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Download: Kuhn "Back 'N' Forth (Drop/Dead Alternative Remix)"

Label: Civil

Civil Music, label home to artists such as Starkey, Drums of Death, and Om Unit, will be releasing a new EP from young Brooklyn-based producer Kuhn on November 14. The expansive Slime Beach EP (pictured above) contains four originals and six remixes, including this one by London-based producer Drop/Dead. One of two Drop/Dead reworks on the EP, the track offers an easier listen than the original, swapping out the brooding detuned pads, footwork rhythms, and panned polyrhythmic vocals for a groovier, garage-influenced sound with thumping percussion and even more severely altered vocal snippets. Prior to Slime Beach, Kuhn originally entered the scene with a series of self-released EPs, and has chosen to continue the tradition by offering another free remix EP, We're Gonna Make It, which can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video: Sepalcure "Pencil Pimp"

Brooklyn bass duo Sepalcure isn't taking any chances when it comes to spreading the word about its forthcoming self-titled LP, which is scheduled to drop on November 22 via the Hotflush label. This week saw the release of the "Pencil Pimp" single—perhaps you remember b-side "I'm Alright," which we recently offered for free download—and now Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma have unveiled the "Pencil Pimp" video. Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2011

Egyptrixx to Release New 10" Single

On November 28, Less Music will be releasing a vinyl-only 10" single by Toronto-based beatmaker and Night Slugs affiliate Egyptrixx, with help from visual artists Datdatdat and Seripop, and indie band Ohbijou. Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2011

Download: D/R/U/G/S "Mila"

First Listen

Prior to the release of his new three-track single, "Connected," via Moshi Moshi imprint Tender Age, UK producer D/R/U/G/S has opted to share with us a new track that will not be be on his forthcoming record. "Mila" is an accessible piece of laid-back electropop with a steady four-on-the-floor kick and chopped-up female and male vocal samples that bounce off each other like a skittering call and response. The atmospheric and uplifting track is particularly soothing when the synth glissando periodically settles on its expected harmonic resolution. D/R/UG/S' new single comes out on November 28, but is available now exclusively on vinyl.  

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XLR8R x Beatport: xxxy

Over the past few months, XLR8R has been curating a special set of charts for Beatport. This week's chart comes from Manchester native xxxy, who's currently residing in London and mixing up a propulsive combination of garage and bass rhythms. Here are 10 tunes he's been enjoying as of late, a collection that obviously lists some potent dancefloor weapons but surprisingly also includes a few introspective gems as well.


Five Minutes at Berlin Music Days with Dark Sky

Last week, XLR8R was invited to Berlin to check out Berlin Music Days, a multi-day festival celebrating the city and its rich electronic-music scene. Our complete festival wrap-up is here, but we also found a few minutes to chat with UK outfit Dark Sky, whom you may remember from the excellent podcast the young trio turned in for us last summer. Fresh off a long DJ set, Carlo Anderson, Tom Edwards, and (the rather quiet) Matt Benyayer sat down with us around 4:30 a.m. in the basement of a club and discussed their music, their influences, and their first impressions of Berlin. Read more » 

Download: Unquote "Yellow Warrior (feat. Lung)"

Label: Med School

While "Yellow Warrior" is a solid stand-alone track, Russian producer Unquote (a.k.a. Vsevolod Ermakov) didn't want to create just a collection of singles for his first full-length album. Reverberation Box came out via London imprint Med School in October and contains 15 tracks of moving soundscapes that range from deep dubstep to high-energy drum & bass, all of which flow seamlessly into one another during the hour-long sonic adventure. "Yellow Warrior" blasts off with a rumbling bassline and reaches cruising altitude when the retro-futuristic laser synths mesh with the song's churning low end. The complete tracklist and album artwork for Reverberation Box can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Oneohtrix Point Never Replica

Label: Software

In a recent interview with Altered Zones co-editor Emilie Friedlander, Brooklyn-based musician Daniel Lopatin elaborated on the mindset he was in when selecting the source materials for his latest LP as Oneohtrix Point Never, saying, "[It reveals] that we're not in a perfect system though we want to be. We want to believe that we're efficient and perfect, but things are totally out of control and chaotic, like the way we speak and the way we think." He's referring to the audio recordings of decades-old commercials that he hacked into fragmented gulps, hiccups, exhalations, and various sonic ephemera to weave into his usual glacial drifts of Juno 60 synth tones. These kinds of dismantled phrases do help illuminate elements of the underbelly of collective consciousness, in a sense, but they do something even more important and direct, too. When warped and sequenced into disjointed juxtapositions, they make up a large portion of Oneohtrix Point Never's newest asset and Replica's strongest element: rhythm. Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2011

Watch RBMA Lectures with DOOM, Matías Aguayo, Andrew Weatherall, and More

The Red Bull Music Academy just wrapped up the first term of this year's session in Madrid, and before the cool goings-on of the second term get underway, the folks at RBMA have gone ahead made videos of many of this year's lectures available to the public. These in-depth sessions on the couch include talks with a variety of musical figures, including pioneering hip-hop MC DOOM (above), techno boundary-pusher Matías Aguayo, UK veteran Andrew Weatherall, footwork torchbearers DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, and others. Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2011

Download: Beacon "Zatelite"

British producer Beacon released a free EP via his Facebook page just the other day. The quasi-anonymous musician has been prolific in recent months, the free EP serving as the latest precursor to Beacon's proper debut offering, "Storm Dub." The single, which is set to drop via Sei A and Logan's Seinan Music label, will feature one original track along with remixes from Sei A and Rooflight, and is slated for a December 5 release. Beacon has also shared "Zatelite," a previously unreleased track, as a free download. From the track's crisp percussion and woozy lead melody, it would seem that Beacon is the latest in a growing line of producers toying with shades of UK funky and garage to create music that is both noteworthy and somewhat difficult to classify.  

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