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Numbers Reissues Classic DJ Pierre Single

Chicago acid-house veteran DJ Pierre can now be counted among the crop of dance music pioneers stepping back into the spotlight, thanks to a solid mix he dropped over on FACT this week and a well-deserved reissue of his 1987 cut produced with Felix Da Housecat as Pierre's Pfantasy Club, "Mystery Girl (Set Me Free)." Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Silkie Embarks on North American Tour

While in the midst of some rather ambitious release plans set for this year (including four two-song singles and his sophomore LP, City Limits Volume 2, for Deep Medi), another name from London's talented pool of dubstep producers, Silkie, is set to hop over the pond and descend on North American audiences for the month of August. Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Strut to Release Factory Records Retrospective

The legend of Factory Records should be known far and wide within the electronic music community, but, without a doubt, a more detailed audio history of the Manchester label is certainly welcome. The people at London's Strut imprint seem to agree, and are prepared to deliver a double-disc compilation featuring a comprehensive collection of Factory's early output. Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Download: Contakt & Mayster "Korak (Matt Shadetek 3Ball NYC Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Dutty Artz

Two of the mixmasters behind the monthly Brooklyn-based and XLR8R-sponsored TURRBOTAX® party, Contakt and Mayster, have a joint EP ready to drop via NYC world-bass hub Dutty Artz on August 23. The four-track release includes two originals, a remix by Doc Daneeka, and this massive effort by Dutty Artz label head Matt Shadetek, who puts his own spin on Mexico's tribal guarachero sound and builds upon the punchy bounce of "Korak" with an extra-large helping of pattering percussion and other tropical sounds. 

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Andy Butler and Jason Kendig Announce New Single

The man behind Hercules and Love Affair, Andy Butler (pictured above), and SF DJ/producer Jason Kendig have announced the follow-up to their original collaboration, last year's vintage-house-inspired ""And I'm (So in Love With You)." Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Endless Flight: Swedish Duo Air France Talks About Its Forthcoming Album and Mounting Expectations

Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt, the 29-year-olds that comprise Swedish pop duo Air France, and I are talking about their fans' mounting anticipation behind the band's forthcoming, as-yet-untitled LP. "I think it's a little bit too late," says Karlsson. Like the momentum from their last gloriously breezy EP, 2008's No Way Down, has died? "Yeah, a little bit," he says. "We will see." Read more » 

Download: Offshore "Pepper"

Label: Big Dada

Big Dada recently released the third EP (and second for the label) from burgeoning London-based producer Offshore. Here we have a track from his new EP, Pacer, which brings together massive bass, menacing percussion, and a sparse, string-like melody for a mechanically driven outing that exists somewhere in the ever-growing regions of bass music. This tune is a little uncharacteristic of Offshore's output to date, which usually finds the Londoner diving into more chord and melody-popluated territory, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to have the focus put on the young man's drum programming for a change. Who knows what evil pieces of machinery inspired, or perhaps were sampled to make, the intensely percussive layers? And are those tuned timpanis we hear firing off in the background? Nice. The Pacer EP is out now, and will be followed by another EP and an eventual LP in early 2012. 

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Review: Seams "Focus Energy" b/w "Motive Order"

Label: Pictures

Shedding the gritty field recordings and much of the textural soundscapes which characterized his well-regarded debut (2010's Tourist EP), Seams returns to the Pictures imprint with two songs sharply focused on the dancefloor. Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Gescom to Drop 'Skull Snap' EP

Mysterious UK IDM pioneers and noted Autechre cohorts Gescom have announced the impending release of their first musical offering since 2007's A1 - D1, the five-track Skull Snap EP. Read more » 

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  • 08/11/2011

Download: Trailer Trash Tracys "Dies In 55"

Label: Double Six

About midway through last year, we profiled the up-and-coming London four-piece Trailer Trash Tracys, who at the time were preparing to release their debut album the following fall. Well, it's been well over a year now and although an LP has yet to surface, we finally have a new slice of gooey, shoegazey goodness in the form of "Dies in 55," which is said to serve as a taste of things to come on the group's—drum roll please—debut full-length for Domino sister-label Double Six. We've got a good while before that release hits the streets (no official date has been set by the label, just a promise of "early 2012"), but we're not complaining, as this cascading piece of blissfully melodic art-pop is enough to hold us over for the time being. (via Pitchfork

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