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Robag Wruhme Announces Brief US Tour

Techno veteran Robag Wruhme (a.k.a. one half of the Wighnomy Brothers, Gabor Schablitzki) has announced he has a brief US tour planned for the end of this month. Read more » 

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  • 05/12/2011

Download: Essáy "Love & Air"

Label: Cut

This week saw the release of the Distance & Lights EP, a free, two-song offering from the Edinburgh-based Cut imprint, a net label launched earlier this year by dub-techno producer DFRNT, who also oversees the Echodub label. Cut's stated intent is to only put out free music while maintaining the quality of traditional releases, and the Distance & Lights EP doesn't fall short of those aims. Crafted by German producer Essáy, the EP contains a pair of wonderfully laid-back pieces of music that touch on techno without getting anywhere near the dancefloor. In an era where the term "chill" is often equated with lo-fi production techniques and intentionally sloppy construction, a song like "Love & Air" shows that it's still possible to deliver a relaxing vibe within the context of an impeccably assembled song. With its subdued piano melody, whooshing white noise, and keen placement of various field recordings in the background, "Love & Air" is the sort of inviting number that you want to wrap around yourself like a blanket. Give it a listen below and then head over to the Cut Bandcamp page to download the entire release. 

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Bok Bok Set to Release New EP Via Night Slugs

Night Slugs label head Alex Sushon (a.k.a. Bok Bok) is finally ready to drop his long-awaited Night Slugs debut. Read more » 

Breach and T. Williams to Release EP on PTN

UK funky/house stalwarts Ben Westbeech (a.k.a. Breach, pictured above) and Tesfa Williams (a.k.a. T. Williams) have teamed up to produce PTN's latest release. Read more » 

Download: Solar Bears "Dream Valley (Young Montana? Remix)"

Here, Solar Bears and Young Montana? (pictured above), two oddly similar artists from across the pond (Ireland and England, to be exact), mash together their shared love of shimmering melodies, intricate aural textures, and inventive rhythmic work on this remix that effectively highlights all three areas of interest. The young English producer (who, incidentally, just dropped his debut LP, Limerance, via Alpha Pup) applies a few herky-jerky beats and some woozy synth tones to the thick, crackling atmospheres of the Dublin duo's "Dream Valley," which altogether yields a sound that floats somewhere in the company of Warp roster favorites like Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, and Bibio. "Dream Valley (Young Montana? Remix)" is upbeat yet languid, clear-eyed yet psychedelic, fresh yet familiar, and, most importantly, highly enjoyable. We certainly wouldn't mind more of these remixes from the pair in the future. 

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Download: The Miracles Club "Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-Vision)"

Label: Cutters

From a forthcoming remix record for the slow-burning "Light of Love" by Portland vintage-house ensemble The Miracles Club, which will drop next week via Cut Copy's own Cutters imprint, this fresh version of the 2010 jam was crafted by the aforementioned Australian dance-pop band as the release's opening track. The first three quarters of "Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-Vision)" sounds more or less like a pumped up version of the original track, but once the dense, shimmering wash of synth melodies starts to dissipate towards the end, you can make out the subtle percussion rhythms and basslines that Cut Copy added into its mix. Even still, the whole remix remains equally reminiscent of each outfit's classically inspired approach to buoyant dance music. You can check out more info on the forthcoming 12" over on the Cutters website, here. (via Pitchfork

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XLR8R's Top Five Favorite Gang Gang Dance Tunes

After having spent the past few months digesting the wild psychedelia of the latest full-length LP by Brooklyn art-rock ensemble Gang Gang Dance, the awe-inspiring Eye Contact, and after XLR8R scribe Walter Wasacz delved deeper into the band's background for this lovely feature article, we've decided to take a trip back into Gang Gang Dance's earlier work, and make a list of our top five favorite tunes from those past albums. Read more » 

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  • 05/11/2011

Gear: Arturia and Bob Moog Foundation Announce Dr. Bob's Collector Pack

Makers of a wide variety of musical gear, but perhaps best known for its extensive software emulations of classic synthesizers, Arturia, have teamed up with the Bob Moog Foundation to create a multimedia box set in Dr. Moog's (pictured above) honor called Dr. Bob's Collector Pack. Read more » 

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  • 05/11/2011

Download: Jacques Greene "Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Uno

The New York-based label UNO definitely hit the ground running with the release of its brilliantly spaced-out and disco-fied debut single, "Future," by Eddie Mars. Staying strong, UNO is back with another heavy hitter, "Lay It Down," the US label debut of Montreal-based sensation Jacques Greene. As a way of whetting our appetites, we've been slipped the Nacho Lovers remix to share with you. Nacho Lovers tastefully retain the acid bassline and overall vibe of the original track while still giving the song their trademark deep treatment. The rhythmic emphasis is shifted from snare to kick, a full-stop organ is added to the mix, and completing the transformation is a synthesized sax riff ripped wholesale from 1992. "Lay It Down" is out next week, so give the remix a listen now and be sure to pick up the single when it becomes available from your favorite retailer. 

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Guest Reviews: Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg doesn't exactly win originality points for being a German techno producer with a penchant for lush melodies and an impeccable attention to detail, but his unabashed love for ornithology and time spent working as a German national park ranger certainly sets him apart from the crowd. Eulberg's been melding techno with nature sounds since 2003, an effort that continues on his latest full-length, Diorama, on Traum. Each song on Diorama was inspired by a different natural wonder, a unique list that includes water, ants, and glow worms. When he's not making music or exploring the wilderness, Eulberg also maintains a busy DJ schedule, so we asked him to tell us about some of his favorite tunes at the moment. Read more » 

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