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Download: Jumping Back Slash "Want (Your Touch)"

Label: Pollinate

The gradual expansion of dance music's global stage to include the third world has unarguably been a positive thing. From the challenging rhythms of kwaito to the insistent shake of cumbia, producers working in areas previously incommunicado finally have a voice. Of these places, South Africa has proven an especially fertile ground for new music, with a rich supply of regional styles and talented artists. One such talented individual is Jumping Back Slash, a South African producer whose music resides at the intersection of future garage, kwaito, and straightforward, old-school techno. After dropping a well-received 12" on Pollinate (see the video for a-side "Kwai Sneakers" here), he's now set to drop the third installment in their Nectah series. In anticipation of that release, he's put on offer the infectious and danceable "Want (Your Touch)." Plundering liberally from the cannon of dance music, "Want (Your Touch)" sounds like a Mayday remix of skittering African garage, where chopped tribal vocals meet the stop, start, pause, reverse anti-flow of late-'80s Detroit. 

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Moogfest to Feature Brian Eno; Many More Acts Announced

The range of music (and now multimedia art) that is set to be presented at this year's Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina has expanded to include an even wider list of artists with the announcement that the godfather of ambient music, Brian Eno, will exhibit his stunning 77 Million Paintings visual/audio art project as part of this year's festival. Read more » 

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  • 08/12/2011

Video: V.C. "Superfluid"

Brighton's Donky Pitch imprint is nowhere near stopping its efforts to bring skweee to the masses, and with songs (and accompanying videos) like "Superfluid," from V.C.'s forthcoming The Trick EP, we're nowhere near asking them to stop. Read more » 

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  • 08/12/2011

Download: LDFD "Outtacontrol (DJ Clap Remix)"

First Listen

Just last month, the young Texan producer LDFD dropped his debut EP, Outtracontrol (artwork above), for Daedelus' Magical Properties imprint. Now the title track from that release has been given a reworking thanks to another young producer from the Southern half of the US, Arizona's DJ Clap, who's been busy putting together a nice catalogue of footwork-leaning tracks for the past few years. If this remix is any indication, DJ Clap makes footwork tracks like The Field used to make techno tracks—melodicly rich, super repetitive, chopped to all hell, and bizarrely catchy. Is Arizona the new home of burgeoning footwork? No, probably not, but DJ Clap has definitely soaked up some distinct influences and turned them into something rather intriguing. 

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R&S Preps Debut Release From Cloud Boat

The R&S imprint is set to yet again break new sounds from an up-and-coming UK outfit, this time tapping Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, collectively known as Cloud Boat, for their debut release. Read more » 

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  • 08/12/2011

Casual Fridays: On the cheap!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: Monarchy "Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)"

London production duo Monarchy has a new single touching down on August 22 via 100% Records, complete with an array of remixes from the likes of Diskjokke and Azari & III, the latter of which we have for you here. The Canadian house ensemble gets downright dark and dirty on its acid-tinged rework, (thankfully) eschewing just about anything resembling the painfully cheeseball 'niteclub' vibes of the original track. 

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Review: Klaus Tusk EP

Label: R&S

R&S is undoubtedly one of the coolest electronic music labels around these days, but we're starting to suspect that it might also be a front for some sort of (not-so) covert Fleetwood Mac fanclub. Last month saw the release of the Lostwithiel EP from UK duo The Chain (Hint #1), and now the imprint has signed young Londoner Klaus, whose debut is entitled the Tusk EP. (Hint #2) Read more » 

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  • 08/12/2011

Download: Com Truise "Ether Drift"

Label: Ghostly

The New Jersey synth-whisperer known as Com Truise is about to embark on an absolutely massive tour and has offered up another track from his recently released Galatic Melt LP to help spread the word. As one might expect, "Ether Drift" is an epic synthscape of a beat, complete with retro-sounding drums, glistening arpeggios, electro bass, and an incalculable number of watery delay trails. Drifting from one melancholy theme to another, the first half of the tune moves similarly to the arch of a side-scrolling video game—first enticing you with an inviting melody, then leading you through ever greater struggles. Sounds like somewhere around the two minute mark, we fight the boss (and win), before Com Truise takes us out with a vast, lengthy outro. You can peep the seriously substantial list of international tour dates after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: The Rapture "How Deep is Your Love? (Wax Motif & Neoteric Remix)"

As most of you probably know by now, The Rapture is back, and with a hell of a single, too. The "How Deep is Your Love?" tune is just a small taste from the now-trio's forthcoming In the Grace of Your Love LP (The Rapture is pretty into love, apparently), which is tweaked into a pulsating disco-house cut by Aussie DJ/producer Wax Motif and Berlin/Vancouver-based artist Neoteric on their bootleg remix (that's the fake label art up top). The pair do away with the original version's "Thong Song"-reminiscent chorus—keeping the catchy piano riffs, rhetorical vocal hooks, and sultry sax solo to layer over their deep dance rhythms. Check out a slew of upcoming tour dates for The Rapture after the jump.  Read more » 

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