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Download: Forest Swords "Trust Your Blood (C Powers Remix)"

A couple of months ago, UK imprint No Pain in Pop announced it would be re-releasing the first EP by lo-fi solo artist Forest Swords, Fjree Feather, and use the profits to benefit the Japanese Red Cross. The record is available now, and has been quickly followed by a couple of remixes, including this house-y version of "Trust Your Blood" by multinational producer C Powers. The tunesmith chops up Forest Swords' desolate, dystopian soundscapes, and intertwines those sounds with his booming 808 beats, rave-y synth stabs, and deep bass grooves. Check out the other remix by Holy Strays on No Pain in Pop's SoundCloud, here. 

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Om Unit, Kelpe, Lapalux, Huess, and More on Forthcoming Producers Compilation

German label Project Mooncircle has quite a massive release in the works, a 26-track compilation that focuses solely on Irish and British producers. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

Altered Natives to Release 'Tenement Yard Vol. 2' in September

UK hardware enthusiast, acid-house lover, and Eye4Eye label head Danny Yorke (a.k.a. Altered Natives) has announced the impending release of his new album, Tenement Yard Vol. 2. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

Download: Albert Swarm "Familialities"

First Listen
Label: Ceremony

Let us introduce you to Albert Swarm, the anonymous Finnish-born producer behind the next release for Brooklyn's fledgling Ceremony imprint. His Held EP is a five-song record scheduled to drop on August 23, from which this deeply emotive cut is taken. "Familialities" is full of airy atmospheres, crunchy rhythms, and loose melodies that all ebb and flow with a certain understated grace. At times it reminds us distinctly of the gorgeous new tracks we've heard from Balam Acab lately (like this one and this one), but Albert Swarm is definitely on his own level, working somewhere in between ambient music, beat music, and more classically inspired sounds. 

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Robert Hood to Release New Floorplan 12"

Fans of Robert Hood's Floorplan side-project should be excited to hear that last year's reissue of "Funky Souls" will be followed by a complete resuscitation of the side-project with a wholly new EP titled Sanctified. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

Gear: DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro MIDI Controller

The original MIDI Fighter was a boutique controller that enlisted a 4×4 grid of gloriously punchy arcade buttons to trigger effects, chop samples, and otherwise freak live beats. The MIDI Fighter Pro ($349) is a logical evolution of the idea, adding faders, knobs, and more to the mix. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

Mark Pritchard to Drop 12" With Trim Via Planet Mu

The multi-faceted producer behind Harmonic 313, Africa Hitech, and many other monikers, Mark Pritchard, is set to drop a 12" with grime MC Trim, which will feature two original cuts and an instrumental version of each track. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

Bubblin' Up: DJ QU

Ramon Quezada (a.k.a. DJ QU) lives and breathes house music, even if he's not exactly sure what it is anymore. "House and techno used to be the one thing," he says. "Now, Derrick May is techno and Kerri Chandler is house, but I never saw the difference." As far as he's concerned, if the music can be traced in some way to the deep house that first began to emerge from Chicago in the late '80s, then it's suitable for his record bag. Read more » 

Download: Guti "Lucio El Anarquista (feat. Daniel Melingo)"

Label: Desolat

What's with the South America-Germany connection? Unfortunate historical connections aside, it seems as though many young South American producers have managed to link up with the scene in Germany. Case in point is recent Düsseldorf transplant Guti Podliszewski. Yet, there's something about Guti's story that makes him more intriguing than some of his compatriots, as in his native Argentina, he's known less as a producer of house music and more as the front man for swaggering rock band Jovenes Pordioseros. Since then, Guti has made quite a splash on the house scene with his jazzy and improvisatory take on the genre. With a grip of releases under his belt since 2007, Guti's just dropped Patio de Juegos (album art featured above), his first solo album since assuming the role of dance music producer. As a teaser, he sent over "Lucio El Anarquista (feat. Daniel Melingo)," a tight house track with Latin percussion, a funky Rhodes line, and raspy vocals provided by Argentine tango singer Daniel Melingo. Patio de Juegos is out now on Desolat. 

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Review: Canblaster Totem

Label: Marble

Riding the line between nostalgia and innovation must be an incredibly difficult task for today's electronic dance music producer. The present is a unique situation in which the forward-looking but esoteric sounds of post-dubstep/electro Europe are counterbalanced by the intense nostalgia of chillwave, nu-disco, and the classic house revival. Maybe it's due to this polarity that tracks with balance tend to stand out. One such release is Totem, the latest three-track single from French producer Cédric Steffens (a.k.a. Canblaster) on France's innovative Marble imprint. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2011

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