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Download: Arthur Russell "This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Labyrinth Ear Rework)"

Normally we would advise against messing with songs by the legendary Arthur Russell. That being said, London-based duo Labyrinth Ear (pictured above) has tastefully put its own touch to the iconic musician's "This Is How We Walk on the Moon," and we're kind of into it. The electro-pop rework pays homage to the original by maintaining a stripped-back, vocal-driven feel, but also moves along at a faster pace and is adorned with swirling synths and female vocals that trail Russell's own. It all builds toward a washed-out finale that pushes a subby, four-to-the-floor 808 beat, stuttering modulated vocals, and pattering percussion into the forefront. With a rework as on point as this, we'll make sure to keep a look out for what comes next from Labyrinth Ear. 

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Listen to James Blake's New Version of "Give a Man a Rod" Now

One of the earliest labels to release tunes by young musical auteur James Blake, Hessle Audio, just dropped a compilation album comprised of classic jams from its excellent discography, as well as fresh, never-before-heard songs. In addition to the likes of Pearson Sound, Peverelist, Addison Groove, Blawan, Joe, and many others, the aforementioned post-dubstep crooner is featured on 116 & Rising (pictured above), and you can listen to his contribution now. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Ramp Launches New Sublabel, Readies New 12" by Presk

One of the UK's many finely curated electronic music hubs, Ramp, has just announced it will add another sublabel to its stable of imprints. In addition to the already established PTN, Fourth Wave will join the Ramp family with the release of its first record, a two-track 12" by Amsterdam-based producer Presk. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Idle Hands Announces New Single From Szare

Bristol's burgeoning Idle Hands imprint has announced it is set to release the sixth effort in its growing catalog, a new single from Egyptian producer Szare. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Download: Blackbird Blackbird "Euphoria"

First Listen
Label: Old Flame

As far as we can tell, singer/producer Mikey Maramag is still figuring out what his prolific Blackbird Blackbird project sounds like. He's dabbled with sunny, guitar-driven beats, blissed-out chillwave, tweaked hip-hop, and other poignant electronic sounds of all imaginable permutations, and he continues to look for his own particular style on this Four Tet-indebted tune, called "Euphoria." The production exhibits Blackbird Blackbird at his most reserved and mature, favoring low-filtered vocal samples and deep synth melodies over the unbridled exuberance of his usual sound palette. We don't know how the rest of Maramag's new music will compare to this understated effort, but we'll find out when his Erasers LP drops late this summer via Brooklyn's Old Flame label. 

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Listen to the New Cardopusher Album Right Now

Genre-traversing producer Luis Garbàn (a.k.a. Cardopusher) is set to release his full-length album, Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up, on San Francisco/Berlin imprint Tigerbeat6. Read more » 

Gear: Konkreet Labs Performer iPad Music Production Software

At its core, Konkreet Performer (MSRP: $24.99) is a "music control and performance instrument." It's designed around the iPad's multi-touch technology to provide a more hands-on, visual software experience, replacing the standard faders and knobs with touchable, freak-able abstract objects that intuitively control software instruments on your computer. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Robag Wruhme Announces Brief US Tour

Techno veteran Robag Wruhme (a.k.a. one half of the Wighnomy Brothers, Gabor Schablitzki) has announced he has a brief US tour planned for the end of this month. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Download: Essáy "Love & Air"

Label: Cut

This week saw the release of the Distance & Lights EP, a free, two-song offering from the Edinburgh-based Cut imprint, a net label launched earlier this year by dub-techno producer DFRNT, who also oversees the Echodub label. Cut's stated intent is to only put out free music while maintaining the quality of traditional releases, and the Distance & Lights EP doesn't fall short of those aims. Crafted by German producer Essáy, the EP contains a pair of wonderfully laid-back pieces of music that touch on techno without getting anywhere near the dancefloor. In an era where the term "chill" is often equated with lo-fi production techniques and intentionally sloppy construction, a song like "Love & Air" shows that it's still possible to deliver a relaxing vibe within the context of an impeccably assembled song. With its subdued piano melody, whooshing white noise, and keen placement of various field recordings in the background, "Love & Air" is the sort of inviting number that you want to wrap around yourself like a blanket. Give it a listen below and then head over to the Cut Bandcamp page to download the entire release. 

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Bok Bok Set to Release New EP Via Night Slugs

Night Slugs label head Alex Sushon (a.k.a. Bok Bok) is finally ready to drop his long-awaited Night Slugs debut. Read more » 

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