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Catch an Hour-Long Richie Hawtin Documentary

Back around 2006, T-Mobile Germany made this rather comprehensive film on techno giant Richie Hawtin for its Electronic Beats marketing series. Thankfully, the doc is pretty bereft of cell-phone branding junk, and focuses solely on the DJ/producer's rise to fame, from his humble, Canada-by-way-of-Britain beginnings to his current status as the toast of Berlin's techno scene. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Listen to DJ MikeQ's Mix and Read His Interview for Documentary 'Paris Is Burning'

Network Awesome is just one of a few places on the internet where you can find a streamable version of the classic Jennie Livingston film Paris Is Burning (we've got our own right here ), which documents ball culture in New York. But since they're rolling theirs out bit by bit, the Queen of ballroom, DJ MikeQ, has prepared a mix to coincide with their campaign. Read more » 

Podcast 198: Virgo Four

After re-emerging from the Chicago house ether last year with the Rush Hour reissue of its seminal self-titled album from 1989, the duo of Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis (a.k.a. Virgo Four) has seen its music and, perhaps more importantly, its influence, finally given its proper due. Read more » 

Video: Demdike Stare "Violetta"

Nabbed off of The Wire, this music video for Demdike Stare's unreleased "Violetta" was crafted by Jonny Redman, a man who runs a website dedicated to European cult films called LoveLockAndLoad. Quite frankly, we couldn't think of a better suited cinephile to splice together footage to pair with the crate-digging duo's intriguingly esoteric music, as Redman's piece ever so perfectly proves. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Listen to the New LV Album

Next week, London trio LV will be releasing its debut album, Routes, via Blackdown's Keysound Recordings label. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Hyperdub Preps Release From Up-and-Comer Ossie

22-year-old East London funky producer Ossie is poised to drop his second release, entitled Set the Tone, on Hyperdub. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Download: Tokimonsta "Moving Forward"

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lee (a.k.a. Tokimonsta) sent along "Bright Shadows," the first sampling of her new EP on Brainfeeder. To supplment today's release of Creature Dreams, Tokimonsta has offered up another track from the seven-song record, "Moving Forward." Dizzying synths open up the song as swelling atmospheres fill the space behind the chugging percussion. Eventually, a bit-reduced voice enters the fray as the drum patterns take on a more Latin feel. It's clear that Tokimonsta is the kind of artist who's constantly refining and tinkering with her sound, and documenting the process is nearly as enjoyable as simply listening to the music itself. 

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Video: Creep "You (feat. Nina Sky)"

Brooklyn's Creep, the dark-pop duo of Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, just unveiled its latest tune, an R&B-infused slow jam featuring soulful vocals from identical twin sisters Nina Sky. The unlikely musical pairing works surprisingly well on "You," and is bolstered here by a slick and simple music video courtesy of director Thalia Mavros. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Review: Mark E Stone Breaker

You might know Mark E already from the re-edit heyday of the mid-2000s, when he remixed and completely reworked names as big as Diana Ross and Janet Jackson (not to mention the occasional obscure German prog rock band or forgotten pop-R&B outfit) into deep house and nu-disco shapes. After having ploughed those fields for half a decade, Stone Breaker is the foundation of E building something new and completely different: an intense, head-down, relentless edifice of original, modern house music.


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  • 05/17/2011

Grab Flying Lotus' New Stones Throw Podcast

Yesterday, Stones Throw released the latest installment of its podcast series, this time mixed by none other than Flying Lotus. While no tracklisting is available, FlyLo described the mix as "records just found in the Valley." Check out the podcast here, and give your ears something to feast on. Read more » 

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