar's side project with guitarist Dave Harrington; that brief description alone just about encapsulates the sound of the duo's debut release. The three untitled tracks that make up the Darkside EP aren't a far cry from the sparse, downtrodden productions heard on Jaar's debut album, Space is Only Noise, as the only discernible difference between the two records is the presence of warbling guitar sounds. The two musical styles actually mesh together quite well, but aren't explored much beyond the realm of moody, midtempo dirges. Read more » 

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  • 12/08/2011

Sónar Expands to São Paulo, Returns to Tokyo

In addition to the three days and nights of mostly electronic music presented by Sónar at its flagship festival in Barcelona, it will also be expanding this year to Brazil, where it will promote a two-day event in São Paulo, and will return to Japan, where it will take over the AgeHa nightclub for a weekend in April. Read more » 

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  • 12/08/2011

Download: Soosh "Take My Hand"

Yesterday, we revealed our top downloads for the month of November, and sitting perched atop the heap was a remix from up-and-coming Glasgow producer Soosh (a.k.a Soroosh Khavari). "Take My Hand" is the latest sonic offering from the artist, a leisurely and atmospheric track with various vocal samples and recordings stretched over quiet blips, soft synth pads, and light percussion. This track is not on any officially released material, but Soosh does have plans to unload three separate EPs in the first part of next year, releases that will include remixes from Lapalux, Jameszoo, and Greenwood Sharps, to name a few. 

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Nina Kraviz to Release Debut Album

Muscovite DJ and producer Nina Kraviz is set to release her debut full-length album on February 27 of next year through Radio Slave's Rekids imprint. Read more » 

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  • 12/07/2011

Watch Jamie xx Talk Remixes, New Music, and Working with Gil-Scott Heron

The Creators Project recently caught up with Jamie Smith of The xx to talk about his music, working with other artists, and what's on the horizon for The xx. Read more » 

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  • 12/07/2011

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