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XLR8R Interviews Mute Founder Daniel Miller

If you've been paying attention at all this week, you've probably noticed that Mute Records recently celebrated its renewed independence with the Short Circuit Festival in London, and we were there to take a few pics and talk to some of the luminaries associated with the classic underground label, like Moby and Thomas Fehlmann. Read more » 

Download: Tobias "Free No. 2"

First Listen
Label: Ostgut Ton

It's pretty easy to say that Tobias Freund has an impressive resume. The German dance-music veteran has had the pleasure to work with artists as disparate as Milli Vanilli and Ellen Allien. Despite being an in-demand sound engineer, the man has also enjoyed a successful career as a producer of some of the finest minimal techno to come out of Germany. Last month XLR8R reported on Leaning Over Backwards, the upcoming full-length from Tobias Freund's brand-new, streamlined moniker, Tobias. With the album's imminent release, he's put on offer "Free No. 2," a track that navigates through underwater electro-funk of the Drexciyan variety, complete with pressurized atmospheric synthesizers and snappy drum programming. "Free No. 2" is an exclusive, an alternate version of album cut "Free No. 1" to be exact, but nonetheless hints at the high quality of Leaning Over Backwards, which drops July 4 via Ostgut Ton. 

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Review: Samiyam Sam Baker’s Album

Back in 2008, Samiyam kicked off FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label with Rap Beats Vol. 1. Now, he returns to the imprint yet again, this time armed with 40 minutes of non-stop, syrupy head-nodders. Read more » 

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  • 06/29/2011

Check Out FACT's Top Albums of the Year So Far

Hey, we all do it—"it" being self-promoting our favorite albums or tracks of the year "so far." So we can't begrudge our kindred spirits over in London, FACT, from doing the same thing. Yesterday they published their mid-year report of the best albums of the last three months, and not surprisingly it features some of our favorites, too, like records from Hyetal, Gang Gang Dance, Instra:Mental, and Rick Wilhite (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 06/29/2011

Download: Shampoo Voyagers "On the Street"

Earlier this year, we mused on the ambiguous nature of the Russian musical landscape. That being said, it has undeniably been the case that more and more material has begun to make its way out of the country. Take "On the Street," the latest offering from Shampoo Voyagers, a duo comprised of Maxim Ananyev (a.k.a. Tree Bosier) and Nikita Moor (a.k.a. Nikola), respectively based in the extremely geographically divided locales of Moscow and Khabarovsk (over 5000 miles apart!). Creating a slick and jazzy downtempo flow, "On the Street" brings to mind the unlikely pairing of Dam-Funk and Cornelius as its blunted G-funk bassline meets sunny chord progressions and chime-like guitar tones. Download the track below and if you like it, check out the outfit's soundcloud for more similarly jazz-minded tunes. 

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Latest FRKWYS Installment to Feature Daniel Lopatin, David Borden, Laurel Halo, James Ferraro, and Samuel Godin

RVNG Intl. has just announced the seventh installment of its experimental FRKWYS series, FRKWYS VOL. 7. Following the release of FRKWYS VOL. 6, with its avant-garde explorations courtesy of Julianna Barwick and DNA's Ikue Mori, comes a group of improvised ambient pieces from the all-star ensemble of Daniel Lopatin (pictured above), David Borden, Laurel Halo, James Ferraro, and Samuel Godin. Read more » 

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  • 06/28/2011

Download Lando Kal's Direct Current Mix

Dutch record hub Rush Hour just posted this incredible mix by Lazer Sword cohort and recent Berlin transplant Lando Kal, and it's a bit of a departure from his band's usually blappy sound. Read more » 

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  • 06/28/2011

Thomas Fehlmann Discusses His Relationship With Mute and the Label's Influence

This week has turned out to be Mute week at XLR8R HQ. Yesterday's chat about the longstanding underground label took place with Moby and today's features electronic music pioneer and Mute friend Thomas Fehlmann discussing Mute's influence. Read more » 

Download: Lapalux "Time Spike Jamz (devonwho Remix)"

Over the past few months, UK producer Lapalux has been quietly taking over the XLR8R website, thanks to the steady stream of quality remixes and tracks he's been sending our way. One of those was "Time Spike Jamz," a spacey gem from his Many Faces Out of Focus EP on Pictures Music. We certainly enjoyed the songs' stop-and-start rhythms and fluttering melodies, and apparently so did Portland's devonwho, a like-minded beatmaker who has remixed the track with a sufficiently larger dose of funk. He's stepped up the percussion and also inserted some icy synth lines, upgrading "Time Spike Jamz" from thoughtful chin-scratcher to certifiable head-nodder. 

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Modeselektor and Jahcoozi Collaborate on Kenyan Hip-Hop Project

The plan for the BLNRB-NRBLN project was set in motion back in 2009: Berliners Modeselektor, Jahcoozi (pictured above), and Gebrüder Teichmann would travel to Nairobi, Kenya to "meet, mix, and mingle with artists from the local music scene." Two years later, the project has fully come to fruition with the impending release of BLNRB—Welcome to the Madhouse!, due out July 8 on Outhere Records, in which the aforementioned musicians collaborated with some of Nairobi's finest hip-hop voices, including Mister Abbas, Kimya, Lon ́Jon, and Nazizi. Read more » 

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  • 06/28/2011

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