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Mosca, Funkystepz, Dubbel Dutch, and More Featured on Vybz Kartel Remix EP

Following soon after the startling news of his suspected involvement in a murder conspiracy, Jamaican dancehall icon Vybz Kartel will soon release an EP of remixes for his "Half On a Baby" cut from this year's Kingston Story LP. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2011

Download: Renaissance Man "What Do You Do When You Do What You Do (Gingy and Bordello Remix)"

Label: Turbo

We promise the awkward title of Renaissance Man's newest track, "What Do You Do When You Do What You Do" sounds better sung than spoken. Factor in some heavy vocal effects and a hypnotic, bouncing bassline, and the lyrics seem downright genius. The EP of the same name dropped yesterday via Turbo and contains remixes by Matthew Herbert, Sei A, Paul Woolford, and this one by hot Canadian prospects Gingy and Bordello. The Gingy and Bordello version is the most straightforward house track on the EP and offers a significant departure from the loopy techno you can expect on their own forthcoming EP, Body Acid, due out November 14. 

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DVA to Release New Single, Announces Debut LP

Longtime UK funky patron and Rinse FM host DVA announced today that he will drop a new single (pictured above) before the end of the year and his debut full-length in 2012, both via Hyperdub. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2011

Download: Slime "Break Fall"

Label: Tough Love

It's really no surprise any longer when you find out that one of the more interesting up-and-coming producers you're into is still a teenager, but it's not entirely common to come across one with the kind of knack for emotional subtelty that London's Will Archer (a.k.a. Slime) has. Take "Break Fall" from his debut EP, Increases (out now via Tough Love), where Archer pairs half-whispered vocal melodies with softly strummed guitars and sparse synth flourishes for an effect that's both heartwarming and alien. You can hear hints of both James Blake and The xx emanatinge from Slime's music, but we're nonetheless interested in hearing more from the budding artist. 

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Video: High Places "Sophia"

Experimental LA duo High Places released its third studio album, Original Colors, yesterday via the Thrill Jockey label, and with it this video for "Sophia." Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2011

Video Premiere: RBMA World Tour in Detroit

In this particularly technical installment of our video premiere series for Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 2011, the travelling musical extravaganza descends on the Motor City to talk with techno, rock, hip-hop, and soul legends about their culturally vibrant hometown and the sounds its residents have created. Read more » 

Download: Sleep ∞ Over "Romantic Streams (Nguzunguzu Remix)"

In recent weeks, the blogosphere has been alight with praise for Austin's Sleep ∞ Over and the dreamy soundscapes that populate her new album, Forever. Along with the praise has, of course, come a bevy of remixes (see here, here, here, and here), most of them tackling "Casual Diamond" or "Romantic Streams," the two standout tracks from the record. For those growing weary of the same sort of airy remix sound, this may be a better option, as bass-exploring LA duo Nguzunguzu (pictured above) takes Sleep ∞ Over's dreamy synth-pop, pitches up the vocals, strips away the instrumental layers, and adds off-kilter percussion until the song is nearly unrecognizable. [via Dis

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Review: Ben UFO Rinse: 16

Label: Rinse

Simply put, Ben UFO (a.k.a. Ben Thomson) is a DJ. Sure, his rise to prominence during the past few years is tied in part to his role as one of the founders of the consistently impressive Hessle Audio label, but most of the praise sent his way can be traced back to one simple fact: the London-based artist is an impeccable selector. As such, it comes as no surprise that Rinse: 16, his first official mix CD, offers a musical journey of the highest quality. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2011

Video: Ferrer & Hommen "No Difference"

The video for Dennis Ferrer's newest single, "No Difference," is simple and stripped down—much like the track itself—but also compelling and stimulating. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2011

Download: Call Super "Gabrielle"

German producer Call Super, who shared his track "Timora" with us a couple of months back, has updated the classic "Gabriel" from Chicago house legend Roy Davis Jr. His remix keeps the rolling bassline, but tweaks the original's sound into something darker and stranger by pushing the vocals into the background while adding shimmering synthesizers, acid squelches, and more complex percussion. 

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