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Download a Free EP From Arkist

It's far from uncommon to grab loads of free music from the pages of XLR8R, but it's certainly not every day that we get a chance to exclusively offer you a free EP—not to mention one from an exciting artist like Bristol's Arkist. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Download a Free Compilation Featuring Burial, Ikonika, Zomby, SBTRKT, Cooly G, and More

Major corporations have been gradually inching their way into electronic music circles for some time now (e.g. Mountain Dew, Red Bull), but the new collaborative compilation from Adult Swim and Scion A/V just might be one of the best exhibitions of reputable, independent electronic artists ever put forth by huge, non-music-related businesses. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Video Premiere: RBMA World Tour in Berlin

Here, we continue our series of video premieres—each featuring interviews and highlights from the 10 stops of the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 2011—with a transmission from Berlin, Germany. Read more » 

Podcast 217: Pezzner's Decibel Mix

Beginning tomorrow, Seattle officially becomes the center of the electronic-music universe—at least through Sunday night—thanks to the city's annual Decibel Festival, which is once again bringing a dizzying array of talent to the Pacific Northwest. XLR8R will certainly be in attendance—look for updates from the festival in the days ahead—but in the meantime, we've teamed up with the festival organizers and tapped Seattle producer Pezzner to put together an exclusive Decibel mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Download: Tempa T "Next Hype (Mosca Remix)"

In all fairness, this isn't a new remix. According to UK producer Mosca (pictured above), who yesterday offered the track as a free download via Twitter, it was created "back in the day," presumably a few years ago when Tempa T's "Next Hype" was the biggest grime tune on the planet. The original song was noted for its ferocity and anger, and Mosca kept much of that intact while inserting a heavy dose of B-more house and maybe even a bit of ghettotech into the mix. It's rough around the edges and certainly lacks the refinement of his more recent productions, but it's an interesting sonic artifact—one that shows just how far the London beatmaker has come. 

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Check Out Karizma's FACT Mix

The write up for FACT's latest podcast, a one-hour transmission from Baltimore-based house icon Karizma, starts off stating, "You have no idea how long we’ve been trying to get a Karizma mix for," which we can fully empathize with. (Hey, Karizma! Where's our podcast?) Needless to say, we're happy that a mix from the DJ/producer finally landed somewhere. We encourage you to give it a spin. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Download: Hrdvsion "I Can't Exist"

Canadian-born Hrdvsion (a.k.a. Nathan Jonson, who now resides in Berlin) has always been a bit of an oddball producer, but his new I Can't Exist EP finds him applying his musical eccentricities to a more straight-ahead techno template. Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes, the record's title track features a stripped-down beat, rubbery synth notes, and a simple bassline, all of which provide a sturdy framework for the song's warped and pitch-shifted vocals. It's a trippy journey, albeit one worth taking whether your losing it on a crowded dancefloor or weirding out alone in the privacy of your own home. (via Altered Zones

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Download: Korallreven "As Young As Yesterday (Girl Unit Remix)"

Label: Acephale

Swedish duo Korallreven has an album—which is, oddly enough, called An Album—coming out on November 15, but will release its first single, "As Young As Yesterday," this week. Girl Unit's remix of that Balearic-tinged tune arrives on that 12" too, and is paired with a rework from Panda Bear as well as another original track. The glowing synth chords and all around ravey vibes of Girl Unit's version are far and away the most club-friendly sounds to be heard on that record, but still make for a fitting juxtaposition next to Korallreven's deceptively sunny and buoyant pop music. (via Svensk Musik

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Tim Hecker Preps New EP

The man responsible for one of this year's most stunning long-players (not to mention one of our favorite features and easily the longest mix of 2011), Canadian sound alchemist Tim Hecker, has announced he'll drop a new EP on October 10 via Kranky. Read more » 

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  • 09/26/2011

Download: Viadrina "Bodymind"

Label: Discobelle

This booming club production is the title track of the latest digital EP to surface from Swedish net label Discobelle, courtesy of Polish production duo Viadrina. "Bodymind" is one of three tech-house-leaning jams featured on the pair's second record, which is out today. You can listen to the rest of the Bodymind EP after the jump.  Read more » 

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