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Download: Distal "Mamanimal"

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Label: Frite Nite

If you recall from a few weeks back, we shared the news that Salva's Frite Nite imprint was readying a compilation of "tribal-influenced, spacey dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro-funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms" for an early October release (full details can be found here). Now we've gotten our first taste of Surreal Estate (artwork above) in the form of this contribution from Atlanta-based purveyor of futuristic club music Distal. Anchored by a constantly evolving beat of the most intricately skittering nature, "Mamanimal" begins as R&B-infused, half-steppin' house before locking into a ridiculously enticing funked-out synth riff and bursting into absolute space-age club music gold. Mark this one somewhere between the "tribal-influenced" and "spacey dance grooves," with just the right touch of "modern electro-funk." We can't wait to see what the "progressive footwork" and "UK-centric dubstep rhythms" have in store for us when Surreal Estate drops October 4. 

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Review: The Rapture In the Grace of Your Love

Label: DFA

To be frank, no one really expected a new record from The Rapture. It's highly doubtful the band did either. The quintessential NYC dance-punk outfit kept just about silent after the lukewarm reception of 2006's Pieces of the People We Love, seemingly spending their time starting families and running the Throne of Blood record label. And they really didn't need to write another album, either; between Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks and the seminal Echoes, The Rapture's legacy of teaching the indie set that it's okay to dance was already set in stone. However, maybe Pieces wasn't quite the note Luke Jenner, Vito Roccoforte, and Gabriel Andruzzi wanted to end things on, or perhaps the last five years brought about enough life experiences to inspire another album about the intricacies of love and personal relationships. No matter what compelled The Rapture to return to the spotlight with In the Grace of Your Love, the fact remains: this 11-track LP is on par with some of their best work, and is certainly their most mature record to date. Read more » 

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  • 09/06/2011

Download: Slidecamp "Geometer"

First Listen
Label: Glass Air

This mellow slice of moody electronics marks the debut of a new collaborative project between West Coast producers Boreta (of Glitch Mob fame) and Comma, both of which have separately built solid reputations for themselves crafting bass-heavy music that has rarely approached the kind of tranquil sounds displayed on "Geometer." Collectively working under the name Slidecamp, the two have offered up the opening track from their self-titled debut EP, which sees its release today through, of all places, the Glitch Mob-run Glass Air imprint. Amongst the the tune's warm, floating core, there are still traces of the manic beat work one would expect from this partnership, mainly found in the ADD-style programming which places an innumerable amount of clicks and glitches between the track's steady hip-hop beat. Strangely enough, this welcome expansion on the two producers' respective catalogs seems peculiarly aligned with another member of the Glitch Mob crew's past, as we can't help but to hear faint echoes of edIT's Crying Over Pros for No Reason swirling beneath this melodically melancholy outing. 

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Listen to Rustie's 'Songs of the Summer' Mix

We can't help but be a little surprised at how good the taste of NPR has been lately. We've seen artists like Brian Eno and Balam Acab on its website, and now Warp wunderkind Rustie has been tapped to make a mix of some of his favorite summer jams from the current crop of UK producers. Read more » 

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  • 09/02/2011

Gear: Ableton To Release Retro Synths for Free

Good news for broke bedroom producers: Starting today, Ableton, the company behind popular DAW Live 8, has just announced it will temporarily be making Puremagnetik‘s Retro Synths available as a free download. Read more » 

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  • 09/02/2011

Download: Hard Mix "Upkeep"

Label: Sellout!

This buoyant track is ripped from a split 7" (pictured above) that Norwegian imprint Sellout! recently dropped, featuring a single from both South Carolina's Hard Mix and Nordic producer Torkelsen. "Upkeep" is the American's offering, and finds the tunesmith continuing his work with bouncing hip-hop rhythms, layering over them cascading melodies and a load of eclectic samples from who knows where. 

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Video: Joe Goddard "Gabriel"

Hot Chip's Joe Goddard recently dropped a new single, "Gabriel," a joint release from the venerable DFA imprint and his own Greco-Roman label. Now, the sneakily infectious song has a snazzy new video, to boot. Read more » 

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  • 09/02/2011

Download: Burial "Dog Shelter (Essáy's Old Edit)"

Pretty much every rework of a Burial tune comes with a disclaimer like this one: "I know. No one should remix or edit Burial, but I found a beat I made with a friend almost two years ago and I wanted to share this with you guys." And just like Shlohmo's recent stab at recreating the dubstep diety's music, German producer Essáy's edit of the drifty "Dog Shelter" sounds pretty great. So, maybe we should change this whole hands-off approach to Burial's music after all. Just a thought. 

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ZZK Readies Fall European Tour; Listen to a New Mixtape from El Remolón

First Listen

Next week, Argentina's ZZK crew is once again taking its electronic, neo-Latin rhythms to the shores of Europe. As always, ZZK is running with a thick crew, as Tremor, Fauna, Mati Zundel (a.k.a. Lagartijeando), El G, and VJ Mariela Bond are all making the trek, as is El Remolón, who has put together a brand-new mixtape for the occasion. Read more » 

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  • 09/02/2011

XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of August

As you may have noticed, we like to collate the amount of traffic and numbers of downloads the tracks posted on XLR8R generate, and then make a list of the top-ranking tunes from the past month. Sometimes the results are a bit surprising, sometimes they're painfully obvious, sometimes (like this time) they're dominated by one or two hard-working producers, but no matter what, the music is always great. Let's see what you guys were grabbing from our Downloads section this August. Read more » 

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