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Download: Kate Simko "Mind On You"

Preceded by many years of impressive singles and EPs, former Spectral regular Kate Simko has finally released her debut LP, Lights Out (digitally at least, the physical goods won't arrive until next month), and has elected to share the album's lead single, "Mind On You." A fact we hipped you to back in our review of Simko's album was that her time spent in Buenos Aires served as a great source of inspiration for this newest release, evidence of which can be found all over "Mind On You." Of course, there are the obvious elements that point clearly to South America, such as the use of hand drums and bouncing percussion, but the more poignant—albeit somewhat subtle—aspect that really feels like Buenos Aires is the uncanny warmth Simko has managed to infuse into her traditionally dark and exact techno stylings. For now, we'll have to savor the heat from this track and its album's couterparts and wait to see if this new-found inspiration comes to characterize Simko's work or just serves as a touchstone in the time-tested producer's career.  

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Todd Terje, Luomo, Raime, and More to Play TodaysArt

As we wait for September to bring us the seventh annual TodaysArt festival in The Hague and Brussels, the folks behind the art and music celebration saw fit to share with us the first wave of acts confirmed to perform. Read more » 

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  • 06/23/2011

DJ Diamond Readies New LP for Planet Mu

Another budding talent from Chicago's juke/footwork scene is set to release an album on what is arguably the highest profile label to be pushing the genre right now, Planet Mu. Read more » 

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  • 06/23/2011

Download: Disclosure "I Love...That You Know (Colo Remix)"

We've already gone ahead and posted the two tracks ("Carnival" and "I Love...That You Know") found on Transparent's recently released 7" from the young London duo of brothers Disclosure, so why not a remix as well? It doesn't hurt that this particular rework comes courtesy of another up-and-coming UK duo, Colo (pictured above), which effectively massages the super-smooth skitterings of the original tune into a mellow, beat-friendly slice of moderate bliss complete with hissy samples and dusty percussion. Fortunately, the pair also have the common sense to keep the deliciously chopped-up R&B hooks from Discloure's song basically intact, as it would be hard to imagine how any version of "I Love...That You Know" could be complete without them. 

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James Blake Preps New 12" for Hemlock

The story of James Blake is a considerably fabled one given how relatively short his career has been so far. And with a string of heralded releases for some of the most forward-thinking labels today to his name, Blake is set to return with two new tracks which appear to move away from the work of his polarizing debut LP and find him once again mining heavy, bass-laden productions. Read more » 

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  • 06/23/2011

Download: Alias "Wanna Let It Go"

Label: Anticon

One of the original indie hip-hoppers from the early days of Anticon, Alias, has announced the release of a new LP entitled Fever Dream, his first album since 2008's Resurgam. It sure sounds like Alias has spent the time since soaking up some new musical influences, as "Wanna Let It Go" seems to signify a stylistic shift of sorts from his already established catalog. There are traces of LA's beat scene nestled in the wobbly synths and side-chained pads, and even echoes of the current UK bass style in the chopped and pitched vocals, but this is no direct derivative of any particular artist or scene, just a seasoned producer evolving with the times—and tastefully at that. The artwork and tracklist for Fever Dream, which sees its release August 30, can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Clams Casino Rainforest EP

Label: Tri Angle

For the most part, subtlety isn't exactly among the top 10 things to love about hip-hop. Productions are often patently bombastic, if not downright outrageous, and even at their most creative, many MCs aim straight for your lower regions before considering your more contemplative parts. And that's all well and good for hip-hop lovers around the world, but the lack of emotional diversity in the genre has left a noticeable void, one which appears to have been effortlessly filled by New Jersey-based producer Michael Volpe (a.k.a. Clams Casino). Read more » 

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  • 06/23/2011

Cosmin TRG Announces Debut LP

With three 12"s to his name already this year (two of which coming from the 50 Weapons imprint), it could be considered a feat in itself that Cosmin TRG has any material left for release, no less a whole album's worth. Read more » 

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  • 06/23/2011

Download: Le Pimp "BTTB"

First Listen
Label: Voltaire

It was late last year when the then-new Voltaire imprint dropped its inaugural release Keep It Off the Record—a bubbling analog-electronics-meets-Krautrock 12" from Trans Am drummer Sebastian Thomson's solo project Publicist. Now the SF label has returned with its second release, a 12" compilation entitled Affairs Online (artwork above). Amongst the five futuristic pieces of analog funk is this cut from a young Swede operating under the somewhat brash pseudonym Le Pimp. Undeniably indebted to the legacy of Detroit, "BTTB" seems to look back on the early heyday of Midwestern house and techno with a knowledgeable hindsight, even incorporating memories of some of its contemporaries, such as the Revolution-era Prince synth riffs placed at the edges of the song's space-aged, Motor City-electro core. 

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Kingdom Launches Fade to Mind Label, Preps New EP from Nguzunguzu

As bass music has risen to prominence in dance-music circles over the past couple of years, the focus of the scene has undoubtedly been centered on London, largely thanks to pioneering labels such as Night Slugs, Hyperdub, Hessle Audio, and others too numerous to list. While the sound is also being explored on the American side of the Atlantic, a prominent US imprint has yet to emerge. That might all be about to change, as Kingdom has officially announced the birth of his own Fade to Mind label. Read more » 

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  • 06/22/2011

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