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Actress to Release New Single, Remix 12" via Honest Jon's

If you're at all familiar with the pages of XLR8R, you'll know that we've been huge fans of Actress since the release of Parallel World on UK producer Darren Cunningham’s own Werk Discs label. Now, we can expect his first release for Honest Jon’s since last year's excellent Splazsh LP, a two-track 12" single. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Kastle to Release New EP, Offers New Mixtape

On November 7, San Francisco-via-Pittsburgh bass producer Kastle is coming out with a new EP through the Silverback label. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Horsepower Productions to Release New 12" via Tempa

After unexpectedly reappearing with a new album, Quest for the Sonic Bounty, late last year, and following that up with some salvaged older material on the recently released The Lost Tapes EP, dubstep veterans Horsepower Productions are set to release two more new tracks, "Good Ole Dayz" b/w "Justify" via Tempa on November 14. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Download: Divine Interface "Eventually"

This latest track from Atlanta producer Divine Interface (a.k.a. Drew Briggs) was released yesterday as part of his second EP, You Got My Mind, via the Two Circles imprint. We already supplied the record's opening number, "Fool Me," and this track provides the other bookend to the six-song EP. "Evenutally" is a sparse and somber effort, one full of washed-out sonics and tweaked vocal bits that eschews volume and directness in favor of subtlety and emotion.  

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Video Premiere: Raleigh Moncrief "Cast Out for Days"

Sacramento's Raleigh Moncrief doesn't exactly have the typical XLR8R resume. He's collaborated with drumming virtuoso Zach Hill, performs in Marnie Stern's touring band, and worked as an engineer and co-producer on Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca album. This week, Moncrief released his own debut full-length, Watered Lawn, via the Anticon label, and although "Cast Out for Days" does have some indie-ish leanings that recall the psychedelic stylings of groups like Animal Collective, its warbly low end and woozy synths unexpectedly caught our ear. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Five Minutes at ADE with Frankie Knuckles

While this year's ADE festival had a lot to offer in the way of young, burgeoning talent—check out both parts of our festival wrap-up for proof—it also brought some absolute legends to Amsterdam for the five-day event, including the "Godfather of House," Frankie Knuckles. Amidst DJing two separate showcases on two different nights, and joining in a panel discussion with another electronic-music pioneer, Derrick May, Knuckles found a few minutes to sit down and talk us about where he's been and what he's been up to since reappearing on the scene, and also shared some passionate words on the current state of the US' electronic music scene. Read more » 

Download: Giraffage "Moments"

"Moments," the first track from San Francisco producer and multi-instrumentalist Giraffage's forthcoming full-length album, is a glitchy slice of bedroom dream-pop lushly constructed with layers of samples, sundry instrumentation, and tight percussion. Comfort, his first LP and the follow-up to this year's Pretty Things EP, will continue the hazy romp through looping guitars, 808 thuds and clacks, and diced-up vocals when Giraffage (a.k.a. Charlie Yin) self-releases it on November 17.  

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Review: Space Dimension Controller The Pathway to Tiraquon 6

Label: R&S

If you follow the sci-fi saga outlined in the press materials, Space Dimension Controller is Mr. 8040, an inadvertent time traveller from the 24th century whose reality includes interplanetary warfare, alien invasions, and near-extinction for the human race. Back here on Earth, Space Dimension Controller is also the handle adopted by young Belfast producer Jack Hamill. Regardless of what timeline you choose to follow, recent years have seen a steady stream of cosmic tunes from Space Dimension Controller, songs powered by vintage synths, analog sounds, and a noticeably '80s electro-funk vibe. His latest musical dispatch is The Pathway to Tiraquon 6, an extended EP meant to serve as a prequel to the forthcoming Welcome to Mikrosector-50 LP. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Video: Chromatics "Kill For Love"

Portland-based group Chromatics has a new LP, entitled Kill For Love, due out in January via Italians Do It Better. A video for the album's title track recently saw the light of day, pairing hazy, retro-styled footage of the band performing with the plain, honest vocals of lead singer Ruth Radelet. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2011

Download: Manaré "Pearl (Chaos in the CBD Remix)"

Label: Youngunz

Parisian producer Manaré's extended hiatus is soon to come to a close, with a new EP due out on Halloween via French label Youngunz, which promises three new originals alongside remixes from Chaos in the CBD (newly recruited to the Youngunz roster) and Marble Players, the collaborative production trio-cum-label of Para One, Surkin and Bobmo. To whet appetites for the upcoming release, Youngunz have proffered Chaos in the CBD's remix of the title track. Beginning with the staccato chord progression of the original, the New Zealand-based duo flips the track into the kind of nebulous house music that seems to be so dominant these days—complete with sweeping chords, lilting R&B vocal samples, and a healthy portion of clattering percussion. That's not to say that this is some cheap attempt to cash in on current musical trends, however; though they may be working within an established sound, Chaos in the CBD's take on "Pearl" is certainly danceable, and the stuttering hits of not-quite-UK-funky drum sounds—bringing to mind the crisp rhythms of someone like Jacques Greene—provide excellent contrast to the round, open bass melody that populates the track's low end. To get a sense of what Manaré plans to bring to the table with this new release, be sure to check out the preview video for the Pearl EP, as well. (via Discobelle

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