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Outbox: DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey is more than just a DJ's DJ. He's a legendary life of the party, both in terms of his hard-livin' antics and his impeccable selections and mixing on the 1200s. Read more » 

Justus Köhncke to Release Remix Collection Via Nang

For decades, veteran German producer Justus Köhncke has continued to build an extensive discography of original material, which he's every so often supplemented with remixes for artists from across the board. Now, the UK's Nang label has decided to bring together 11 of those tracks, along with one original production from Köhncke, to create what will be New Masters Series Vol. 3: Justus Köhncke - Fussmaschine. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2011

Download: 13 & God "Its Own Sun (Antonionian Version)"

First Listen
Label: Anticon

Just over a week before 13 & God's sophomore album, Own Your Ghost, (the first since its 2005 self-titled debut) hits the streets, labelmate Antonionian (a.k.a. long time Anticon-associated producer and collaborator Jordan Dalrymple, pictured above) has remixed a track from the forthcoming record. Dalrymple chooses to push the original vocals far to the background, even going so far as to entirely remove the verses from "Its Own Sun" and instead focusing on a tiny, hyperactive beat that jumps and skids as if it's completely ignoring the giant soothing cords that float just behind it. As one can imagine, melody reigns in this version of the tune, bouncing between arpeggiated guitar chords, glistening synths, and a muffled piano before being enveloped by a choir of voices that softly exhale the song's simple, luring progression. Own Your Ghost is set to be released May 17. 

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Check Out an Interview With Scuba in Denmark

Denmark club Culture Box recently offered up a little taste of the history behind the career of Paul Rose (a.k.a. Scuba) and his Hotflush label, with this quick 12-minute interview. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2011

Review: Chrissy Murderbot Women's Studies

Label: Planet Mu

It's really hard to know how to begin to describe Chrissy Murderbot, or his third album, Women's Studies. The Chicago-based artist is a virtual walking encyclopedia of the last 30 years of dance music, but this album is about choice quotes rather than sample overload. On "Under Dress," housey horn stabs from 1986 are paired with slack-talk princess Warrior Queen. "Pelvic Floor" features piano-house chords from 1992 with dancehall MC Rubi Dan riding a fierce flow over top. The music shouldn't make sense, but it totally does.


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  • 05/10/2011

Download: Tommy Tempa "Now or Never (Mau'lin Jagged Refix)"

The young Somethinksounds label continues to gather steam with its latest release, the seven-track The Quixotic EP by the multitalented Tommy Tempa. Using a host of eclectic field recordings and inventive studio tricks, the artist has crafted a seamless piece of experimental dance grooves for his solo offering, one portion of which is reworked here by London producer Mau'lin (pictured above). The spacious original track is torn apart and wrapped collage-style around a blown-out, fractured dance beat that strains against the confines of its digital husk. "Now or Never (Mau'lin Jagged Refix)" provides a much-needed visceral counterpart to the extremely personal musique concrète of Tommy Tempa's handcrafted mini-opus. 

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Grab Ikonika's New Summer Mix

Seemingly out of nowhere, UK bass music staple Ikonika put together a fresh DJ set for the coming summer months, and offered it to the world for free on her Tumblr blog. Read more » 

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  • 05/09/2011

Butterz to Release New P Money & Blacks Single, Compiles Top 50 Grime Mixes

Elijah and Skilliam, the tastemaking DJs behind the notable Butterz label, have made a couple announcements we thought we should share. First and foremost, the imprint will soon be releasing its first ever vocal record (pictured above), courtesy of UK grime MCs P Money & Blacks. Read more » 

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  • 05/09/2011

Video: Battles "Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)"

If there's one succinct way to properly describe the mind-bending hybrid of sound that is Battles' music, it might be "all of everything, all at once." That's at least how it feels sometimes when you're attempting to wrap your brain around the intricately woven polyrhythms, shapeshifting time signatures, and melodic experimentation of the trio's latest tune, "Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)," and this crazy music video for the song follows suit. Read more » 

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  • 05/09/2011

Download: Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross "Blacks (Shlohmo Remix)"

First Listen

Shlohmo has taken this originally midtempo electro-pop tune from Dexter Tortoriello (a.k.a. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross a.k.a. Houses, pictured above) to a darker, more desolate place than we're used to hearing from the SF beat head. Slowing things down to a lazy march, Shlohmo begins his remix with delicate twists of Tortoriello's crooning, turning them into unintelligible, ominous chants that seem to emanate inside an empty hall or a dank underground sewer. Gradually the trademark Shlohmo techniques start to creep in when drawn-out electric piano chords and detailed percussion begin to swell and Tortoriello's original vocals finally take on a more familiar pitch. Building and brewing the elements together in a dark moody swirl, the remixer deftly walks the line between ominous beat cloud and introspective boom-bap with rather impressive results. Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross' Blow EP, where you'll find the original version of "Blacks," is out now, strangely enough on Mad Decent

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