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Download: Murphy Jax "Time to Bump"

Label: Turbo

After dropping a couple of head-turning singles on the esteemed Clone imprint, Berlin producer Murphy Jax has now released his first 12" on Canada's Turbo label. The We Dance EP offers four tracks of '80s acid-house and Detroit-techno revivalism, and "Time to Bump" is a prime example. Marrying lush strings with a slightly saucy vocal and some tweaky 303 riffs, Murphy Jax creates a vintage vibe without sounding trite or hackneyed. This is the sort of tune that can tide you over until that Azari & III full-length comes out later in the summer. The We Dance EP is available now. 

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Ricardo Villalobos Talks About His New ECM Project

Today, FACT posted a comprehensive interview with the minimal giant, Ricardo Villalobos, about his new project with Max Loderbauer in which the pair remixes classics from the traditionally untraditional ECM label. Apparently, the Chilean producer/DJ has long been a fan of ECM's out-jazz and experimental recordings, purchasing his first at age 15, and with the release of Re:ECM, it's about to come full circle. Read more » 

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  • 06/27/2011

Video Premiere: Anika "No One's There"

Although XLR8R's fare usually consists of experimental electronic sounds and next-shit dance music, we've long had a love affair with the late-'70s/early-'80s post-punk and no-wave scenes, too. This throwback from Geoff Barrow protege Anika, "No One's There," from her recently released self-titled debut on Stones Throw/Invada, perfectly fits that bill, as the singer (along with Portishead producer Barrow) combines Delta 5-meets-Nico-style vocals and rude-boy dub rhythms for something that's as joyously energizing as it is nostalgic. Read more » 

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  • 06/27/2011

Download: HTRK "Eat Yr Heart"

Label: Ghostly

If we were cheeseball music industry marketing people, we might say that Australian trio HTRK sounded like a screwed version of Suicide fronted by Nico and produced by James Lavelle. Thankfully, we're smart enough to realize that those sorts of comparisons are completely idiotic. HTRK makes gritty electronic pop that is simultaneously dirgey and dreamy, and "Eat Yr Heart" finds Jonnine Standish's detached vocals floating over the band's lurching electronics and eerie synths. Sadly, the group lost founding member and bass player Sean Stewart to suicide last year, but the remaining members elected to complete and release new album Work (work, work) anyways. The LP is slated to drop on September 6, and the artwork and complete tracklist can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Listen to a New Track From Motor City Drum Ensemble

With only a matter of days left before the latest installment of the renowned DJ-Kicks series is unleashed on the world, the German producer/DJ behind the forthcoming mix, Danilo Plessow (a.k.a Motor City Drum Ensemble) has offered up his sole original contribution to the effort for your streaming pleasure. Read more » 

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  • 06/27/2011

Download: Blacktee "Plasmid"

It's pretty safe to say that Blacktee is one of those producers who is absolutely obsessed with the sounds of the future. For instance, take this cut from his newly released EP, Tek Yu Time, which serves as the first offering from the freshly minted No Stranger to Danger imprint (run by the folks over at the Can of Thought blog). "Plasmid" is just dripping with a dazzling array of sonics sure to please any lazer-sound fiend—there's the whirling opening seconds full of buzzing pads and distant celestial melodies, and then there's the ever-evolving arpeggiator which dips, dives, and modulates at every turn. But before you write the Romanian producer off as just another spacey beat head, listen closely as he takes us for a few unexpected twists with "Plasmid," even touching down in a tastefully triumphant build-up before unleashing his heavy, skittering beat to its full effect. 

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Grab a New Mix From Van Rivers

You may know him best as the occasional producer of indie greats like Blonde Redhead and Glasser (alongside partner The Subliminal Kid), but Van Rivers (a.k.a. Henrik von Sivers, picture above right) is also a techno and house producer and DJ to be reckoned with. Read more » 

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  • 06/27/2011

Watch Our Exclusive Interview With Moby Discussing the Influence of Mute Records

XLR8R recently took a trip abroad to take in the festivities that comprised Mute Records' Short Circuit Festival. Read more » 

Download: Steve Mason "Lost and Found (Hyetal Remix)"

Label: Domino

In preparation for the forthcoming release (July 25 digital and August 2 physical) of Ghosts Outside—a collaborative effort between former Beta Band member turned solo artist Steve Mason and Dennis Bovell which reinterprets Mason's Boys Outside LP from last year—album cut "Lost and Found" has been handed to Bristol producer (and recent XLR8R featuree) Hyetal (pictured above) for a reworking. Giving the original tune a welcome jolt of energy, Hyetal uses Mason's introspective lyrics as a guide for his onslaught of harrowing synth work to follow. In step with what we've come to expect from the burgeoning producer, there is a dark, mysterious undercurrent to this remix which adds a thick element of suspense, especially when paired with the fact that a beat never fully kicks in, the track instead building pattern upon pattern before methodically breaking back down to its simplest elements. (via FACT

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Review: Mount Kimbie Carbonated EP

Label: Hotflush

Maybe its only because of the relatively truncated period in which the post-dubstep poster boys of Mount Kimbie released their debut and sophomore EPs, Maybes and Sketch on Glass, followed by last year’s defining Crooks and Lovers LP, but it oddly feels like new material from the duo is a little overdue. Read more » 

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  • 06/27/2011

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