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Bubblin' Up: Patten

Exactly who—or what—is Patten? At this point, practically nothing is clear. Patten could very well be the all-encompassing name for a group of subversive producers that cram their ideas into one burst of clattering rhythms and fragmented melodies at a time. Patten might just be the title under which scavenging deep-sea divers release the destroyed music they discover on tapes discarded at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Patten is possibly even nothing and no one, just a figment of our collective imagination somehow manifested in the form of sound. When listening to the surprising and bewildering tracks from Patten's GLAQJO XAACSSO LP (out now via No Pain in Pop), it seems as if all of those options are both possible and likely. Read more » 

Download: Photonz "Third Wave"


Burgeoning Portuguese duo Photonz—comprised of two dudes who also run the One Eyed Jacks label—has just dropped a collaborative effort with fellow Portugal resident and DFA-associated DJ Tiago, and has sent along this unreleased track of its own to spread the word. Together, the three producers go by the name of Sangue de Cristo and create dreamy slices of disco house, but here, Photonz delves a little deeper into the house side of things, pairing analog synth blips and blurps with a relentless house beat and crisp, retro-tinged percussion. After giving "Third Wave" a listen below, you can stream preview clips of the two new Sangue de Cristo tracks after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Mosca Wavey EP

Label: 3024

The beginning of 2011 had been considerably quiet for Mosca, but in the past few months, the UK producer has stepped out with a handful of impressive releases, including the XLR8R-picked "Done Me Wrong" b/w "Bax" for Numbers, followed by a free EP to commemorate attaining 5,000 Twitter followers, and now, he's added a four-track EP for Martyn's 3024 imprint, Wavey. Read more » 

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  • 11/14/2011

Download: Broodlings "Fading"

First Listen
Label: Embassy

Atlanta's Embassy imprint is still relatively fresh on the scene, but the young label has already started to carve a place for itself within the world of Stateside bass music thanks to its inventive and forward-thinking takes on juke. Embassy's next endeavor, which sees a release tomorrow, taps a burgeoning producer from its own scene, Broodlings, who infuses a decent amount of soul (via some skillful sample chopping) into his juke/footwork-infused compositions throughout his forthcoming five-track EP (artwork above). "Fading" is one such example, and sees the Atlanta resident utilizing a reconfigured soul sample and slightly off-kilter digital synth loops to serve as the song's melodic and chordal cues while Broodlings' 808 percolations give the track a steady, infectious bounce.  

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Download: L-Vis 1990 "Feel The Void feat. Para One & Teki Latex (L-Vis 1990 Street Reprise)"

Label: PMR

"Feel The Void", a track from L-Vis 1990's recent debut full-length, Neon Dreams—you may remember the video from a couple of weeks ago—finds Sound Pellegrino's Teki Latex reciting what sounds like a mantra of sorts, his steady monotone driving the colorful piece along as he repeats, "Feel the void/Take control/Let the darkness take control." Below, you'll find L-Vis 1990's "Street Reprise" of "Feel The Void," an interpretation that's far from the vibrant atmosphere of the original, as the Night Slugs boss sheds some of the neon in favor of a deep, resonating kick and a grittier bassline, giving the track an update worthy of its "street" label. (via URB

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Video Premiere: RBMA World Tour in Sao Paolo

The Red Bull Music Academy is about to kick off the second term of its huge shindig in Madrid, but we haven't forgotten all the cool stuff that took place as part of the RBMA World Tour in the weeks prior to Red Bull officially setting up shop in the Spanish capital. XLR8R has been premiering each chapter of the video series documenting the tour, the latest of which showcases a cross-cultural conversation and collaboration that went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Read more » 

Download: Talk In Colour "Nightshift (Microburst Remix)"

First Listen

Microburst (pictured above) is one of the newest UK producers to appear on our radar, but given what he's done with this rather harmless tune from British indie-pop/electronic hybrid band Talk In Colour, he's definitely got our attention. Unraveling the innocent core of the original, Microburst makes room for deep textures, powerful drums, and skittering percussion, all of which drive his remix while glimpses of Talk In Colour's vocals, harps, and guitar gradually swell along the track's edges.  

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Video: Omar-S "Who's in Key"

So hot right now: music videos based on vintage video games. The latest clip in this vein is the new video for Omar-S' "Who's in Key," a track featuring fellow Detroit veteran Theo Parrish that first appeared on High School Graffiti, the five-track EP he put together for Scion A/V earlier this year. Read more » 

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  • 11/11/2011

Visionquest to Mix 'Fabric 61'

Yes, it's that time again, when Fabric announces the latest edition in its long-running mix series. This time around, the venerable club/label has tapped a clubland dream team of sorts in Visionquest—the combination of Detroit natives Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson, and Shaun Reeves. Read more » 

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  • 11/11/2011

Download: Essáy and Stumbleine "Rhiannon"

Essáy, a self-proclaimed crafter of "emotional" electronic music, has released a number of worthwhile (and mostly free) tunes over the course of 2011, but the collaboration between the German producer and UK resident Stumbleine—another producer who's not afraid to get in touch with his softer side—is perhaps the most emotive offering to come from the Essáy moniker to date. "Rhiannon"—which, yes, does sample the Fleetwood Mac song of the same name—comes close to being worthy of a "chillwave" categorization, yet still somehow eludes it, trimming the superfluous bells and whistles (well, maybe not the bells) that usually define the sun-drenched, bliss-hop vibes of the blogger-friendly genre, and instead focusing the attention on superb production, rich tones, and really rewarding songwriting. That's not to say that the tune doesn't tap into the blissed-out warmth you'd expect from this pairing, just that it comes across in a much more refined package than you might expect, and is much, much better for it. 

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