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Five Star: People Like Us

Audio-visual collagist/sample plunderer People Like Us (a.k.a. Vicki Bennett) tells us about her favorite types of sound sources Read more » 

Download: Zanshin "You I I You"

Label: Affine

Austrian electronic imprint Affine will release the debut EP by fellow countryman Zanshin, a six-track record of subversively unique compositions called The Humdrum Conundrum. Like on "You I I You," the producer's music contains the hallmarks of many genres currently in vogue: the tenderness of post-dubstep, the energy of club-friendly bass tunes, the dense atmospheres of drifty synth music, and the vocal hooks of futuristic house cuts. Even more impressive is the fact that Zanshin finds a way to spread that array of sounds through an eight-minute track without running out of steam or allowing the composition to grow tiresome. It's certainly a promising start for the young music maker. You can hear the rest of Zanshin's forthcoming release here

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Video: Grimes "Crystal Ball"

In case the litany of posts in recent weeks didn't make it clear, XLR8R is in severe danger of developing a full-blown crush—entirely musical, of course—on Grimes. This new clip for "Crystal Ball" certainly isn't helping matters. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Listen to the New Holy Other EP on Tri Angle

In barely more than a year, Tri Angle Records has become a remarkably reliable source of... well, it's hard to pinpoint, but the artists on the label roster all seem to inhabit a shared space that intermingles dark, lo-fi electronic music with hazy R&B and bits of gothy drone. The next Tri Angle release on tap is With U, the new EP from shadowy UK beatmaker Holy Other, whose music also displays an undeniable affinity for classic Balearic house. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Download: Roly & The Rio Rhythm Band "Carnival da Casa (Hackman Remix)"

At this point, it feels like just about every permutation of UK funky has been tried at least once, but it appears that the London-based Shifting Peaks label may have stumbled across something new—UK funky mixed with cubaton (a variant of reggaeton that incorporates Cuban percussion). What at first sounds like a run-of-the-mill Latin party tune from Roly & The Rio Rhythm Band goes to new heights once remixer Hackman jumps in with his kinetic, shuffling snares and rolling bassline. Combined with a Caribbean piano melody, the song perfectly guides the UK bass world into more tropical territories. "Carnival da Casa (Hackman Remix)" can be found on Nasty Rips and Shifting Peaks Vol. 1, a compilation which came out earlier this week and also features appearances by Emvee, Brackles, FaltyDL, Sekta, and others. The artwork is posted above and the complete tracklist can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Gear: Watch XLR8R's iPad-DJing Tutorial With DJ Miguel and the iPad Party Dolls!

Clearly, there are some amazing things being done with the iPad's touch-screen technology right now, as it regards DJing and live performance—and everyone from Plastikman to Brian Eno is taking up the cause. But probably the best example we've seen of its use so far is in the above video, featuring DJ Miguel, so we've decided to present his instructional clip as our own definitive guide to DJing with the iPad. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2011

Sun Araw to Release Collaborative Album With Eternal Tapestry Via Thrill Jockey

We haven't really covered much from lo-fi dub-psych master Cameron Stallones (a.k.a. Sun Araw) on XLR8R, aside from this collaborative tune he did with Matthewdavid, but we've certainly been appreciating the guy's rampant musical output for a good while now. It looks like he's got yet another record ready to drop, and this time it's a collaboration with Portland's Eternal Tapestry. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2011

DJ Jus-Ed to Release LP on Mule Musiq

DJ Jus-Ed (a.k.a. Edward McKeithen) is a bit of a legend in the New York dance world. He started out in the early '80s, filling floors with freestyle, funk, and house, before taking a 15-year hiatus. But he re-entered the scene in the early '00s, launching the heralded Underground Quality label, producing a slew of tracks, DJing left and right, and generally never looking back. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2011

Download: Buck UK "Once"

Label: Cut

Great things keep coming from Cut, the Edinburgh-based, digital imprint of DFRNT's Echodub label. Earlier this month we tipped you to Essáy's excellent "Love & Air." Now the label is back with Once, a brand-new, free EP from multifaceted Connecticut-by-way-of-Manchester producer Buck UK. Taking a similar tack as "Love & Air," "Once" is an exercise in deep, immersive atmospherics. Evoking a drenched cityscape at night, "Once" explores an urban psychogeography through the swirling reverb of a wet Fender Rhodes and the distant blurring of familiar voices. The Once EP is out now, you can download the a-side title track below but for the full EP—with Essáy remix—head over to Cut's website

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Check Out Our Favorite Underground Resistance Tracks, Along With a Chart From Rolando

While he's no longer a part of the legendary Underground Resistance collective/label, DJ Rolando is no less militant in spreading techno's gospel all over the world. As you've maybe read in our recent feature on the Detroit-reared Rolando Rocha, he's since moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and is still turning out techno killers left and right, regardless of where he lays his hat at night. Read more » 

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