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Listen to Machinedrum's 'Room(s)' LP Now

Last week, we unveiled our feature on globetrotting producer Travis Stewart and his forthcoming Machinedrum album for Planet Mu, entitled Room(s). Now, thanks to Hype Machine, you can listen to that record before it's released next week. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Listen to Tim Hecker's Exclusive Mix for XLR8R

Many of you tried to access this file yesterday, and of course, it broke the internet. But some kind soul has managed to repost it here for your downloading pleasure. —Ed.

A few months back, when we first got wind of Ravedeath, 1972, the latest LP from XLR8R-featured artist Tim Hecker, we thought: What a brilliant idea it would be to have the Canadian noisemaker share with us a mix of even more glacial and angelic soundscapes—maybe a nice collection of his unreleased or back-catalogued material along with a handful of tracks that resonate within him as an artist. Well, in hindsight, maybe we were a bit naive to think Hecker would turn in the customary assemblage of tracks one figures to hear, as he has instead delivered an extremely long (not exaggerating at all here) mix, which is as unexpected as it is intriguing. Read more » 

Mungolian Jet Set to Drop 'Schlungs' in October

Years after Norwegian psych-disco duo Mungolian Jet Set unleashed its double album, We Gave it All Away...Now We Are Taking it Back, via Smalltown Supersound, we've received word of a follow-up LP. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Grab Cedaa's New 'Dijital' Mix

Pacific Northwest basscase Simon Ho (a.k.a. Cedaa) has been pretty busy as of late. He just dropped his brand-new Jasmin EP on the B.Yrslf Division label, and quickly followed it up by sending out a 40-minute mix, which he is simply calling Dijital. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Dexter Announces New EP on Clone

Clone Records staple and Dutch electro mainstay Dexter just announced that he's got a new EP expected in the coming months on the label. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Podcast 207: Dark Sky

London bass trio Dark Sky first caught our ear last year with a smattering of singles and top-notch remixes—the crew's rework of Kelis' "Brave" is still getting plenty of spins in the XLR8R office—and the momentum has kept building throughout 2011. Read more » 

Download: The Touch "Sermon (Chad Valley Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Kitsune

Stockholm tech-pop outfit The Touch recently dropped an EP via the party-centric French label Kitsune, which comes with this romantic remix from talented UK artist Chad Valley. While the original version of "Sermon" relies heavily on austere minimalism and somber delivery, producer Hugo Manuel injects his take on the song with the trademark summery haze, radio fuzz, and Balearic hooks we've thoroughly enjoyed coming from his own EPs for Cascine. Despite all the blissful dance-pop emanating from this remix, there still remains a shade of quiet sadness that lingers over it all, and somehow makes it that much sweeter. 

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Review: James Blake "Order" b/w "Pan"

Label: Hemlock

In the two years that have passed since Untold's Hemlock imprint debuted the work of the (then referred to as) "South London producer, keyboardist and live vocalist for Mount Kimbie" we've come to know as UK wunderkind James Blake, a lot has happened. With touchstone releases for Hessle Audio and R&S to his name, we've seen Blake go from burgeoning producer of R&B-tinged post-dubstep to bass music innovator, and, with the release of his polarizing debut LP earlier this year, to an indie darling of sorts, tapping a wide range of listeners well beyond the bass music spectrum. Now, we find Blake at an impasse of sorts, returning to the imprint that kicked off his solo career, and one can't help but see a certain narrative taking shape. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Neon Indian Announces Sophomore LP

Like many of you, we thoroughly enjoyed the audio headtrip that is Psychic Chasms, the debut LP by Texan lo-fi electro-pop producer Alan Palomo (a.k.a. Neon Indian). Now, almost two years after its release, we're alerted to the solo artist's impending follow-up, which will be called Era Extraña (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2011

Download: Matthewdavid "Reunited"

Forthcoming on Matthewdavid's Leaving Records label, Swedish Fish is a cassette release that finds Anticon co-founder Odd Nosdam splitting tape with the aforementioned noise maker. While Odd Nosdam's material comes from a live performance the artist did at San Francisco's Swedish American Hall some time ago, Matthewdavid's pieces are bedroom-studio-born drifts of beautifully recycled audio. "Reunited" finishes out the whole release, and is a lush, though heavily compressed composition that flutters and churns with a radiant glow throughout its captivating seven minutes, which is perfectly illustrated in the Miko Revereza-directed video we included after the jump. We'll be able to hear the rest of Swedish Fish when it's made available on July 26. (via Altered Zones)  Read more » 

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