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How to Dress Well to Release New EP; Hear it Now

The man behind one of last year's most soulful LPs, the strangely gorgeous Love Remains, Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well) will release a new EP called Just Once (pictured above) on July 21 via the Yours Truly-run imprint Love Letters Ink. Read more » 

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  • 06/16/2011

Download: Rogerseventytwo "You Take Me Higher (Brenmar Re-Vision feat. China)"

We're not going to lie. The original version of Rogerseventytwo's "Take Me Higher" basically overloads our "over the top" meter and makes us sympathize—just a bit, of course—with all the people chanting "disco sucks" and gathering en masse to burn records in the late '70s. All that aside, the folks at Fool's Gold were smart enough to enlist one of our favorites for remix duty—R&B-loving NYC producer Brenmar. Just ahead of the release of his new Tasting (Let Me Know) EP on Grizzly next week, he's reformulated "Take Me Higher" into something much more palatable. Most importantly, he's chopped up the vocals into something that resembles 1999 a lot more than 1979, and also dropped the disco instrumentation in favor of snappy drums and a warbling bassline. There's still a hint of cheese left in there, but just enough to coax some ladies onto the dancefloor. The entire "You Take Me Higher" release is available now at Beatport. (via FADER

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Flying Lotus to Tour US With Brainfeeder Crew

Flying Lotus, don of the LA beat scene and father of the Brainfeeder label, will soon take select members of his musical family on the road for a few dates on the East and West Coasts. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

Download: Fedbymachines "First Light"

Label: Warminal

Last month we shared German techno producer Essáy's excellent "Love & Air" from his Distance & Lights EP on Cut, a net label with DFRNT at the helm. Apparently, Essáy is a pretty busy guy these days, as the man recently tipped us to his own net label, simply titled Warminal. Releasing his own dub-techno tunes as well as tracks by kindred spirits, Warminal highlights the kind of dubby electronic sound we've come to associate with Essáy. Enter Dutch producer Fedbymachines, who likes to "explore the moving boundaries between music and just random sound." Giving body to that statement, he's offered up "First Light," a garage-leaning exercise in deep atmospherics that features the kind of crisp percussion and ghostly vocals generally associated with mid-'00s Hyperdub. (Yes, it sounds like Burial.) Give it a download below and be sure to buy the full single on Warminal's Bandcamp

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Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare to Release New Solo EP

One half of Manchester dark-dub duo Demdike Stare (the esoteric vinyl obsessives responsible for this spooky podcast), Miles Whittaker (a.k.a. Mille a.k.a. MLZ) just announced that he will drop a brand-new EP produced under his given name, a four-song offering called Facets. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

Download: Cepia "Algiers"

Minneapolis-based producer Huntley Miller (a.k.a. Cepia) just dropped this one in our inbox, saying not a whole lot more than "Hello" and "Thanks!" Miller's refreshing brevity—not to mention his solid musical background and time spent as a Ghostly-signed artist—lead to a couple of quick mouse clicks, and before we knew it, we were nodding our heads to the angular, steel-drum grooves of "Algiers." It brings to mind a handful of Warp's finest artists, particularly the clattering piano melodies from Aphex Twin's Drukqs and the drifty polyrhythms of early Autechre, but manages to distill those sounds into something fresh and original. It's anyone's guess whether this track is a one-off freebie or part of something larger; we're just glad Cepia shared it with us. 

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Video: Vybz Kartel "Go Go Wine"

"Go Go Wine," Vybz Kartel's ode to stripper gymnastics, has been out for a little over a month now. Riding a red-hot riddim constructed by the inimitable Dre Skull (check out a recent interview he did with Strictly the Best), we just can't get enough of it, which is why were stoked on the release of the official video. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

Gear: Africa Hitech's iPhone Production Tips

It's doubtful that when Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek named their new collaboration Africa Hitech, their production techniques were in some way trying to approximate African technology. Case in point: One of the commonly used pieces of gear on their new record, 93 Million Miles, is actually an iPhone program called iSyn. So we had Spacek tell us a bit about the process, and which other iPhone-compatible software is out there: Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

Download: Myd "Octodip"

Label: Marble

As a young co-founder of the Club Cheval crew, French DJ/producer Myd hasn't released that much material, but what he has released, we've liked. Last year, we shared with you his "Train to Bamako", a playful romp through an imagined African soundscape. Now he's back with the titular track from Octodip, his new EP on Marble. Sharing similarly playful atmospherics as his previous work, "Octodip" takes the rhythm of funky and melds it with a distinctly Gallic club sensibility, complete with pulsing compression, a "funky worm" synth line, and chopped-up vocals that wouldn't sound out of place coming from an ambulance. The Octodip EP is out now. 

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Review: Ada Meine Zarten Pfoten

Label: Pampa

What is it with the standard bearers of minimal techno these days? If it's not Isolee noodling around on his bass, or Wighnomy Brother Robag Wruhme going ambient, it's Ada (a.k.a. Cologne-based producer Michaela Dippel) testing out jazzier waters with finger-picked Spanish guitar. Whatever the case, it's clear that nearly a decade after the great minimal hype, the style required a bit of a makeover... and we're probably just in its foundation stage right now. That said, while it's not an impeccable album, Ada's Meine Zarten Pfoten (German for "my tender paws") does offer some pretty exciting experimentation and a few really great pop songs. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

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