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Matthew Dear, Ford & Lopatin, Tangerine Dream, Battles to play Moogfest 2011

Moogfest is coming: The three-day celebration of the "father of the synthesizer," Robert Moog, has just announced its initial lineup. Not content to merely meet the expectations of revelers who basked in the glow of last year's festivities, this year Moogfest has gone beyond the call of duty to once again assemble a roster of exemplary artists that include the likes of Matthew Dear (pictured above), Ford & Lopatin, Gold Panda, and Battles. Read more » 

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  • 06/03/2011

Download: Aera "Monte Sacro"

By all accounts, Peru-based German house producer Aera (a.k.a. Ralf Schmidt) has been pretty busy in the past year. From creating his own tunes to dropping floor-rocking remixes, the Aleph Music label boss is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with. Now, he's just released The Third Wave, his brand-new EP, and to get you excited about it, he's put on offer "Monte Sacro," a choice house cut of the finest order. Featuring an almost narrative-like flow, the track gradually builds from the faint murmurings of a distant and muted Soft Cell-like bass into an explosion of synthesized color. 

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DJ Heidi to Release New Compilation on Get Physical

With such a dizzying array of achievements, it's pretty hard to keep up with Heidi Van Den Amstel (a.k.a. DJ Heidi). The BBC Radio One personality and Get Physical affiliate has kept up a constant presence on the world stage with her taste-making radio show and her trans-European Jackathon parties. Read more » 

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  • 06/03/2011

Casual Fridays: North Face Be Trippin'!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: Blithe Field "Illuminating Moments"

Label: Waaga

Here's another track from the debut LP by 19-year-old tunesmith Blithe Field, a soft and summery production called "Illuminating Moments." Like the previously heard "Crushing" track, this cut employs both live instrumentation and washed-out electronic sounds to create its lighthearted, homespun mood. A few different guitar licks and a simple bassline more or less carry "Illuminating Moments," allowing Blithe Field to slip his tweaked vocal hooks and other samples into and out of the mix at will, without ever disrupting the flow. You can hear how the rest of the artist's Two Hearted album shapes up when it drops on June 28. 

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Mala Preps Deep Medi Summer Releases, Does Short US Stint in June

It's no wonder our latest podcast from dubstep icon Mala took a massive effort for us to wrangle—the legendary DJ/producer is about as busy as can be. Read more » 

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  • 06/03/2011

Download: Hyetal "Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)"

"Phoenix" has proven a rather useful template for Bristol-based producer Hyetal. With its nostalgic, gated-snare shuffle and warm analog stabs, there was a lot to like about it, and elements of the 2010 single have popped up in a lot of his recent work, not the least of which was "Beach Scene," one of the other stand-out tracks from Broadcast, his recent album on Black Acre. Now, Mancunian producer and fellow Black Acre labelmate Fantastic Mr. Fox goes back to the source for a remix, and playing freely with the song's genetics, he creates a snappy and cheerful track that hardly references the throwback appeal of the original. Instead, the "Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix" throws in cheeky cut-up synth tones and a cutesy chime melody for a fun take on a contemporary favorite. (via Pitchfork

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Rinse to Release New Roska EP

It was just last week that we found out UK funky kingpin Roska would man the decks on Rinse's next mix album, and now we've received word that the DJ/producer will also soon release a proper record next month. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Listen to a Track From the New Hudson Mohawke EP

He wowed us with Butter in 2009, and now he's about to do it again as Hudson Mohawke (the UK beatmaker known to his mam as Ross Birchard) just announced he'll be releasing a new EP on Warp, entitled Satin Panthers, on August 2. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Download: Ghost Feet "Bog"

Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Ghost Feet is a pair of musicmakers who have come together under the banner of handmade electronics and cinematic soundscapes. The duo's debut EP, Wires and Chords, was just unveiled via Portland's Dropping Gems imprint, and is currently available as a free download or limited-edition cassette tape. Here, we have one of the four original tracks available on that release, possibly its most understated. Ghost Feet coalesces spacious field recordings, lilting synth tones, reverb-soaked guitar plucks, and crunchy rhythms into the tarnished shimmer that is "Bog"—always looking toward the stars, though never quite reaching them. If the wide scope of Mogwai's melodies and the intimate sounds of Morr Music's alumni appeal to your ears, we'd suggest you snag the Wires and Chords EP. 

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