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Watch Daedelus Perform Live For Incase's Room 205 Series

Southern Californian beat maestro Daedelus recently took a trip to a certain Room 205 to record a live performance for the ongoing series curated by Incase. Donning his finest Victorian garb, producer Alfred Darlington performs with his custom-made controllers a new version of his 2004 track, "Scaling Snowdon." Read more » 

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  • 04/06/2011

Maya Jane Coles: A young Londoner infuses tech-house with deep vibes and dubwise sounds.

Twenty-three-year-old London house producer Maya Jane Coles might seem to have appeared out of nowhere, but it looks like she's not going anywhere for a while. Read more » 

Download: Brenmar "Be the One"

First Listen

If there's one thing NYC's Brenmar can do with the utmost style and grace, it's find a perfect vocal sample (usually from a choice vintage R&B cut, like, say, Shai's "If I Ever Fall in Love") and make it completely his own. Luckily, the DJ/producer also crafts excellent club sounds, and deftly pairs those punchy dance beats and skittering rhythmic noises with his expertly retooled vocal bits. "Be the One" bounces and booms with an enviable 808 drum pattern, and boasts no other melody outside of the quartet's sampled croons—giving Brenmar's track a strangely thuggish soul that we think suits today's dancefloors quite well. You can watch him try out more of those sounds at any of his upcoming tour dates, listed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Shine 2009 Releases "So Free (feat. Paula Abdul)" Via Cascine

First of all, yes, you are reading that headline correctly; Paula Abdul has officially made it onto XLR8R.com (she must be so excited). Secondly, the famous pop star makes a surprise appearance on the brand-new single by Finnish duo Shine 2009, "So Free" (pictured above), which was just released by the burgeoning Cascine label. Read more » 

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  • 04/06/2011

Download: School of Seven Bells "Babelonia (Sepalcure Remix)"

First Listen

Something awesome is happening at Public Assembly in Brooklyn this Friday: The ambitious event planners behind Unsound Festival New York will host live performances by a lengthy list of excellent DJs and producers from around the globe—including Lone, Appleblim, Kink, Kode9, and, featured here, Sepalcure (pictured above). The duo of Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) give School of Seven Bells' "Babelonia" a deep house rinse for their remix, one that relies as much on atmosphere and texture as it does overwhelming sub frequencies, upbeat dancefloor grooves, and subtly tweaked vocal melodies. We eagerly anticipate hearing more of those same kinds of smooth and bouyant sounds when Sepalcure takes the stage as part of Unsound on April 8. 

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NKC to Drop 12" This Month Via Awkward Movements

Young London-based DJ/producer NKC will soon release his latest offering, a two-track 12" (pictured above) for hometown record label Awkward Movements. Read more » 

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  • 04/05/2011

Download: Apparat "Ash/Black Veil"

Label: Mute

The longstanding Mute label has just taken German sound artist Apparat under its wing, announcing that it will release his fourth full-length album late this summer. This track, "Ash/Black Veil," comes from that as-yet-untitled LP, and exhibits the kind of vocal-driven, ambient pop that has come to define producer Sascha Ring's sound. Plucked string instruments skitter from left to right, broken piano melodies plink away in the distance, and a slow-growing swell of electronics rises from underneath the composition to join Ring's airy croon. More live instruments gradually fill out the remaining space in Apparat's driving single, which gives "Ash/Black Veil" an air of UK radio rock without ever feeling like a half-baked pastiche. The artist will soon be hitting the road for a tour with his full live band, the dates of which you can check out after the jump.  Read more » 

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Kompakt Signs John Tejada, Preps New Single and Album

A veteran producer of eclectic electronic sounds and delectable dance music, John Tejada just announced that he is teaming up with another giant in the scene for his next single and album, the illustrious Kompakt label. Read more » 

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  • 04/05/2011

Video and Download: Gang Gang Dance "MindKilla"

This mesmerizing clip for the latest tune to leak from Gang Gang Dance's forthcoming Eye Contact LP, "MindKilla," feels less like a plain ol' music video, and more like experiencing some sort of telekinetic laser light show controlled by aliens. Read more » 

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  • 04/05/2011

Podcast 192: Dorian Concept

In late 2009, XLR8R tabbed Dorian Concept as an Artist to Watch, despite knowing relatively little about the Vienna-based producer other than the fact that his synth-warping "Trilingual Dance Sexperience" single had pretty much blown our minds. Read more » 

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