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Download: HxdB "Mustard (Cure Rerub)"

How can you speculate on the future of something as inherently futuristic as bass music? Since its inception, the subgenre's parallel relationship with new developments in technology has always placed it at the event horizon of the soon to be. Enter Canadian producer HxdB with his upcoming compilation, Future of Bass Volume 1, which features 19 bleeding-edge tracks from the likes of up-and-comers DFRNT, Submerse & Resketch, Cedaa, and HxdB himself. Now, to get you thinking about the future, HxdB has offered up Cure's "Rerub" of his own "Mustard." Built on a blur of undulating synth pads and a funky, snare-led, stop-start rhythm, "Mustard (Cure Rereub)" drops into a deep pocket that suggests the future might not be so elusive after all. Download the cut below and check out the rest of Future of Bass Volume 1 when it drops June 27.  

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Nicolas Jaar to Release Remix EP With Pépé Bradock and Dave Aju

Nicolas Jaar should be no stranger to XLR8R readers. The NYC-based techno producer released Space is Only Noise, his excellent debut LP, back in February, and has been busy running his Clown and Sunset imprint and touring ever since. It's safe to say that fans of Jaar (pictured above) have not been left wanting, as the producer has recently been churning out a string of excellent remixes for artists like Ellen Allien and Matthew Dear. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

R&S to Drop New 12" From The Chain; Listen Now

The more-or-less-infallible R&S imprint just announced its next release, and this time we've got one of the label heads to thank. The Lostwithiel EP comes from the British production duo of Dan Foat (half of R&S' administrative driving force) and Nathan Boddy, collectively known as The Chain (yes—inspired by the Fleetwood Mac tune), and will be released on June 20. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Download: Nyx "Letting Go"

Label: Rebel

Continuing with its recent record label endeavors, Rebel Magazine will launch its first-ever compilation series, called Heretic, which tastefully spans the realms of bass music, beat music, and other club-friendly styles—including sounds from the likes of Clicks & Whistles, Mike Gao, Abel, and more. The culture hub will celebrate the release of its first volume this Friday, May 27, with a party in Silverlake (check out details here), but before that, we bring you an early taste of the featured music with Nyx's "Letting Go." This hot-footed 2-stepper takes its time swelling to full size, and lays down its skittering groove for a while longer before it's through. It's a propulsive cut that begs a few repeat listens if only to hear the infectious "Oh, baby" sample again and again and again. 

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Dâm-Funk Shares New Track With Steve Arrington, Embarks on World Tour

Oddly enough, it's been quite a while since we last heard from the prolific future-funk maestro Dâm-Funk, so we're pleased to see his name pop back up on our radar. It seems the artist has been hard at work on his follow-up to his sizable 2009 debut, Toeachizown. Apparently, he's also spent time working with ex-Slave frontman Steve Arrington on the singer's upcoming album for Stones Throw, Love, Peace, and Funky Beats, which we first heard about last year. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Forthcoming Virgo Four 12" to Feature Caribou and Hunee Remixes

Not long ago, Amsterdam's Rush Hour imprint released an album of unheard tracks from Chicago house progenitors Virgo Four (who are also responsible for one of our latest podcasts), and will soon follow that up with a 12" single for "It's a Crime." Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Listen to Tracks from Bok Bok's New EP on Night Slugs

Next week, Night Slugs boss Bok Bok will finally be releasing an EP on his own label. XLR8R broke down all of the details regarding the Southside EP a couple of weeks back, but now Bok Bok has slid us a pair of tracks to stream here on our website. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

Five Star: People Like Us

Audio-visual collagist/sample plunderer People Like Us (a.k.a. Vicki Bennett) tells us about her favorite types of sound sources Read more » 

Download: Zanshin "You I I You"

Label: Affine

Austrian electronic imprint Affine will release the debut EP by fellow countryman Zanshin, a six-track record of subversively unique compositions called The Humdrum Conundrum. Like on "You I I You," the producer's music contains the hallmarks of many genres currently in vogue: the tenderness of post-dubstep, the energy of club-friendly bass tunes, the dense atmospheres of drifty synth music, and the vocal hooks of futuristic house cuts. Even more impressive is the fact that Zanshin finds a way to spread that array of sounds through an eight-minute track without running out of steam or allowing the composition to grow tiresome. It's certainly a promising start for the young music maker. You can hear the rest of Zanshin's forthcoming release here

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Video: Grimes "Crystal Ball"

In case the litany of posts in recent weeks didn't make it clear, XLR8R is in severe danger of developing a full-blown crush—entirely musical, of course—on Grimes. This new clip for "Crystal Ball" certainly isn't helping matters. Read more » 

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  • 05/26/2011

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