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Outbox: John Digweed

A few weeks back we were given the rare opportunity of a sit-down with progressive house legend John Digweed, and so we figured, what the hell—more than enough time has passed since the '90s Ibiza trance revolution, and why not check in with one of its biggest names? Here, we chat with him about his marathon sets, his lessons learned on the road, and his stint as an actor. Read more » 

Download: Pixelord "Iron and Cream Part 2"


You may not have heard of Berlin's Leisure System yet, but if its upcoming release schedule is any gauge, you will pretty soon. Going strong for three years at Berlin superclub Berghain, Leisure System is Berlin's premiere party for leftfield dance music. Marking the anniversary of their third year, the party is will be hosting a blow-out celebration on September 16 that will take over both Berghein and Panorama Bar with a lineup that includes Space Dimension Controller, Jackmaster, Venetian Snares, Africa Hi-Tech, and many others. (Check the flyer after the jump for all the details.) In addition, Leisure System is expanding into a fully functioning label with releases already scheduled by the likes of Pixelord, Eprom, Sam Barker, and Lando Kal. To prepare us for the coming flood, they've passed along "Iron and Cream Part 2," an exclusive track from the sessions that produced Pixelord's Iron and Cream EP, the label's just-dropped first release. Functioning as a floaty, 8-bit extension of the maudlin "Iron and Cream," Pixelord ventures into a middle ground between the soulful side of post-dubstep UK bass music and the complex leftfield beatsmithery of LA. Read more » 

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Review: Grown Folk Droptop EP

Label: Silverback

Montreal natives Drew Kim and Brendan Neal make up the fresh-faced production duo Grown Folk, an outfit counted among the growing group of house enthusiasts interested in reviving the genre's classic vibes with a heavy focus on its dreamier sounds. But unlike contemporaries Teengirl Fantasy or Blondes, Grown Folk's music is a touch more conservative, and to its benefit. The three songs that make up the Droptop EP are less sprawling and amorphous, and instead offer precise grooves infused with soulful sounds unencumbered by the shroud of delay and reverb. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2011

Soma Records Celebrates 20 Years by Releasing Unreleased Daft Punk Demo

Particularly in the faddish realm of electronic dance music, 20 years is a long time for a label to maintain relevancy. Against the odds stands Glasgow's Soma Records, which has managed to maintain a consistently steady course with a number of heavy-hitting and era-defining releases under its belt. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2011

Download: Tycho "Hours"

Label: Ghostly

San Francisco's Scott Hansen is a man of many talents. Although he's arguably best known for the stunning design work he does under the name ISO50, he also produces stunning, slow-motion dance music as Tycho. According to Pitchfork, Hansen will be releasing a new Tycho album, Dive, on November 15. "Hours" is taken from the forthcoming full-length, and sounds like the aural equivalent of a sunset at the beach. Let's just say the above photo is incredibly appropriate for the overall vibe of the music. The song is just plain pretty, yet smartly avoids twee territory with its thick bassline and organic drum sounds. More like this one please. The artwork and complete tracklist for Dive is available after the jump.  Read more » 

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Deftones Frontman Launches Witch-House Project, Genre Officially Over

Granted, the entire notion of "witch house" was pretty fucking lame from the get-go, but the news that Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has launched a new project called ††† (pronounced "Crosses") is pretty much the genre's death knell, right? Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Download: Salva "That Girl (Pharrell feat. Snoop Dogg Cover)"

LA beat hub Friends of Friends has unveiled another installment of its Pop Massacre compilation series, in which beat- and bass-oriented producers rework a pop song of their choice. The 15-track second volume includes efforts from a range of artists, including Shlohmo, LOL Boys, Jonwayne, Mexicans with Guns, Chico Mann, Devonwho, and others, and finds the likes of everyone from The Beatles to Rihanna to Waka Flocka Flame getting the remix treatment. The compilation, available for free download here, features plenty of gems, but this track from LA-based producer (and former Bubblin' subject) Salva is a definite highlight. Tackling the 2006 Pharrell and Snoop Dogg collaboration "That Girl," Salva transforms the laid-back summertime hip-hop of the original into a hyperactive juke tune full of sped-up lyrical snippets and intense synth stabs. 

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DFA Releases Joe Goddard and Gavin Russom 12s Today; Stream 'Gabriel'

New York's DFA Records is nothing if not diverse, and today it continued to speak to that general sentiment with the release of two 12"s, from Gavin Russom and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Stream a New Track from Four Tet

A couple of weeks back, Four Tet officially spilled the beans about his forthcoming Fabriclive release, and now he's shared one of the new original tracks that will be included in the mix. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Ben UFO Set to Mix Next Rinse Disc

One of our favorite non-producing DJs, Ben UFO, is set to man the controls for the next disc in Rinse's mix series. Naturally, Rinse 16: Ben UFO, whose tracklist you'll find after the jump, relies heavily on the bassy, housey side of things, featuring the likes of Bok Bok, Boddika, and the recently departed Aaron-Carl. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

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