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New Forms Festival 2011 Wrap-Up

This past weekend, XLR8R attended the annual New Forms Festival in Vancouver, Canada. Here's what we saw... Read more » 

Radio Slave to Release Retrospective Remix Compilation

With a long and varied career that stretches back to 2005, Matt Edwards (a.k.a. Radio Slave, Rekid, and Quiet Village) has built a formidable discography of original material and remixes. It's actually so sizable that Rekids, his label, has decided to compile an unmixed, 22-song, three-disc anthology entitled Works (Remixes 2005-2010). Read more » 

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  • 09/12/2011

Download: Cardopusher "Reinforce"

First Listen
Label: Frijsfo

Fans of Venezuelan-born producer Cardopusher have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. The artist has announced the release of not one, but two upcoming EPs that showcase his constantly evolving sound. Of the two releases, the first one to come out is the Instant Loving EP (artwork above) on Frijsfo. As a teaser, the folks at the UK-based label have sent us "Reinforce," a bonus cut that won't be on the EP. A fine example of his musical evolution, "Reinforce" sees Cardopusher moving away from his tropical past toward a more straightforward bass-music sound that, uniquely, takes cues from '80s electro, rave, and modern boogie. Imagine a snare-led drum pattern combined with a Dam-Funk bassline, FM chimes, and blaring rave stabs, and you've got "Reinforce." Instant Loving is out now, and is available for purchase through Boomkat. Fans of Cardopusher should also take note of his next release, the even more '80s-leaning Goldo State EP—out October 3 on 12" and October 17 digitally—on Iberian Records. Check below the jump for the Goldo State artwork, and click here for a full stream of Goldo State on Iberian's Soundcloud.  Read more » 

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XLR8R x Beatport: Rolando

The Beatport sales charts are often dominated by the latest international club smashes, but its vault of music runs deep and covers a wide variety of artists and sounds, which is why XLR8R has been asked to curate a special two-week series of Beatport charts by some of our favorite DJs and producers. The first one comes from legendary Detroit techno artist and one-time Underground Resistance crew member Rolando, who has put together a list of 10 of his favorite tunes at the moment. Read more » 

B2B: Ital & Magic Touch

Daniel Martin-McCormick and Damon Palermo could both easily be counted among the busiest, hardest-working artists active today. The guys might be best known for their work in the shapeshifting Mi Ami, though Palermo also puts in time drumming for krauty psych outfit Jonas Reinhardt and Martin-McCormick has toyed with experimental noise music as Sex Worker for several years (not to mention his involvement with D.C. post-hardcore band Black Eyes in the early aughts). But after Martin-McCormick's shift in location last year (he's now based in Brooklyn, leaving Palermo in San Francisco), both musicians have found themselves with the opportunity to properly explore a realm of sound they'd previously only flirted with: dance music. Read more » 

Download: Kingthing "Annie's Mac (Cedaa Remix)"

Label: Freshmore

Music may not be a universal language, but it seems as though bass music has a certain ability to cross vast geographic distances and traditional cultural barriers. For instance, take Washington-based producer Cedaa's (pictured above) remix of "Annie's Mac," a new track by UK garage producer Kingthing, which appears on his Cassini EP, out soon on Texas-based label Freshmore. Cedaa strips out the original track's straightforward four-to-the-floor drive and replaces it with a broken, snare-led beat that provides ample room for his deep, wobbly sub-bass tones and cutting '90s synth stabs. The resulting breathing room creates a dynamic and dubby space, resulting in a digitally infused and thoroughly stoned dance cut.  

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Review: Mosca "Done Me Wrong" b/w "Bax"

Label: Numbers

Ever since Mosca crashed into the electronic-music world in early 2010 with his debut single—which just happened to be the first record from Night Slugs and contained our favorite track of last year—a few things have become evident about the London producer. One: he's not particularly prolific, as "Done Me Wrong" b/w "Bax" is only his third single in nearly two years. Two: he's a bit of a shape-shifter, with seemingly every track and remix in his discography delving into a new sound, or tempo, or both. Three: he's incredibly talented. Read more » 

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  • 09/12/2011

Mark E to Release New 12" with Tensnake and Dixon Remixes

Hypnotic and deep, Mark E's "Call Me" is a song with a strange story. First played on his August 2010 Beats in Space mix, the track was one of his most anticipated tracks of last year. Read more » 

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  • 09/12/2011

Download: Alphabets Heaven "KOPS"

First Listen

Earlier this year, UK-based music-sharing website Carbon Logic got together with Brooklyn's Telepathe to collaborate on a brand-new compilation, with songs being selected from the entries for Cycle, a contest on the site seeking user-submitted content. Now, months later, Telepathe have selected 12 of their favorite tracks to see release on a digital comp entitled Carbon Logic Cycle #10, with the winner of the competition, AZitiZ, having her song "Where Is the Love" also released separately on 12". As a teaser for the whole thing, they've slipped us UK producer Alphabets Heaven's track, "KOPS." Functioning as an excursion into leftfield territory, "KOPS" plays like a video game with a 16-bit synth palette punctuated by power-up bloops and a swung-out and broken rhythm. The resulting sound stands somewhere between LA's beat scene and UK grime. "Where is the Love" (which features an Alphabets Heaven remix) comes out September 19, while Carbon Logic Cycle #10 comes out October 3. 

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King Midas Sound to Release Album with Flying Lotus, Nite Jewel, Hype Williams, and More

Fresh off the success of last year's Waiting For You, the London-based dub explorers of King Midas Sound have announced Without You, a brand-new album set for release on Hyperdub. Read more » 

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  • 09/09/2011

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