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LOL Boys Give Away Free EP

Though a 36-minute, nine-track record might usually constitute an album for most people, genre-hopping Canadian/Californian production duo LOL Boys calls it an EP, and this time around it's a free one, too. Read more » 

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  • 08/23/2011

Download: The Two.Fifteens "Extra Cheese Slapp"

This is our first time hearing LA production duo The Two.Fifteens, but for a couple of anonymous newcomers with a small number of self-released tunes, they seem to have their identity figured out. We were sent "Extra Cheese Slapp" with the dubious description "what Burial would sound like if he was from South Central," which—even though we don't see the need to drop the B-word—is apt enough. Eerie melodic elements and distant sound effects interplay with a trunk-rattling bassline and slow-bouncing hip-hop beats for a track that certainly begs a repeat or two. You can grab more of the pair's nasty tracks for free, here

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Download: Glasser "Treasury of We (Delorean Remix)"

Two very different members of the True Panther family get together on this remix of Glasser's "Treasury of We" from last year's Ring LP, which is transformed into a sunny, piano-house-indebted tune by the boys of Delorean (pictured above). Needless to say, we love it, and not only because it's a solid, dancefloor-appropriate rework of an already great song—it might as well be a brand-new Delorean track with Glasser on vocals. (via Desparrame

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T. Williams to Release New 12" Via Local Action

For the seventh record set to be released via Local Action, the bass-centric UK label has once again procured the talents of DJ/producer T. Williams, who crafted three instrumental tracks for the 12" (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 08/22/2011

Video: Magic Touch "I Can Feel the Heat"

Fresh off the release of "I Can Feel the Heat," Magic Touch's three-track endeavor for the 100% Silk imprint, comes this video for the record's title track. Read more » 

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  • 08/22/2011

Download: Graphics "Fine Yarn"

First Listen

"Fine Yarn" is a somewhat deceiving title for this dark venture into techno-infused UK bass from up-and-comer Graphics. Showing a flair for rhythm and texture, the young artist carves a methodical path trough rich soundscapes, brooding bass, and trance-inducing drum patterns, resulting in a powerful outing where the vibe floats between meditatively introspective and deeply dance-worthy. Graphics seems poised to propel his name into forward-thinking electronic music circles with a recent GETME! Guest Mix (which touts an impressive tracklist with plenty of his own unreleased tracks which you can peep after the jump) and a handful of forthcoming releases and remixes set to hit the streets in the coming months.  Read more » 

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Listen to the New Samo Sound Boy EP Before It Drops Next Week on Trouble & Bass

LA dancefloor manipulator Samo Sound Boy has a new EP slated to drop next week via NYC bass outpost Trouble & Bass, his first release since January's Heavy Bass Champions of the World Vol. XIII EP. The new record is entitled Shuffle Code, includes a stellar remix from Ikonika, and all four of its tracks can be heard exclusively on XLR8R before the EP is officially released on August 30. Read more » 

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  • 08/22/2011

Tru Thoughts To Release Quantic Retrospective

The adventurous producer and musical troubadour known as Quantic will have his decade-long career given a comprehensive double-disc retrospective next month courtesy of UK imprint Tru Thoughts. Read more » 

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  • 08/22/2011

Download: Semtek "TBC"

Don't be Afraid label head Benjamin Semtek (usually found operating solely under his last name as Semtek) drops the new "Pizza" 12" today and has shared this bonus track to help spread the word. "TBC" finds the Londoner stepping away from his usual techno fair, instead navigating a host of space-age melodies with a slow-moving beat gently bubbling below. The ever-so-slightly off-kilter percussion and slap-bass-reminiscent low end seem to flirt with Dam-Funk-esque future-boogie territory, but Semtek stays true to his roots, leaving the precise techno vibes he's known for deep down in the tune's core. 

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Review: Sun Araw Ancient Romans

Label: Sun Ark / Drag City

Cameron Stallones doesn't do small. Maybe it's just not a part of his musical vernacular, or maybe he doesn't see the point in creating only three and a half minutes of sprawling psychedelia. Regardless, the prolific vibe merchant isn't likely to release a record that isn't massive (at least by today's standards) in both size and concept. The eight-track, 80-minute-long Ancient Romans LP is the latest transmission from the Southern Californian's Sun Araw moniker, and though it may be nearly twice the size of his Off Duty EP—something that doesn't exactly bode well in this age of rampant, ADD-fueled consumption—the room Stallones allots his music is both warranted and beneficial. Read more » 

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  • 08/22/2011

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