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Download: Boddika "Spray"

One half of recently featured UK duo Instra:mental, Al Bleek (a.k.a. Boddika), unleashed this MP3 download from his increasingly prolific solo moniker. At a charging pace from the onset, "Spray" feels like its on the edge of some great discovery with an array of blistering arps and a relentlessly pounding four-on-the-floor beat. The production is along the lines of what we've come to expect from the likes of both Instra:mental and Boddika as of late, utilizing sharp, detailed sounds while maintaining a raw, rugged feel via the irregular glimpses of overdriven distortion and distant, blurry pops and hisses. The song maintains this adrenaline-rushed voyage for a little over two minutes before climaxing into a melodic breakdown in which a chorus of bells struggle to peek through the vast layers of remaining synths. Abruptly ending with the sound of the finally defeated bells, "Spray" is a nice slice of work, adding dark, futuristic techno to the already genre-filled list of production styles Bleek and his projects are capable of doing well. 

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Video Premiere: The Miracles Club "Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-Vision)"

Portland vintage-house ensemble The Miracles Club just released a 12" of remixes for its first single from over a year ago, "Light of Love," which includes a solid rework by Cut Copy, among others. Oddly enough, Honey Owens and Co. decided to put together a music video for that remix, and XLR8R has the pleasure of premiering it today. Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Download: Dauwd "Could it Be"

Another artist recently inducted to the ever-growing Pictures Music roster is Liverpool's Dauwd, who just shared a two-track digital single before his first EP drops in a few months. "Could it Be" is the most upbeat of the pair, and exhibits the producer's washed-out style of heartfelt bass music. Evoking the likes of Four Tet and Joy Orbison, Dauwd employs a host of unique synth tones for his soulful melodies, a thick bath of warbling ambiance for his otherworldly moods, and a tasteful bassline to groove along with his bouncing dance beat. Especailly when paired with pitched-down vocal samples, those sounds may not seem terribly novel, but the English artist has a subtle way of making them very much is own. You can also grab the b-side to "Could it Be"—the mellower "Shimmer"—for free, over here

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Download Dan Curtin's Detroit-Inspired Mix

Detroit's Movement Festival is just around the corner, and in anticipation of their Mobilee Loves Detroit after-party, Anja Schneider's Mobilee label has just offered up a Detroit-inspired mix from US expat (and current Berliner) Dan Curtin. Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Download: HaHaHa "Ape Escape"

Glaswegian house producer Frazier Graham is presumably a man of many hats. The guy hits the skins for indie band Vendor Defender, records proggy avant-synth pieces as Alpine Ski Champion, and now he's making quirky house tunes as HaHaHa. With one EP already under his belt and another on the way, he sent us a teaser of his forthcoming output in the form of "Ape Escape." Sharing the playful nature of its name, the tune is a shuffling mix of mischievous stabs and chunky synth bass.  

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Video: Brenmar "Taking it Down"

Our very first taste of the debut EP by Brooklyn DJ/producer Brenmar, At It Again, was the bouncing, Marques Houston-sampling "Taking it Down," which is also apparently the first of his tracks to get an official music video. Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Gear: Blue Microphones' Yeti Pro

A higher-end sibling to Blue's standard-issue Yeti, the USB Yeti Pro's (MSRP: $249) most significant bullet point is adding 24-bit recording to the equation. Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Guest Reviews: Rick Wilhite

Techno holds in the top spot in Detroit's fabled dance-music history, but Rick Wilhite has been holding down the house end of the equation for more than two decades. Read more » 

Video: James Blake "Lindisfarne"

James Blake has teamed up with director Martin de Thurah to create a video for Blake's track "Lindisfarne." Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Download: Migrant "Limbic Sistim"

First Listen
Label: Iberian

The seventh release set to drop from upstart dance imprint Iberian (named appropriately for its owners' Spanish and Portuguese homebases) is a three-track 12" by label co-founder Migrant, called the Exit Plan EP. That record precedes a forthcoming full-length album of the same name (release date TBA), also from which all three of the featured tracks are taken. As heard on "Limbic Sistim," Migrant's music is an especially booming brand of UK funky-slanted house that boasts non-stop dancefloor grooves, massive sub-bass tones, and a deft application of micro-samples—all reminding us a bit of Bassment Jaxx, or even Warp producer Clark when he's trying his hand at more straightforward beats. You can stream the rest of the Exit Plan EP before it's released on June 27, here

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