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BBE and Mr. Peabody Records Ready Compilation of Rare Dance Tracks From Chicago and Beyond

Connoisseurs of forgotten dance music treasures will be happy to hear that London's BBE imprint has teamed up with the good folks at Chicago's Mr. Peabody Records (pictured above) to present a double-disc comp of lost and/or untapped gems from past Chicago and Chicago-influenced disco and boogie artists. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

Regal Safari Offers Debut EP for Free

Brighton-based up-and-comers Regal Safari have gone ahead and made their tender six-song debut EP available for free download. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

Download: Capac "See the Young (Buffalo Tide Valve Edit)"

Here we have a meeting of the minds between a handful of emerging UK artists with up-and-comer Buffalo Tide (of the half-London, half-Brighton-based BLBX collective) taking on a track from Liverpool purveyors of soulful dubstep (and the derivatives thereof) Capac (pictured above). Whereas the original "See the Young" is a more propulsive undertaking, Buffalo Tide considerably tones down the momentum of the tune in favor of spinning it into a well-paced, even-tempered outing. Characterized by momentary washes of noise and vocal glitches, along with a slew of melodious arpeggiators, the remix floats gingerly along with the aimlessness of an ambient synthscape anchored down by an array of steady, hypnotic drum patterns. 

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Video: Grown Folk "Droptop"

Here at XLR8R, we're glad to see that—for the most part—the makers of music videos no longer feel the need to weave some pointless narrative into every song, because sometimes we just want to watch some cool shit go down while listening to a good track. Such is the case with this video put together by Skunch for "Droptop," the title track from Canadian duo Grown Folk' newest EP for the Silverback imprint. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

Download: Obey City "Snickers"

Obey City's debut EP, Melted Magic (artwork above), saw its release last week via the Brooklyn beatsmith's own blog/imprint, Astro Nautico, and here we have one of its standout tracks, a smooth piece of future-bass work called "Snickers." Beginning with a few choice chords and some unassuming percussion, "Snickers" gradually rolls into an intoxicating rhythm, pushing forward while flashes of hand percussion and sparkling bell sounds appear at its edges. The hypnotic beat eventually finds its way to heavier drum sounds, with an array of snares and claps (and some deliciously pitched rolls) taking this one into summer party vibes territory. This tune, along with the three others found on Melted Magic, can be had for free over on the project's Bandcamp, and a video for "Snickers," full of psychedelic images and chopped footage, can be found here

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Review: Martyn "Masks" b/w "Viper"

Although the full extent of his latest transformation won't be revealed until Martyn's Ghost People album is released in October, the "Masks" b/w "Viper" single does provide an interesting glimpse into the shape-shifting Dutchman's current musical inclinations. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

Matthewdavid, Devonwho, Sahy Uhns, and More Featured on Proximal Mixtape

Up-and-coming SoCal label Proximal just shared a brand-new compilation, a sizable mixtape called Beat Stew Vol. 3. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

Download: Sleep ∞ Over "Romantic Streams"

Austin, TX-based solo artist Stefanie Franciotti (a.k.a. Sleep ∞ Over) continues to blow us away with the latest tune to surface from her forthcoming Forever LP. Before Hippos in Tanks drops that record, we can indulge in the spectral beauty of Franciotti's shadowy pop inclinations, which is showcased in full effect on "Romance Streams." Sleep ∞ Over surrounds her blown-out drum beats and thick bass tones with starlit synth melodies, angelic coos, and a thick layer of warbling tape hiss to give her new single a distinct otherworldly vibe throughout; it's like a lullaby from a place without daytime. Needless to say, we're excited to hear the rest of Forever when it's released on September 27. 

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Gear: Moog Announces Free Controller Plug-In For MIDI MuRF

If you consider yourself to be a true Moog nerd, we suggest you read this one while no one is around because you might come upon an uncontrollable urge to shriek or start involuntarily salivating, as the legendary Asheville-based company has announced the release of a free controller plug-in to use with its MF-105M MIDI MuRF pedal. Read more » 

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  • 07/29/2011

Video: Machinedrum "GBYE"

One of the more hyperactive tunes from Machinedrum's just-released Room(s) LP for Planet Mu, "GBYE," is paired with some colorful, fast-paced imagery for this music video. Read more » 

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  • 07/29/2011

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