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Incubate Festival Announces Full Line-Up

Remember when we dropped the news a few months back that XLR8R had been tasked with curating three nights of The Netherlands' Incubate festival? Well, we did, and we're happy to say we've put together a line-up full of top-notch, forward thinking DJs and producers including Theo Parrish, Julio Bashmore, Motor City Drum Ensemble (pictured above) and a whole lot more. Now, with the seven-day festival less than a month away, the full list of Incubate's scheduled acts is finally here. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Champion Readies New EP

Hard-edged UK funky artist Champion, whose low-end heavy, drum-filled productions are often favorably compared with those turned out by people like Roska, Cooly G, and Lil Silva, has a new record on the way, the three-track Lighter EP. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Download: Sun Glitters "Too Much To Lose (Halls Remix)"

The combination of Sun Glitters and Halls seems almost too obvious a pairing, but the two burgeoning producers have in fact joined forces for a new, four-track EP entitled Swan / There (artwork above). This heavenly remix of Sun Glitters' "Too Much To Lose" (the video for which we posted earlier this week) serves as the closing number on said EP, and finds Halls stretching the tune into even more blissed-out territory with a seemingly never ending supply of ghostly pads which float around the song's skittering beat. The collaborative EP also gives Sun Glitters a chance to return the favor with a remix of Halls' "Chakra Drums," alongside one new original track from each artist. You can stream/purchase the whole affair here

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Hyperdub to Release New Funkystepz 12"

Premiere UK funky trio Funkystepz is set to release its next 12", once again via the illustrious Hyperdub. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Magda, Marc Houle, and Troy Pierce Collaborate on 'Down & Out Vol. 1'

A few contemporary techno giants, Magda (who just last week gave us this excellent podcast, and is pictured above), Marc Houle, and Troy Pierce, have joined forces for a three-track record named after their collaborative party series, Down & Out. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Download: Ayshay "WARN-U"

Label: Tri Angle

The Tri Angle imprint is set to take us on yet another intense sonic adventure next month with the debut release of vocal sculptress Ayshay. The Senegalese-born, Kuwait-reared, and now New York-based artist aspires to reconfigure the "sacred" music of her international past, utilizing only her own voice—which does receives its fair share of manipulation and layering. "WARN-U," the title track of Ayshay's forthcoming EP, is a meditative exercise of sorts, one in which she re-pitches her own ghostly vocals up and down the sound spectrum to achieve a chorus of droning tones which seem to move in the kind of intricately methodical pattern that ultimately only makes true sense to its creator. The WARN-U EP, which comes with this tune, two other originals, and a remix from LA production outfit Nguzunguzu, is slated for release September 26. 

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Review: Floorplan Sanctified EP

Label: M-Plant

Though generally more thought of as the pioneering godfather behind minimal techno, Detroit's Robert Hood also has another side. Complementing the lean machine funk of classic albums like Internal Empire and Minimal Nation, Hood released a whole string of minimal-influenced house records under the name of Floorplan. Exposing the funky roots at the heart of the Hood sound, Floorplan—for the most part—eschewed the synthetic in favor of a more organic, sample-based sound. Yet, while the Floorplan side-project was well received, Hood seemingly abandoned the alias in 2002. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Trax Records Celebrates 25 Years with Compilation and Documentary DVD

Arguably one of the most influential house-music labels of all time, Trax has reached its 25th year of existence and is celebrating the occasion with the release of a compilation CD and documentary chronicling the Chicago label's history. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2011

Download: DZA "Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)"

Maybe someday far off in the distant future there will be an intergalactic equivalent to the "booze cruise," where passengers can get drunk and party on board some sort of spaceship contraption while the inner workings of the galaxy unfold outside the ship's windows. But until then, we have the sounds of Salva. The man has an undeniable knack for funky, futuristic sounds, which he puts to good use on this remix, seamlessly weaving plenty of lazery vibes into DZA's stomping ADD dubstep tune, "Zoo Keeper." And, even better, Salva makes sure the whole affair is super smooth, even taking some of the original's more obtrusive elements—like the quasi-turntable scratching "Ahhs"—and throwing them so far into space that they come back polished enough to neatly fit right into his rework. DZA's eight-track Zoo Keeper EP is out now. 

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Download: Jonti "Hornets Nest"

This jangly, lighthearted little ditty might not be the usual kind of tune you'd hear in XLR8R's download feed, but we figured that if Stones Throw is willing to take a step away from their usual hip-hop-centric output, we'd come along for the ride. Plus, we're also into the quasi-Stereolab-meets-"beat scene"-meets-Animal Collective vibes Jonti exudes on "Hornets Nest." Look for more of this when the producer's Twirligig record drops on October 18, and check out a cool mixtape of Jonti's unreleased productions in the meantime, here

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