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Download: Vessel "Blowback"

It's only been a few months since we last heard from Bristol bass head Vessel, but the up-and-coming producer seems to have found a new focus for his work, as he presents five tracks of deep, abstract house on his newest EP, Wax Dance (artwork above). Here we have one such cut, "Blowback," which resembles more of a funkified version of Actress or newcomer Patten then it does the considerably more straight-forward tracks of Vessel's Nylon Sunset EP. Not that we're complaining, since the combination of ghostly textures, hyper-compressed drum machines, and chugging low-end heard here is as unexpectedly intriguing as it is listenable. After checking the selection below, you can stream the full Wax Dance EP over on A Future Without's Bandcamp

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Review: Juan Maclean Everybody Get Close

Label: DFA

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a decade since John "Juan" Maclean released "By The Time I Get To Venus." That record marked the one-time punk guitarist’s arrival to dance music, and Maclean’s come a long way since then—now boasting two albums, multiple singles, and a full touring band. It’s safe to say he has been fairly prolific over the years, yet despite his wide output, there’s never been a release that’s compiled the odds and ends of his discography. With the arrival of Everybody Get Close, the producer attempts to do just that and a little more. Comprised of unheard remixes and material from the rare, tour-only Find a Way EP, Everybody Get Close is a scattered compilation that makes up for its lack of cohesion with moments of dancefloor satisfaction. Read more » 

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  • 11/07/2011

Download: Ango "Better For You (5kinandbone5 You Need Me Remix)"

XLR8R readers may remember Ango from our recent write-up of the "Better for You" cut from his brand-new Another City EP. Additionally, the Montreal producer's name is on the tip of many tongues thanks to his collaborative relationships with the likes of Jacques Greene and Salva. Ango's six-track Another City record was released this past Monday via LuckyMe, and has already inspired this (admittedly unofficial) remix of "Better For You" from West Coast producers 5kinandbone5 (pictured above), who just released their Stomp EP via Sinden's Grizzly label. "Better For You" is updated here with a more dance-ready rhythmic structure—pulling the sounds of the original away from R&B and towards something more suited to the current climate of UK bass music.  

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Randomer Preps New EP for Numbers

The Glasgow-based Numbers imprint—responsible for recent releases from the likes of Mosca, Jamie XX, and Redinho—is gearing up for its twentieth release, a new EP from London producer Randomer. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2011

Download: Suzanne Kraft "Fall 2011 Dublab Proton Drive Theme"

If you consider yourself a bonafide electronic music connoisseur, then you've no doubt at some point found yourself tuned into the LA-centric music hub known as Dublab. Since starting up in 1999 as an independent internet radio station, Dublab has flourished into a musical institution—throwing events, curating video and art projects, and, most importantly, bringing forward-thinking, cutting-edge sounds to its listeners 24/7. Now, Dublab is in the beginning stages of it's Fall Proton Drive, a fundraising event that will feature live DJs on the air from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday from now until November 17, at which point the station will embark on a 24-hour "No Sleep Session" for the drive's finale. To help spread the word, the crew has tapped Suzaane Kraft to put together a theme song of sorts; with the tune's new-agey vibes and friendly electro-tribal beat, it's a fine example of the kinds of music Dublab so generously brings to its listeners every day. After giving Kraft's production a listen below, you can head here to listen to the live fundraising broadcast and donate. 

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Check Out Sam Tiba's 'Jersey Club Music' Mixtape

One of Marble Music's latest signees, party-starting DJ/producer and Club Cheval acolyte Sam Tiba (who also just dropped his Black Eyed Weed EP), is dying to introduce to his new favorite dancefloor subgenre, Jersey club music, with his brand-new mixtape, appropriately titled Jersey Club Music Vol. 1. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2011

Planet Mu to Release New Keep Shelly in Athens EP

Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens has apparently signed on to massive UK electronic label Planet Mu for its next release, a four-song EP called Campus Martius. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2011

Download: Drive Me Home "Hook It Up"

Label: Citinite

Burgeoning London producer Drive Me Home has just released a new EP called Fast Life (out on vinyl this week and digitally next week), and has shared this slice of slow-motion electro-funk to help spread the word. "Hook It Up" fits enough rattling snares, reverb-washed claps, and booming bass into the tune's smooth, glowing flow to make this one just as appropriate for a late-night party breakdown as a smoke session at a similar hour. But Drive Me Home is no one-trick pony, and his EP has a variety of funk-dipped electronic offerings to be heard—including some vocal tracks featuring the likes of Olivier Daysoul and Spoek Mathambo, as well as remixes from Machinedrum and Computer Jay, all of which you can hear in the streaming player after the jump.  Read more » 

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Om Unit to Drop New EP Featuring Machinedrum and Ital Tek Remixes

London artist Om Unit unveiled his own Cosmic Bridge label just a few months ago (check that out here), but has apparently continued to keep up with his own production work, as he will soon release a new EP via Civil Music. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2011

Alixander III Announces Debut Solo Release

Alixander III (best known as the "III" of Toronto's Azari and III) has announced plans to step out on his own and issue his solo debut, the Schlamm EP. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2011

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