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B2B: Martyn and Modeselektor, Part 4

XLR8R recently set up an extended conversation between Martyn and Modeselektor, as both acts released new full-length albums within the past few weeks. As it turned out, the boys had so much to say that it quickly seemed impossible to significantly cut down the transcript, so we elected to run the discussion more or less in full throughout the week. Read more » 

Download: Clicks & Whistles "Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)"

Label: T&A

You know those times when you're listening to the radio and a hot hip-hop track comes on, only the MC is terrible? You think to yourself, "This beat is so dope, if only I had the instrumental." After listening to this rework of "Neva Get Caught," originally crafted by Southern duo Clicks & Whistles, we're guessing that DC producers Starks & Nacey have definitely encountered this problem. The duo's take on "Neva Get Caught" is a significant departure from the warbling synths and juke-inspired percussion of the original version, instead sounding like the kind of beat someone like Rick Ross or T.I. would rap over. It's a potent offering, one that features thick blasts of low end, rolling drum-machine percussion, a catchy synth melody, and only snippets of actual lyrics. The "Neva Get Caught" b/w "Raw Passion" single (pictured above), which also features remixes from Tittsworth, Deathface, DJ Ayres, Subvader, and Unsub, is out now

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Review: Sahy Uhns An Intolerant Disdain of Underlings

Quick Spin
Label: Proximal

Carl Madison Burgin, who produces under the name Sahy Uhns and runs the LA-based Proximal label, surfaced a bit late in the beat-centric "lazer bass" scene, which is to say we only became familiar with his work and that of his rostermates a couple of years ago. That shouldn't come off as derogatory as it may sound; it's just that genres can live and die within that relatively small amount of time. That said, on his debut LP, An Intolerant Disdain of Underlings, Burgin successfully updates the tried-and-true (but tired, too) "space blap" sound with a bit of extra crunch, aggression, and even some sonic subtleties—making for a more interesting listen than expected. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2011

Richie Hawtin Takes Over the Boiler Room Today

It seems like half the electronic-music world is in the Netherlands this week for the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, including the crew from Boiler Room. The London-based online DJ hub has featured some pretty impressive guests as of late—even Thom Yorke recently rolled though to do a mix—but today's event just might have the biggest "wow" factor of them all, as techno legend Richie Hawtin is heading up a special takeover with some compatriots from his own Minus label. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2011

Download: V.C. "123"

Back in August, we posted the video for "Superfluid," a precursor to the latest release from UK skweee hub Donky Pitch. That EP, the six-track The Trick, is now available, and Donky Pitch has let slip another tune to help spread the word. "123" is an interesting number, as Helsinki-based producer V.C. crafts a smoothed-out, '80s funk-influenced song with low-key percussion. The track lives and dies with its wonky synths, which cooly crest and fall over the course of more than four serene and vaguely psychedelic minutes. 

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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Announces 2011 Lineup

The annual two-day musical blowout known as Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is ready to launch its fourth year this November 11 and 12 with a promising lineup taking over more than five venues in Williamsburg. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2011

Download: Sepalcure "I'm Alright"

Label: Hotflush

While we continue to wait patiently for the debut full-length to drop from Brooklyn genre-jugglers Sepalcure, we're treated to a non-album cut, which is taken from the b-side of Travis Stewart's and Praveen Sharma's forthcoming "Pencil Pimp" single. Before that 12" drops on November 7 via Hotflush, indulge in more of the lush, 2-step-leaning vibes that the duo so deftly craft, courtesy of "I'm Alright," and, if you're in the area, don't miss the debut of Sepalcure's live A/V show on November 10 at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. 

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Video: What's in Ron Trent's Amoeba Bag?

Veteran house-music producer Ron Trent did some shopping recently at the gargantuan Amoeba Music in Hollywood, prompting the staff there to ask him about his browsing as part of the store's ongoing What's in My Bag? series. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2011

Bok Bok and Tom Trago Share Details of Collaborative EP

It was around mid-September when we first heard that French party-starting label Sound Pellegrino had plans to kick off a series of collaborative EPs, and now we've got the finer details of its first match up. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2011

Download: Two Inch Punch "Luv Luv"

Two Inch Punch will get his close-up on October 31 when his debut EP, Love You Up, comes out via PMR, the upstart label that's also home to the likes of Julio Bashmore, L-Vis 1990, Javeon McCarthy, and Jesse Ware. On "Luv Luv," Two Inch Punch offers a soothing brand of dubstep-tinged R&B reminiscent of The Weeknd— albeit a chopped and screwed version—or perhaps James Blake having a vocal-pitching fit. The track was released earlier this year as a limited-edition white label and also features a sample of Groove Theory's classic "Tell Me." It's now available for download below, offering an infectious bit of insight into what's to come this Halloween. 

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